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Original Works

  • The story of the Unclaimed

    The story of the Unclaimed


    Welcome to a world filled with gods and magic! In this world, the gods chose favored families and give them gifts. Gifts vary from person to person, and upon the status of the favored family. But this story is not about a whole hero conquering the world. No, this story is of a broken hero trying to survive and figure out his past. Come join Zeke on his journey as he discovers the truth of the past and of himself. Welcome to the world of the Claimed and the story of the Unclaimed!


Im_U_Daddy: person A: "I'm War Lord, beware my strength in battlefield..."
person B: "**** u battlefield, I'm Arcanist, I'm alone annihilated u battlefield..."
person C: "ckckck with only shadow & one blade, i silence u 4 eternity, I'm true hassassin"
crowd people: "they do this drama again&again..."
leader of heroes alliance: "silence, we got new heroes in here & u litlle champ, what ar u?"
MC: "...sorry got a wrong place, I'm just a Mechanic, I'm just colonists Galaxy with my Spaceship, subdued habitant with my Gundams, all of this work done by typing my keyboard...emm somebody know where is junkyard? I want to replenish my army... see u again heroes!"
All heroes: ~silence~...
Warlord, Arcanist, Hassassin: "DAFUQ...!"
leader of heroes alliance: "that's ma boy!"

The Legendary Mechanic · C5
1 week ago
I have waited more than 15 days to read these chapters. Said the WN is so greedy, Biako deserve the money for his passion and skill. I wished that he had released on Amazon instead lol. View More

YungGravy: Privileged chapters on a novel with this slow of a release speed? It's already premium, which I don't mind paying for.

Loved the novel, really too bad.

Catching up on the content is $20 usd, added to the money you paid to get here. Or you can wait for 3 (short) chaps a week. I wish you success though, was a good read.

Rise of The Undead Legion · C406
1 week ago
Those where stable crystal he can't use them to advance at all. As was stated before this, he is increasing in speed constantly with wind God kicking. He opened his arm and hand points which increased his strength by a lot. He had no range abilities or attacks, so he fixed his weakness by the bow and the ability. View More

Archena: he is an idiot. disproportionate growth. bow weapon with blade skill then no real strength or speed just defense. his bow skill shoot dog. black rainbow crystal but don't absorb them. everthing is alll over the place. Author is stpid as fk.

Shadow Hack · C86
1 week ago
That's not the same thing. The genes would have changed enough that it wouldn't be that. The amount of time that has passed has allowed for enough variation in the genes that it changes from his original self. Same reason as it's not that for people of the same race to be together. Not to mention that the variation in the Hunam Gene is so small that we all came from the same source. Now if it had only been 5 to 10 generations and he was with one of the three bloodlines then it would be much closer to being that. View More

Suicai99: Got me thinking, if Yale married a Larken, he'd be committing ****** with one of his descendants.

Last Wish System · C198
3 weeks ago
He had already used sword intent at the school so that was out of the bag. He was mainly told not to show it in front of another fire element. But that was just to hide his pure element. View More

ArualB: What does your teacher say to Alex? that does not use the fire attack in front of others, and what does it do? use the fire attack on the wolves XD

Gacha Sovereign · C37
1 month ago
Too many people expect a certain thing from web novels! What they don't understand is it's still writing a novel for the most part. Nothing is filler in a book, if we weren't getting chapters the way we are then they would call it filler View More

Dragzaval: My God somebody who bloody against it

Rise of The Undead Legion · C403
2 months ago

Tarkan: Bro don't expect that every chapters are brute fightings. Go read a chinese novels if you want that kind of dumb stories.

Rise of The Undead Legion · C403
2 months ago

Dragzaval: Dave: 😏 Ho warlord why you trying to make me look like a bully when I have not done anything to you......yet 🤭

Rise of The Undead Legion · C403
2 months ago
This wasn't a filler, fillers only happen when there is no plot or moving forward. To be honest in most novels, and this is a novel, nothing is filler. The Author needed to move the plot forward and wanted to show IRL relationships and character growth. Plus he moved the in-game plot by going to get the mecha player. No Filler at all, this was a perfect chapter. Biako keep up the great work! View More

TrevasNegras: :/ i was hopping for some action....

For me this one was more like a filler

Rise of The Undead Legion · C403
2 months ago
Same here! Do you have a Discord for this book? View More
Dungeon Core Online · C54
3 months ago
Someone is a Zoids fan! View More
Dungeon Core Online · C54
3 months ago
You can't end on that TYPE of CLIFFHANGER! It is not allowed! Biako you are better than this! Lol 😉 I must at least see his notifications! View More
Rise of The Undead Legion · C392
3 months ago
In Chapter 3 the Wang clan gave him a data storage device. It has all the basic information on things like the Universe and planets and stars. He just has to understand the concept of the what he is making, not understand everything about it. View More

bartimeus: If you want your universes metaphor to hold more credibility, just make sure the wisp finds a few books about astrology, gravity, and subjects related to that in an old dirty cave for x reason.

Is that a Wisp? · C17
3 months ago
If no new genes are introduced they start to break down. This allows for defects in the genes. The Author is combining science and magic, I like the approach. View More

SimpleSlash: Yo my guy for dragons inbreeding is to keep the purity high and pure df you mean the mother bloodline is weak because of Inbreeding????

Outcast (Dragon Cultivation series) · C1
4 months ago
This is the actual letter the was written to him from Hogwarts. It does say Cupboard under the state, not room.

