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Bow down before your new God, a sexy onion. View More
Cultivation Chat Group · C1192
2 months ago

Anotherswordman: Transcending tribulation in groups 2: electric boogaloo

Cultivation Chat Group · C1184
2 months ago
100 billion percent a scam. Currency for this app isn't tradeable, think about it. View More

Muhai: Was it a scam?

Cultivation Chat Group · C1158
3 months ago
Get your scam out of here. Fucking scum. View More

sadoril863: Do you need a Coin & Free Pass?
Visit us at:
- h t t p s : / / m a s t e r i n v i t e . e c w i d . c o m

50 Coins + 3 Fast Pass for only $ 0.325

Cultivation Chat Group · C1150
3 months ago
It's a scam; there's no way for a third party site to gain this app's currency and to freely distribute it. View More

ciaxeling805: Anyone try this and success?

Cultivation Chat Group · C1150
3 months ago

Rhadamanthine: You know, he might not even really register it as weird anymore. It reminds me of when Senior White was baffled at people having money troubles (paraphrasing) "Why don't they just go for a stroll outside, and pick up a few chests full of gold?"

Cultivation Chat Group · C1146
3 months ago

zhainan2157: If anyone is curious, in December, only 28 chapters were released out of 31 days. In January, only 28 chapters were released out of 31 days.

Cultivation Chat Group · C1136
3 months ago
Pliz, more chapters!!! View More
Cultivation Chat Group · C1127
4 months ago
Yeah of course, the western daoist monk View More

DearNightmare: It just came to my mind, but... Is there even one proper monk in this novel? 🤔

Cultivation Chat Group · C1125
4 months ago

DearNightmare: It just came to my mind, but... Is there even one proper monk in this novel? 🤔

Cultivation Chat Group · C1125
4 months ago

Faget: Shuhang

Cultivation Chat Group · C1125
4 months ago
Poor doudou View More
Cultivation Chat Group · C1107
5 months ago
Why posture like a grandmaster when he is a grandmaster View More

CelestialMeatbun: SS posturing like a grandmaster

Cultivation Chat Group · C1101
5 months ago

BearLord: "Ouch that stings"- man who felt as if his body getting torn to shreds. Shuhang's pain endurance is going to be off the charts one day... at this rate its already insane

Cultivation Chat Group · C1080
6 months ago
He's already got some technique to charge it himself though View More

Daoist039481: I am pretty sure Senior White will use the tribulation to recharge the phone

Cultivation Chat Group · C1056
6 months ago

CaTastrophy427: So Shuhang has to struggle to smuggle some nukes, and juggle his muggle life at the same time?

Cultivation Chat Group · C1044
7 months ago
That, or turning his arm into a cool AF magical "sword" to rocket punch the lightning View More

zSacra: senior white is writing a distress call on SS's arm, asking him to "pull him" into the inner world to escape the tribulation

Cultivation Chat Group · C1042
7 months ago
Just 50 more chapters until the end. Also, do check out the anime and live action drama View More

Byakuei86: i feel u brother!! but as much as i don't want it to end i also feel relief that this story got proper ending.. i'v read quite few story that have rush ending or even worse no ending at all because author sickness/death or get axe by company... let just keep voting power stone so that this story stay at no 1 till end of novel

The King's Avatar · C1678
8 months ago
Lost and forgotten most likely. View More

Zany_boy: I hope to see that disciple of his that ran away tho. Where did he go

Library of Heaven's Path · C1789
8 months ago
Who was it that started the "heavens" speech thing? View More
Cultivation Chat Group · C999
8 months ago

RClong: Sooo
Every insect SS hatches is gonna be a saber insect isn’t it..... heh😏

Cultivation Chat Group · C982
9 months ago
Could be his ghost spirit who was sent to the past (slow witted song), and set up all these fortuitous encounters for him. View More

Sailtheworld: noticed that "brother of wielder of will" part? i bet this is a plot line

Cultivation Chat Group · C950
10 months ago
I too, yearn for boobs. View More
Cultivation Chat Group · C863
1 year ago
Zhang xuan? No no, you've mistaken me for someone else for I am Wu zhangxuan. Though I have heard that zhangxuan is a great guy. View More
Library of Heaven's Path · C1517
1 year ago
Confirmed that SS has only been cultivating for 3 months. Considering it takes years to get to his stage, it's no wonder everyone calls him a cheat View More
Cultivation Chat Group · C862
1 year ago
Could someone explain to me the importance of the progeny of combat? I imagine he's not that strong right now; and being able to complete the ritual should've been a lot easier when at a lower cultivation level. View More
Library of Heaven's Path · C1514
1 year ago
Zheng Yang gonna kick mad asses View More
Library of Heaven's Path · C1513
1 year ago
So when do we get uprisings from zx students because of the arrest warrant? View More
Library of Heaven's Path · C1512
1 year ago
That will happen soon™ View More

Gabinoxk: I want to see zx reunion with all direct disciples and fight together.!!

Library of Heaven's Path · C1506
1 year ago
Phew, that was intense. View More
Library of Heaven's Path · C1504
1 year ago
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