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what a bull**** use of killing intent. View More
The Great Ruler · C838
1 year ago
he better do some killing here. View More
The Great Ruler · C834
1 year ago
The Great Ruler · C806
1 year ago
liu yan, fang yi and the prince of the netherworld. Let them die please, if not the countless repeated sayings of killing intent is but a joke, the next time replace killing intent with leaving intent View More
The Great Ruler · C798
1 year ago
now there are no rules, lets see if mc will kill his enemies or let them off so they can come back stronger View More
The Great Ruler · C647
1 year ago
well i know that there is no hope but i really hope the 'blood calamity' kills this alliance leader View More
The Great Ruler · C553
1 year ago
blood calamity my ass. It clearly takes just a moment to kill mosy if not all of them View More
The Great Ruler · C495
1 year ago
i dont understand why he doesnt kill his enemies. so much for blood calamity. View More
The Great Ruler · C493
1 year ago
whatever happened to dying if u fail to pass the disasters author mentioned before? now all those people who failrd but got stronger popping out like cabbages View More
The Great Ruler · C465
1 year ago
The Great Ruler · C460
1 year ago
pssh, that ***** should have died from the pillar or make it so that his cultivation was crippled or smth. author just wants to leave the same enemies to be stronger for later in the story View More
The Great Ruler · C380
1 year ago
author please stop bull****ting with the killing intent. Mc has not killed anyone up till now or at least cripple anyone. what a joke of a killing intent or revenge. View More
The Great Ruler · C180
1 year ago
omg, can the mc just please kill someone already. View More
The Great Ruler · C118
1 year ago
need to increase the release rate! View More
Dominating Sword Immortal · C456
1 year ago
The content has been deleted
The Chronicles of the Immortal God · C62
1 year ago

Sage_HiddenBear: I dont see why higher bloodlines cannot detect lower ones but lower ones easily detect higher ines. Sounds dumb.

The Chronicles of the Immortal God · C62
1 year ago
the card set he spent so much money on ages ago is forgotten as well. smh. View More
Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God · C770
1 year ago
WHERE IS THE CARD SETS?!?!?!?!?! View More
Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God · C646
1 year ago
le is a better mc compared to this fool. View More
God Emperor · C78
1 year ago
mc pls dont joke, settle scores with the queen? u dont even dare to kill anyone. View More
God Emperor · C71
1 year ago
this ***** a55 soft mc pissing me off View More
God Emperor · C55
1 year ago
i hope mc gets stepped on so bad and his family humiliated. Then i shall see how reluctant he is to kill. I can already foresee him forgiving all his enemies including chi yao. soft mc. View More
God Emperor · C54
1 year ago
God Emperor · C51
1 year ago
If a spatial ring is so rare that no one has it other than you, why in hell would you sell it and bring trouble to yourself View More
God Emperor · C41
1 year ago
The queen better die. dont later have some bs reason that she lives View More
God Emperor · C30
1 year ago
i have a feeling this mc wont kill anyone here based on his actions up till now. sigh. View More
God Emperor · C20
1 year ago
retarded act. View More
Heavenly Jewel Change · C601
1 year ago
retarded mc. his confidence is unfounded, if xue'er wasnt there i would love to see his reaction for killing tian'er due to his confidence in his control. View More
Heavenly Jewel Change · C585
1 year ago
this is so forced. Different clothes, different temperament, different hair colour, he still jumps forward regardless. Mc is smart? define smart View More
Heavenly Jewel Change · C243
1 year ago
This is one of the worst MC character development i have read View More
Heavenly Jewel Change · C48
1 year ago
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