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Stylistwordl: Lol it's seem legendary eyes of fehl not only common secret even nobody in mortal plane knew the ability and can easily disguise the eyes identity.

Fleshcrafting Technomancer · C43
4 days ago
Is this mentioned in a novel or somewhere else? Also what about Ling Tian? View More

jayaslan: I can't call it a sequel but the storyline of all of the author's works is interconnected in a way.

-Nine nether first young master is the first master of heaven*.
-Jun moxie becomes the second master of heaven.
-Chu yang(from transcending the nine heavens) becomes the third master of heaven.
- The protagonist of realms in the firmament becomes the fourth master of heaven.
-Yun yang( from i am supreme) becomes the fifth master of heaven.

* Master of heaven is someone who stands at the peak of the multiverse(or something similar).

Otherworldly Evil Monarch · C1277
1 week ago
Really do feel the steam engine plot is bs. Mag, the rich arrogant second generation foodie just so happens to be a fan of industrial era machinery, so he can bring that stuff to this world and gain from it. So contrived View More
A Stay-at-home Dad's Restaurant In An Alternate World · C671
2 weeks ago
So what was jiang peiji's plan again? Get rid of meng liang without involving her family right? But now the meng can just interrogate the casino people or find witnesses among the guests there that night and potentially realize meng liang was there with another young master, and it's gonna obviously be liu lanting View More
The Empress' Livestream · C182
3 weeks ago

Zealtos: An excellent premise marred by a terrible cast. A more generic MC would do this story a world of good. Instead, our MC complains constantly, is his little sister's whipping boy, and even after he outpaces her, is still manipulated by her and mildly poisoned for her amusement over pretty revenge. The author constantly treats this sister as the upcoming female lead. The best character is the sister's rival, who gets next to no time in the story other than to show the sister's tsundere desire for her brother.

The sister is abusive, manipulative and petty. Her only redeeming qualities are her physical looks, which are common as sand on a beach in this genre for a female lead.

The father and mother are quick only to believe their daughter over their son, who was historically honest with them and gave no reason to believe her over him.

The story in the picket dimension is good and a solid 4 star story, but the rest of the cast and time outside the pocket dimension is miserable, or corny at best.

The translation quality is acceptable, but for native English readers has some major speed bumps that make it feel like a machine translation. The grammar and word choice can be rough from chapter to chapter. This set of errors is so common that the comments have made it a reader meme.

Overall, I do not suggest this story. The free chapters are okay to bad, and the paid ones are more of the same. Spend your passes and coins elsewhere!

Pocket Hunting Dimension
3 weeks ago
Reading Status: C31
Reading this feels like I'm missing every second or third sentence. Maybe I'm just not used to the writing style but I feel like I know what's going on until quite abruptly I don't.
MC is confronting a group of men who were just about to break into the house with her friends inside. They're at a tense standoff, and then they're sharing a fire and chatting. View More
The Empress' Livestream
3 weeks ago

JakeRay: Author deletes all reviews under 4.0 score, so I'll be writing mine here:

Writing quality is decent and readable, which is a positive thing for a novel on this website. Updates are slow, especially now with the immense amount of Privileged chapters. Story development feels considerably slow, when compared to the infrequent release schedule, so it'll take a while before we see a conclusion on the current storyline. Characters are mostly 2-dimensional with the occasional depth to some. The World building is fine, but reminiscent of several other similar cultivation novels - but it's enjoyable nonetheless. This part doesn't detract in quality to my taste of novels.

A score of 2.0 from me is quite apt for this novel. Its current 4.8 is testament to how negative reviews get deleted.

Dual Cultivation · C303
1 month ago
Even if ren xiaosu could kill li shentan he should still keep him alive for now, to avoid the li consortium targeting him and his group. They'll be too busy dying to bother with anything else View More
The First Order · C282
1 month ago

Immortal_Goddess: So far, there are errors in grammars, names etc in the first 60 chapters up for Trial Read so it needs a bit more editing. For the stability issue, this remains to be seen. So for both areas, 3 stars for now.

The story, characters, plot and world background are all interesting and intriguing. Though there are a couple of novels who dealt with both protagonists being reborn reincarnated or transmigrated or a combination of any, this story so far will pique your interest. Why?

The author’s style of writing for one thing. Though it truly annoyed me with all the censorship and what not... if they truly want to censor, they have to set up a lock for novels with mature, R-18, smut, gore etc rating. Parents should be responsible for their own children and not impose this on the authors. Authors write, artists draw, musicians play, composers compose.. with no regards to anything for their works to be a masterpiece. So do not censor arbitrarily. It hampers was one’s reading.

