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Nyx View More
DXD: Golden King of Lucifer · C0
8 hours ago
I guess you want to add power for human so you introduce irregular highschool. View More
Vergil in another world · C6
8 hours ago
Lol keep ron lock in prison. View More
Adam Black The Grand Sorcerer · C85
9 hours ago
Nice. If you update more it's much better hahaha. View More
Re:Incarnate · C18
12 hours ago
He should start manipulating all the higher ups without them realizing if he really want to be happy and enjoy without someone annoying him. View More
I Shall Be Happy (Attack on Titan fan-fic) · C15
13 hours ago
Lol you should make it look like buddha hahaah malevolent juubi but buddha template. View More
My Multiverse Trip · C207
15 hours ago
Just nake minato in kushina go after the akatsuki lay waste on alliance. View More
Agent - The Endless Journey · C34
20 hours ago
Don't care jack is not mc. View More
Traversing the Anime Multiverse with a System · C116
21 hours ago
It's such a waste not to use training ground specially his enemy is OP last boss with him playing restaurant management. View More
Reaching Godhood on Earth · C23
1 day ago
Lol if he don't want millennia then 1 day : 10 years or even 3 years. View More
Reaching Godhood on Earth · C23
1 day ago
Well his still a ninja so even if his genius it's only in killing not in brain. View More

NEETsemsalvasao: I still don't understand why people idolize itachi so much he is the most hypocritical and bipolar person in addition to being an idiot in the history of anime. and in a little while some little ***** will come to defend the honor of your little boyfriend saying that I am wrong, I am leaving.

Eyes of the Soul · C1
1 day ago
I have a feeling the transfer student is hibiki from ren-kan View More
Start by Becoming a Mangaka · C902
1 day ago
Well I skip all of the other pov and jump to kisuke pov. Although it's good to have pov but letting your MC gone for many chapter is bad. View More
Playing with other Supernaturals · C228
1 day ago
Campione for him to hunt gods and earned many god's authority. View More
System in Another World · C123
1 day ago
What a weak dao then after the multiverse is destroy or he become satisfy his dao will crumble and get destroy. View More
Hail The Super Saiyan · C9
1 day ago
Lol just don't suddenly kill his family. View More
Douluo Dalu 3 Legend of Long Hao Chen · C17
1 day ago
Pressure. View More
Douluo Dalu 3 Legend of Long Hao Chen · C1
1 day ago

YamadaShiki: but i feel it was kind of lacking so yea this crazy idea came into my mind, i made a fan-fic that is completely different, its barely noticable

My Strange Apartment · C1
1 day ago

YamadaShiki: oh yea true i got the idea from that, lol

My Strange Apartment · C1
1 day ago
I guess it happens because your rushing thing and always keep the dialogue short for you to rush. Maybe if you keep your pace slow a little it will improve. View More

Mastorer: Comment what I can improve on, plus i got no clue how people feel, some say it good, some says it bad

Reborn of the legendary Scientist and Best otaku in Anime · C22
1 day ago
The snap? View More
Soldier Zero · C69
1 day ago
Lol is there any meaning saying who make the song? Because no one really knows who make it. View More
Black Clover: The Golden Sand! · C11
2 days ago
I guess that wish work for RWBY without adding bull**** enemies. View More
A second chance in Remnant. (RWBY Fan-Fic) · C2
2 days ago
The chapter feel robotic and lacks emotion. View More
Reborn of the legendary Scientist and Best otaku in Anime · C22
2 days ago
Idk why but I am liking this story. View More
Tec’s So called adventure · C30
2 days ago
Lol if he enjoy training can you really say his not enjoying himself?. View More
A Reincarnator's Wish in Danmachi · C7
2 days ago
Well it's easy to follow story in webnovel. View More

SpecterOfFire: More so I'm going to be posting on both going forward. The more, the merrier.

The Prince of Peace · C1
2 days ago
So basically this chapter is for us to drop this and don't expect thing because you will always screw your mc. View More
My Life Jumping Worlds · C34
2 days ago
So you change from fanfic.net to webnovel. View More
The Prince of Peace · C1
3 days ago
Wtf you are really bent to make your mc serve konoha. View More
Ascension to Supreme . · C15
3 days ago
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