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What if Fang Xingjian’s immunity IS a blessing from the god of Universal Truth? View More
Paradise of Demonic Gods · C872
3 weeks ago

MoaningFrodo: TDG be like...

Me: I want a magical unicorn for Christmas!

Santa: Be realistic!

Me: Ok, I want more chapters of TDG.

Santa: What color do you want your unicorn to be?

Tales of Demons and Gods · C472
4 weeks ago

Crystal_Kei: well given his relationship with simba yes and he will create new legend a person with 2 idol a humanoid idol that have weapon on hand

Battle Frenzy · C660
1 month ago

Crystal_Kei: thank you for chapter
this smell reek of conspiracy... i bet that b1tch Carolyn and few other aristocrat family doing some shady thing to harm Wang Zhong here.. the cooincident and detail about how thing goes is too fishy

Battle Frenzy · C660
1 month ago
No bloody things please View More

JustinShi: RIP my dong

Battle Frenzy · C659
1 month ago
Yeah! Fuck you Carolyn!!!! View More

wraith343: We all know what should be said at this moment so allow me to start the motion. " F*ck You Carolyn " there I feel better now.

Battle Frenzy · C654
1 month ago

wraith343: We all know what should be said at this moment so allow me to start the motion. " F*ck You Carolyn " there I feel better now.

Battle Frenzy · C654
1 month ago
I think his excitement and subsequent disappointment got the better of him and he got pissed. View More

unemployed: Why did Mo Wen become 2nd rate villain like Gui Hao that he start to throw tantrum of being dissatisfied with Wang Zhong strength? Did he even know that just a half a year ago Wang Zhong soul power is less than 50 grasso and still being trashed around in OP, not to mention about having any life death experience. Mo Wen had the resources of Mo family, opening his meridian and special constitution and being exposed to dimensional world early on and he wonder why Wang Zhong is weak, even saying that his teammates is the one carrying him. If this guy meet Aiolos or Mu Zhi, he would be insta kill anyway

Battle Frenzy · C652
1 month ago

KJGrenadier: But do they even need to be cruel to her? She was bound to her parents' decisions and has had to suffer for it. I am quite sure she wants to be free of such an influence, and will take the first real door open for her to do so. Just no opportunity has yet opened up to her. Rescuing her is probably the best method they can do in this situation, for her and for them.

Battle Frenzy · C639
1 month ago
Exactly! Did they move the barrier to the edge of the arena now? View More

Anymany: So he's not out of bounds. Even though he hit the barrier. What gives?

Battle Frenzy · C635
1 month ago

Crystal_Kei: same old trick from aristocrat... dirty play...how i wish this author won't go norm way that MC carry all and win but the dirty play just pass on like that... i do hope to read the dirty deed of aristocrat somehow got expose to all citizen.. really it will be way more fun read for me

Battle Frenzy · C627
2 months ago

Calron: Yo the more I read about Carolyn the more I want her to die

Battle Frenzy · C627
2 months ago
Lewd! View More

Lord_Of_Darkness: I would love to have such slaps again and again...xD

Monster Paradise · C1182
4 months ago
I bet it’s gonna be filled with Ricardo Millos dancing around him. View More
Monster Paradise · C1170
4 months ago
Your profile pic fits this comment perfectly View More

UnfetteredMind: If your underling is a fool, and all his subordinates are fools, chances are high that you are a fool too.

Release That Witch · C72
5 months ago
At lot of the things he has done just about anyone can do with the proper basic knowledge. He never said anything about making the tools but only using them. Even a young child could learn how to read the weather if they were taught well enough, though probably only the basic of it. View More

Grayscale: Don't forget when he said he wished he had the proper tools to check the weather, so so far he's a mechanical engineer, economist, politician, and apparently also a medic and meteorologist

Release That Witch · C43
5 months ago

leiram: I like how they keep it real. At night ancient people had nothing better to do than sleep or have ***. This is why I find other chinese dramas and historical ancient chinese stories on this app so weird. Like why aren't these girls churning out babies.

Release That Witch · C24
5 months ago
The end of your comment gave me a good laugh. View More

leiram: I like how they keep it real. At night ancient people had nothing better to do than sleep or have ***. This is why I find other chinese dramas and historical ancient chinese stories on this app so weird. Like why aren't these girls churning out babies.

Release That Witch · C24
5 months ago
For me it’s because of reading other stories and forgetting this one View More

WolfQueen_YuNa: This is surprisingly a great story! I wonder why I put off from reading this XD I guess it was the title? Time to binge read!

Release That Witch · C2
5 months ago
Meh, give Wang Zhong some time to comprehend it, then build it up, and he can do it better. View More
Battle Frenzy · C602
6 months ago
Yeah, I was thinking of Aizen. Even the part of “you see what I let you see” was heard in his voice. View More

ExtinctLife: THis reminds me of Aizen from Bleach....A real overpowered ability.

Paradise of Demonic Gods · C806
6 months ago
I don’t. She’s just annoyingly prolonging the fight. View More

PopcornSectMaster: I almost feel sorry for what is about to happen to the girl......................ALMOST :)

Battle Frenzy · C600
6 months ago
Wu Li needs headpats! View More
Battle Frenzy · C595
6 months ago
That was a very satisfying end. All loose ends are tied, any loose ends made during the side stories are ones I don’t feel need to be addressed since it gives the feeling of life goes on, and the son is soon to fully awaken his powers as well as having a waifu already.

If there’s one thing that I do wish we got to see, it’s Jin-Woo and Hae-In having a daughter. I just really wanted to see him have an adorable loli to dote on and Soo-Hoh have a sibling. View More
Only I level up · C270
7 months ago
You’re forgetting the one of his and Cha Hae In’s children. View More

Redzeth: Now only a few chapters of how he got cha hae-in and a side story of what happened when he reached the max age of those around him and I’ll be completely satisfied

Only I level up · C254
7 months ago
That’s why I don’t make promises. You never know if you’ll have to break them or circumstances dictate that you can’t fulfill said promise.

And the. There’s the kind of people that gave birth to my hate of promises; the kind that go back on them for any reason they want. View More

Arkard: "I promise that the chapters from now on will be on time and of better quality." Couldn't even make it a day before that was broken. Guess I wasn't wrong being highly skeptical at all...

Battle Frenzy · C591
7 months ago
A sandwich muffin!!! View More

DepositRefund: Born with the purpose of destruction...
But who is more powerful?

Death Or Destruction?!

Only I level up · C228
7 months ago
Igrit at the end made me laugh. View More
Only I level up · C228
7 months ago

YunCheGOD: This was more of a chill chapter, ending with the looming threat , the chapter before the next arc bdgins. I'm pretty sure the next one contains jin-woo explaining the situation and some more wifey appearance. WE WANT MORE WIFEY TIME OR WE RIOT
as always, thanks for the double chapters
And once more, don't forget to review the book properly. Just checking it daily gives me the creeps guys. Who would want to read it with those negative reviews 😭😭😭

Only I level up · C228
7 months ago
I bet he was healing Thomas View More

Opepop: Beru always on time

Only I level up · C216
8 months ago
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