Mr. H. Potter The Cupboard under the Stairs 4 Privet Drive Little Whinging Surrey View More

daoistxuanlong: It actually says room under the stairs not cupboard and I truly doubt he would still alive if he was as mistreated as everyone is making it out to be al I’m saying is yes they did mistreat him but don’t forget it’s a children’s story have your read Snow White or Cinderella it’s a flipping fairytale don’t get all sensitive about it your ruining the story

Skyrim system in Harry Potter World · C3
4 months ago

crazyspecter: Cupboard or room under the stair is the same...under the stairs you won't have a bedroom even the movie didn't downplay this aspect (and considering they downplayed a lot of things, including making a nicer Snape it is telling)... I didn't say it ruined the story but in all honesty letting the dursley Scott free is absurd... And the hp books aren't comparable. With fairytales : putting aside that fairytails have an happy ending, with al. The bad people taking their due and they didn't show a lot of things that aren't truly for children unlike hp... Not that it is a concern today considering all the **** freely accessible on TV, internet and so on lol

Skyrim system in Harry Potter World · C3
4 months ago

Ninja_Baiano: Beying kept fron walking outside is a warcrime since ww1.
As a matter of fact sleeping in a small and cold dark space leads to several mental problems and is also considered full fledged torture.

Making him believe his parents where the worse people and the durley good is gaslighting. Also torture.

Skyrim system in Harry Potter World · C3
4 months ago
What his Aunt and Uncle did to him was out of Malice not love. They hated that he could use magic, he wasn't normal. They never let him have anything at all, barely let him eat, kept him locked in a small hall closet that they locked themselves. He could only where three sizes too large hand me downs. They had the money to buy him clothes. He was forced to do all the chores and then was still yelled at for doing them. If he did anything slightly odd he was screamed and yelled at, then locked in his small closet. That is by it's very definition abuse, even J.K. herself said he was abused, that they hated him in the first few books. How is that not abuse? View More

daoistxuanlong: And when I say abuse I use that term very loosely as Harry is born in the 80ts and back then people used to beat children and much more so Harry at the time retrospectively was not in as bad a situation as really abused children but hey these millennials, believe that being talk to loudly is abuse haha 😂 in anycase what the Dursley’s did was keep Harry ignorant about his family heritage and about magic and about the wards that will be in place that will protect both Harry and his family if the adopt him this was all written in the letter that Dumbledore gave the Dursley’s

Skyrim system in Harry Potter World · C3
4 months ago
No Silver can be given out. That's how the research teams can create them. Only weapons that are bound can't be traded. No one would trade a Silver weapon if they had it, not without a lot of money first. View More

BrokenVow: I thought silver weapons are not transferable

The King's Avatar · C422
4 months ago
The Author changed Expand to Condense. It does the same thing pretty much, but it may compress all him into a smaller form for a massive increase in stats. View More

Coeur_noirs: AND what do condense

Evolution God · C6
4 months ago
Because everything he is buying is a scaling item. They can be used beyond their normal level, he would only have to replace them with items that are vastly better than what he is wearing! View More

Ellimist: If he's preparing to reach lvl 100, why is he buying a lvl 60 set?

Rise of The Undead Legion · C52
5 months ago

Styxe: To be fair she was being nice and trying to be helpful and she had to be a good actor if she was faking it.

Nothing wrong with a female being friendly for once instead of straight up slutty, rude ect nice change of pace from the Chinese novels where the girls are Tsunderes, sluts wanting something or bitches who don't get to know someone before judging them as worthless.

This novel ain't perfect, but it is entertaining and funny. Besides if a cute girl/guy was really nice and helped out with something and they asked for your number, good chance you'd give it to them. Will you actually talk/text? Who knows ╮(╯▽╰)╭

Rise of The Undead Legion · C46
5 months ago
Did you not read where his disability affects the way he thinks. Not only does it keep him from working but he doesn't always think and fact as he would before this. Keep reading and you will see how he changes. View More

ExOxE: Why the **** all game base fan fiction have a idiot mc and the way they think is dumb wtf some of their problem can easily be fix but they cant even think about it just look at this mc here wtf he give her number he didnt even think further just give it

Rise of The Undead Legion · C46
5 months ago
That is where you are wrong. Keep reading and you will hopefully understand, just how wrong you are! View More

HeartRend: Absolutely retarded MC that gives away all of his advantages and secrets once a girl give's him a glance. This has become like a typical "think with the d*ck" type novels.

Rise of The Undead Legion · C46
5 months ago

Biako: You sir deserve to have this review pinned

Rise of The Undead Legion
6 months ago
Harry misspoke while using Flo powder and ended up in Knockturn Alley. Hagrid was there for flesh-eating slug repellent. He found Harry and got him out of the Alley. View More

Tyram: Errrr if Ginny buy her wand it's chamber of secret time but Harry with Hagrid in Diagon Alley is probably first year.... So when is the story? 😅

Harry Potter and the Fortunate Queen · C2
6 months ago
Nah, I think she can see their Karmic numbers now! View More

YoungestKing: bruh she dealing with shinigami now Checking out people's life counters.

Steampunk Apocalypse! · C51
6 months ago
You have missed it then, there has been no romance between them in 300 chapters! View More

WakelessMars: Dropped I know where this is going and I'm good good luck with the novel though

Rise of The Undead Legion · C34
7 months ago
No he didn't he said she had Asain features. That and he was under immense stress and barely got a good look at her. Have you never just glanced at someone and thought you look like someone I know. This is the same thing but on a harsher scale. View More

Kuraidoscope: Did he just do the ‘all asians look alike’ thing. Also when you mistake someone else as your wife, that usually gets you a slap from your real wife. Hanako be rolling her eyes in her grave.

Spending My Retirement In A Game · C67
10 months ago
I have a question why didn't Golummancy go up as well? That should have given his skill a major increase?! View More

DiceVR: Because that way other substances could still enter the tanks

Spending My Retirement In A Game · C65
10 months ago
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