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No since its not their true name even the species name could be somethink other then they call them since nonen of them could tell them what the real name is further more they cant speak their language so names would be even harder well with death gods eyes he should be able to see their true names and kill them trough that View More

Morvian: I wonder if he could kill every species just by writing their species name??~

Divine Emperor of Death · C77
3 days ago
Wtf is that logout its so fucking stupid last time it was last second this time serveral times are you fucking kidding thats stupid fix your bugs View More
Lilim Heritage Online · C173
3 days ago
Its kinda weird is lilith messing around again ? If she was logging out it should have quit becouse she was using skills and using skills while logging out means you dont log out anymore and at the end she was atacked got said that it broke up and still got loged out is extremly weird how many diamonds did they pay for that ? View More
Lilim Heritage Online · C168
4 days ago
From what i read thats just what she shows to her team mates and the truth is that she finds him more like a pet that she is intrested and wants to keep dont forget she is a tammer but the others want to sell him becouse of all the money they can get View More

Nicolas_Matz: Well he schould just go and kill the humans and be done with it no need to spare a human wo just is "kind" to him because it brings more money

Demon's Virtue · C14
4 days ago
Kinda disapointing that it now simply gives a second key View More
Sword Among Us · C185
6 days ago
And ashes will puke so much blood after it that it will be called Demonoic Blood Dragon Pool ;) View More

InkDevil_969: I wonder if Lu Sheng will just drink the whole Eternal cold Spring when he gets to it? 😂

Way of the Devil · C547
1 week ago
Its not 100km diameter the 100 km is the way all togther for all rounds so if you would drive with a normal car with 100km/h you can do it in 1 h View More

DiTianRHM: 100km diameter ??? the f*ck even you drive a motorcycle or a sportcar it's imposible

Prime Originator · C36
2 weeks ago
I hope future vrmmo will never be like that random stats and constitutions on charater creation and thinks like ultimate skills that many are single person only, ******** death penaltys View More
Sword Among Us · C158
2 weeks ago
Well i hoped he snatches back his clans tribut and brings it
And on a other note he still wasnt back to murong clan so could be next time he is there he gets his punishment while he can say they were atacked etc he schould at least get some punishment since the guards could have told there version where the players got atacked but fleed View More

kessu91: It bothers me that he wont be punished by the Murong clan for losing the tribute nor by the imperial government... So much for a realistic event.

Sword Among Us · C149
3 weeks ago
The Demoneating Paintrasher Lu Sheng View More

JcqC: When the dust settles over dozen years from now on I hope Lu Sheng can be called something along the lines of Demonbane & Absolver of Pain if he deals with Vera and Great Tribulation. Add a muscle in there somewhere.

Way of the Devil · C530
4 weeks ago
Well atm he is still in his weakest " normal " looking form so if he would go to yin yang destruction the littel strengh testing and playing around would be over and they would be dead only problem is if he used it and they have somethink like the black crow and somehow escape or can send an image then his power would be reveald View More

Venerable_spam: i was promised a monumental beating, and they are actually attacking lu shen and he hasn't crushed them yet? who's is this MC?

Way of the Devil · C528
1 month ago
Okay so in the old version mia mated with christal
Well good it was changed View More

razorlazer: He edited the story read his comment

Lilim Heritage Online · C164
1 month ago
Well no ntr in here he didnt had sex with Crystal only with his own monster girls View More

Esra01: I don't know how i feel about this...

This is basicly NTR but the MC is the one that is doing it

Lilim Heritage Online · C164
1 month ago
Can you pls turn down the sexy time pls View More

DamnPlotArmor: I'll agree on Crystal's development part, which I edited out the bad sections to rewrite the whole thing + 2 advanced chapters I haven't published. But I'll disagree with Mia's screen time.

Mia and Misha are both main characters and they had their roles.

