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  • i like the stories that pull you in and have action that will keep you reading until you cannot anymore.

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Reading Status: C30
Overall the story is pretty decent and i like it. There is a lot of plot armor so be prepared. There are a lot of cliches. These reasons can be ignored if you dont care. If you do then just dont read it and then crap on the novel. There are already plenty of those kinds of idiots who read a story they hate and then pollute the comment section with their hate filled blithering. I would recommened the novel so have fun reading it. View More
A Wizard's Secret
5 months ago
If you hate it dont read it and pollute the comments section with hate. View More
A Wizard's Secret · C27
5 months ago
you saw that song and just had to put it in didnt you? i like it and approve it greatly so thank you for that refreshing verse. View More
The All-Around System · C65
5 months ago
As with all bus drivers, you must thank him as you get off the bus and if you want give him nice things. View More
Hail the Ant King · C16
6 months ago
I couldnt notice plotholes anywhere but thats probably just me. View More
The Almighty Tyrant (Previous Version) · C75
6 months ago
"Whatever you say you crazy Protestant B*stard" -------- Alexander Anderson View More
Hellsing: I Reincarnated as Seras Victoria · C12
7 months ago
Length equals Strength View More
The Legendary Mechanic · C39
7 months ago
I can only imagine a person trying to throw the double sided sticky bomb and having to take off their glove or just straight blowing up from it getting stuck on their hand. View More
The Legendary Mechanic · C33
7 months ago
The only thing i wish for is different curse words because the way those were written didnt fit the situation really. I mean imagine an assassin standing there and saying darn it with a straight face or dang it. View More
· C0
7 months ago
The only weapon that came to my mind when i thought gun and lightning was railgun and that is all i wish for in life for him to make. View More
System Programmer · C10
8 months ago
Are you saying this for you are immortal and the one true potato king? View More

Immortal_Potato: A true king doesn’t need descendants.

Mitochondria of the Human World · C0
8 months ago
The only thought i had at the end of the chaptet was just "What the actual hell was that?" View More
No System? No Problem! (Rebellion Against the Heavenly Fate) · C3
9 months ago
i can't believe their teacher is a knockoff saitama View More
Steampunk Apocalypse! · C5
9 months ago
his powers seem to be solid material manipulation which if done so at great speeds and magnitudes could endanger even nightmares and he could even possibly manipulate the other nightmares except for the ones that we know of currently like the water or the fire nightmares View More
Steampunk Apocalypse! · C4
9 months ago
First View More
The Real Monster · C53
9 months ago
Two things:
1. These god are forgetting that Lin Fan is the one who set them free aren't they.
2. What the heck is the exp sect because i have no idea and ive been on here for a while View More
The Strongest System · C877
9 months ago
Death shall come for thy infidels View More
The Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron · C124
9 months ago
I believe that you forgot an S or two. View More


The Strongest System · C869
9 months ago
Personally i would just want the MC in a story to get a weapon or helper who is just a super powerful nice grandpa style butler with a nice face and everything.You know? View More
Soul of Searing Steel · C14
9 months ago
the only thing that i wish is that the mc doesn't care about genders and slaps the crap out of the women in the world that get in his way. View More
The Brilliant Fighting Master · C13
9 months ago
Reading Status: C8
all around so far pretty good and i have no qualms about the writing style of the author and i can say that many people would most likely like to read this book and would have fun doing so. View More
Skill Hunter System
9 months ago
MUST BE MORE OP!!!! View More
The world turned into a game after I woke up · C10
9 months ago
*Completely shatters spinal cord and multiple bones and muscles in neck*
"Oops... Sorry about that man."
He then just plops the head back on the neck area bit and just walks away View More
Dednovel · C0
9 months ago
Mitochondria- The powerhouse of the cell

Powerhouse- Strong being

Conclusion- Mitochondria beat up mean people who attack the cell. View More
Dednovel · C0
9 months ago
Huzzah!! A new commenter shall appear where lack of comments appear!! View More
The Strongest Gamer became a Game Character · C0
9 months ago
I shall join the side of the king for the glory of an extra chapter. View More

AuthorWiz: If 25 people reply to this comment disavowing the Comment Camping Sect, and joining my Reborn First Sect, I will release a bonus chapter later today. COME! JOIN THE DARK SIDE!

(shameless first as always) (power stones ................ f e e d m e)

Reborn: Evolving From Nothing · C64
10 months ago
Keep well and keep this book train a-rolling!!!!!!! View More
The Strongest Gamer became a Game Character · C0
10 months ago
Reading Status: C18
The entire story is great its just the update speed is about as fast as a sleepy turtle at the time of this review. Overall the characters are great and the world has been explained for the most part early on in slight manners or info dumps so you have a framework to go on and the way that the systen works is truly new to me who is a person who very much likes system novels so this is a slow but great book which would be great for everyone. View More
Life With A System
10 months ago
Holy crap i thought you either died, dropped it, or went into hibernation but welcome back dude View More
The Life Hacker System · C22
10 months ago
The fish human would only have the basic intelligence of a fish most likely and just kinda either die once it was on land or flop around or even just be a weird guy that acts like a fish most of the time. View More

AzureFox: I wonder if he will ever transcend his limits and transform a fish into a human? Lol

I Can Turn into a Fish · C84
10 months ago
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