Anyhoo not to get off from the topic, the author’s writing as well as the translation was great!!!👍🏻💫⭐️. It was explicit enough to make the readers delve and be a part of the world that the author has created. Be warned though as the opening chapter is brutal and gruesome. But this is needed to establish the female lead, Shen Qingdai / Feng Tianlan’s foundation for her change in character. This is typical for any revenge/avenge theme. The growth of the female lead is gradual but fast. Unlike other fast growth, hers has a basis: a combination of a perfect body for cultivation with excellent enlightenment skill/talent. So no brainer that she will rise in power when these two things are placed in one body. Both hers mind you.

This is just a brief review and will be updated as the translation progress.

Fan Service for its readers: this has been adapted to a MANHUA. Below is the Link.. (there are more... )


The Tempestuous Consort - Wilfully Pampered by the Beastly Highness
1 month ago
Feel kinda sorry for Ames when her 2 disciples go running to the black star army in the future lol View More
The Legendary Mechanic · C714
1 month ago

JimmyBlah: This is literally the best news I’ve heard all month, thank you so much 😭😭😭🧡

The Legendary Mechanic · C714
1 month ago
Water u talking about? What happened View More


The Immortal Mutant Teen · C77
1 month ago

kirstiekae: Is it just me or what... i don't like babla... she's irritating....

A Stay-at-home Dad's Restaurant In An Alternate World · C615
1 month ago

Reader8916a: So I get the author trying to show the difference between the societys by exaggerating the monetary decide, but they are going way overboard. Not only is the mc’s currency only worth 1% of the more advanced planet, even that planets own currency is so devalued that 50k gets you 1 night in a trashy hotel? That’s carrying it to far.

The Mech Touch · C78
1 month ago

N0xiety: This place doesn't seem economically viable. 100 times the buying power desparity is just not possible. Even the bottom of the rung workers must make more than a mech manufacturer like Ves just to afford this place. Like WHAT!? So it is basically better to be a bartender here than to sell mechs in the Bright Republic. I mean seriously, how could that even be possible right? Basic materials can't really change price just because you are in another country. Iron will cost the same as the iron in anywhere else. It won't cost 100 times more, and exotic materials can't cover the disparity. Smh, this author doesn't seem to know anything about economics...

The Mech Touch · C78
1 month ago

N0xiety: The content has been deleted

The Mech Touch · C36
1 month ago

Immortal_Roach: Does it sell insurance?

Phoenix Phire · C21
1 month ago
Did plotters not expect Felipe had the life saving regrowing new body trump card, or they were confident in destroying his soul after it went to the crystal View More
Throne of Magical Arcana · C225
1 month ago
I still don't remember. Gonna have to go back and refresh my memory View More

Umbra_Fenrir: You know the snake kid curse his family Acheron snaps tortures him kills his whole family than erases from the other students minds except the teahcer who escaped

The Immortal Mutant Teen · C74
2 months ago
I don't remember anything from before he left View More
The Immortal Mutant Teen · C74
2 months ago
The content has been deleted
I have a Mansion in the Post-apocalyptic World · C939
2 months ago
What's the point of talking about supremacy and all that truck if ur gonna have to be mollycuddled to it. Trash storyline View More
Profane Prince of Domination · C346
2 months ago

Avrin13: Probably my most hated plot device. Oh I messed up! Let's just cripple the protagonist for 100 chapters so he can somehow come out basically the same on the other side. A waste of my stones. Someone do me the favor of msging me when we get past this lame arc.

Profane Prince of Domination · C340
2 months ago

Landsraad: All the grammatical errors are rupturing my mind. Please, download Grammarly. It's free and will make anyone appear smarter.

The Pleasure Lord · C1
2 months ago
No, I think he's wary of Pallez View More

Alessan: Does anyone else feel like Klein was distancing himself from Leonard in this chapter?

Lord of the Mysteries · C985
2 months ago
How bout another opponent for a change View More
Guild Wars · C146
3 months ago

EIo_Police: Looks like the former 15years of playing were only a joke.
But it's more likely that the author is displaying him as a retard to make things fit for his storyline

Guild Wars · C9
3 months ago

Dlazdicka: Isnt he in disguise? And making these kinds of mistakes at this level of power struggles is unforgivable. U just die and lose everything. Thats it. No stupid dragon saves ur buns.

Guild Wars · C9
3 months ago

Dlazdicka: Also, from the story so far I can already assume, that this mc does not really belong to the scarily competent category but the lucky f**k one.

Guild Wars · C9
3 months ago

Origin_Order_Chaos: Awesome ......and please deal with that undead it gives me creeps and uncomfortable......others are good but that one is no-no....please i request....

What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? · C76
3 months ago
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