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It's getting good View More
The Brilliant Fighting Master · C26
1 week ago

OpinionatedPotato: this is so absolutely ridiculous. Why must the author drag out such a pointless scene for two entire chapters. For the love of god can you just get on with it. Fuck

Dark Moon Era · C22
3 weeks ago

Adam: I thoroughly enjoyed first 25 of so chapters, but then it was like, chapter backstory, chapter foreshadowing, half chapter content, half chapter world building/world backstory, 2 chapter contentish filler, 1 chapter foreshadowing, 2 chapter debating meaning of life, and it just wasn't enjoyable, I don't want to have to re-read a chapter just to understand the basic concept of what they say, I don't care if I have to re read for understanding, but I want to at least grasp the concept after reading a whole chapter about it, it felt like the author was trying too hard to be mysterious, I feel that if the author wrote a book without cultivation and levels, that focused on deepness, the part that caused me to drop the book could have been good, but I feel it just didn't fit well with the beginning of the book, where the story profession of 1 chapter happens over 4 with a bunch of enigmatic chats in between,
also please don't ***** at me to read more because "it gets better eventually", because that can be said for the majority of things, and I don't have an infinite amount of time, so I'd rather spend it doing things I enjoy

Legend of the Empyrean Blacksmith
4 months ago

MoonAshura: The story je great and I really like it on RR. Si I am juste writing a review to say so.
One hundred and fourty characters!!! again, again, again and again.

Lord Shadow
5 months ago

Daoist_Dan: So you spend 4 or 5 paragraphs talking about how good this body's foundation is due to his previous hard work, but then finish the cake with a paragraph saying his foundation is actually dog sh*t? :/

Soaring of Galaxia · C5
11 months ago
Author had Improved so much, compared to pmg this is gem View More
The Legend of Futian · C71
12 months ago
Reading Status: C8
Novel has acceptable plot but Grammer mistakes so bad that it feels like machine translated some times. Also there is annoying female character and stupid plotholes. View More
Transmigration Upgrade Specialist
1 year ago
Grammar mistakes are becoming worse by every chapter instead of improving View More
Transmigration Upgrade Specialist · C6
1 year ago
Why is not he upgrading his sharingan View More
Fantasy System · C45
1 year ago
Finally, parents with some character and powerful enough to actually help MC View More
Spirit Cultivation · C3
1 year ago
Divine legs would've been better. View More
The Sacred Ruins · C172
1 year ago
Skip. View More
The Sacred Ruins · C112
1 year ago
Yeah I just skim through the chapters when he goes on a date. View More

Immortal_amar: They are just ruining the story by bringing nonsense stuff like dating, romantic stuff etc. Which has nothing do with the story.

The Sacred Ruins · C111
1 year ago
Same here, skipping or skimming last few chapters. View More

yasensn: Directly skipped the last 5 or so chapters of filler bull****, hopefully this picks up again into something readable. This story very quickly went from having potential to be something interesting into complete standard dross

The Sacred Ruins · C100
1 year ago

LostEra: The mc is really acting like a pathetic loser who constantly avoids taking responsibility for his actions, I hope that one day he will learn that it is the most dumb thing to do because it only creates more problems, especially in these kind of novels (when are Chinese authors going to realize that these kind of writing tricks only serve to devalue the great stories they write, it's far to easy to see through, it's not funny and only serves to make the mc seem like an idiot)

The Sacred Ruins · C100
1 year ago
Yeah it's cringy, I am skimming most of chapters cause of this. View More

lvl: I hate this. So fucking frustrating when authors force these sorts of situations into their novels. Layering misunderstandings on top of each other to create dilemmas instead of coming up with an actually intelligent plot hook.

The Sacred Ruins · C99
1 year ago

lvl: I hate this. So fucking frustrating when authors force these sorts of situations into their novels. Layering misunderstandings on top of each other to create dilemmas instead of coming up with an actually intelligent plot hook.

The Sacred Ruins · C99
1 year ago
Annoying to say the least. View More
The Sacred Ruins · C97
1 year ago

Ricardo2: i am the only one that thinks about MGA while reading this novel

The Sacred Ruins · C90
1 year ago
So many readers we're pissed cause he kept crying instead of eating Damm seeds, now author came with with forced plot to make him eat seeds, View More
The Sacred Ruins · C77
1 year ago
I am gonna skim untill he eats those Damm seeds or power ups. View More
The Sacred Ruins · C72
1 year ago

TuanMuda: What a coward MC..
Just eat it, then solve the problem later..
Like another MC, or the author want to make people belitle MC for being a ordinary human.

The Sacred Ruins · C69
1 year ago
Snake is speaking like it's a vegan. View More

Nonny69: For years humans have consume the meat of beasts and birds.... And so have snakes falcons lions tigers sharks etc etc, this argument of the white snake has now become null and void, unless she wants to then commit suicide for the atrociousities that she as a snake has committed eg eating birds and beast and humans.

The Sacred Ruins · C68
1 year ago
What happened to the fruit wasn't this whole thing about getting the Damm fruit. View More
The Sacred Ruins · C67
1 year ago

WhiteDragon32: why has so much of these last several chapters been wasted? Almost none of it has been about the MC and only a little bit on the yello Ox..... why are we reading about all these crappy characters that we will never see again?

The Sacred Ruins · C66
1 year ago
If he didn't get that Damm fruit after all this I love be so pissed. View More
The Sacred Ruins · C62
1 year ago
Travelling at speed of light it really???should be close to sound., even iet MCs won't travel speed of light this early in novel View More
The Sacred Ruins · C32
1 year ago
I want mc to get those fruits as well might Grant him some cool ability. View More
The Sacred Ruins · C27
1 year ago
Cow is more decisive than mc. View More
The Sacred Ruins · C23
1 year ago
I dropped it after reading calligraphy arc where it takes him 30 ch to write words and defeat opponent. View More

FilledWithHope: Try The Monk That Wanted to Renounce (...), it will show you what slow really is.

Daoist Master of Qing Xuan · C5
1 year ago
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