Lilim Heritage Online · C164
1 month ago
What mia didnt sleep with crystal and i find mia way bether then misha misha is a stupid parasite that just got some memories from others so she has an exitenical crisis and is nothing bether of an comic relief
Only think is that all this mating and sex now is becoming to much and story wise it goes really slow View More

razorlazer: This is just bad writing crystal was clearly in love with thorn but and now shes doing something completely out of character and mia is an a*hole for sleeping with a friends girl.
Misha is a much better character but now we have to focus on generic character mia I hope he dies.
I dont want thorn to die but if mia doesn't kill him it's unrealistic because thorn is a demi hydra and he will definitely try and kill mia.
Why would crystal want the skill in the first place she is non a combatant it would be useless to her because she dosen't pilot mechs. Can we plz stop focusing on mia I wished he did die in that experiment he should be a side character to misha not the main focus and shelter 88 shouldn't have to completely rely on him and his ant army.

Lilim Heritage Online · C164
1 month ago
Then lets fight you can take a acient Spear like it was used thousend of years ago i will take a rifle View More

kshitijspatil091: Old is gold

Warlock Apprentice · C140
1 month ago
Noah is stronger noah has higher culti and higher mental both have lvl 4 body if it comes to battel xp noah should be at an advantage too both have the rarest elements View More

HasaDigaEebowai: Daniel shd be quite a bit stronger than Noah added to his strength he will be having numbers advantage too and not mention life saving treasures ... But this could be a nice event to cause chaos in the country ... If he can kill daniel then it will be the trigger for a fight between cause and the royals and Noah can escape the country in this chaos

Birth of the Demonic Sword · C222
1 month ago
Inferni fire Ants pls View More

BadKrow: He's busy making babies. 😏
He'll be the Demon Lord of fire ants.

Lilim Heritage Online · C150
1 month ago
I would play again
1.It makes fun
2. Earning money trough the game is easy ( at least in those Novel Games)
3. It wasnt a fair playing field
It never is in thes Novel games becouse of all these unique and Random op stuff that someone gets becouse of luck from what i read material arts like Nine Yin can only inheriet by 1 person or stuff like what happend to him this time where he could join. murong easly and get a good standing while others needed to do over 2 months of trying getting in and making chores in other game novels it give alot of these 1 time you are special offers too normal games in our world would never survie
4. He was good in his previous time he was one of the best but pretty late and made alot of enemies both thinks he can easly change

I like this Novel charakters have a Brain and Logic View More

zswaleh: if I traveled back 3 years ago. I will not focus on the game super hard. just enough to earn some good money. I will not try to be no.1 player cuz I believe if you failed once when all was fair then you have no right to say you are the best player with 3 years of ahead knowledge. Hell, the thing I would focus would be earning money in the real world as you already know the future. OOh, wait we are talking about an otaku gamer so no chance they know what the stock prices are. So nevermind my rant but I would just be content being a merchant and making money and selling information for astronomical numbers instead of doing the same F***ing grind. Peace out.

Sword Among Us
1 month ago
Happy started 2 months behind View More

Mecca_Droidbot: If I had to guess, I'd say it's because of the test the Murong Clan gave him.
IIRC, he spent quite a bit of time before he was accepted as a disciple.
He also has been training his Qi technique, which was said that very few people would do.
Of course the real answer is that they're wearing an Antagonist Halo. Every protagonist needs someone to fight!

Sword Among Us · C92
1 month ago
If thats earth just in 18 years i dont think that we would have new continents and entire old generation master and a 16 year old mc who grew up with it View More
Ninth In the World · C2
2 months ago
The MC has good reason to kill the people he wants to kill he makes decisions based on his enviroment , Personalty and his goals it may schock you that he dosent care about a random female hunter that would if he didnt let behind, drag him to his death. simply let her behind what is a clichy plot for a bossy female love intrest intro in most story where he saves her and at the end licks her boots that simply isnt in his personalty that like you said was build up from the beginning and has evolved in someone who does what needs to be done in a world where he is too weak
If it is truly to ruthless for you then you may think about if you dont want read maybe a other novel where you got a light hearted mc who falls in one clichy after the other just to be saved by some nice thicc plot armor View More

DrewWells: I like a MC that goes around killing people, but he should have a decent reason, in this story The MC kills people on a whim that dind’t do anything to him, moreover he Is completely hypocritical, blaming others for thing he is the first to do.
It would made sense if he was born in a devious place and he can’t distinguish right from wrong, but he had a loving mother and teacher, and he was already an ***** when he came in this world. He knows perfectly right from wrong, he simply is just a shallow character that only cares about power and goes around killing people on a whim.
And he is so cliché, he’s like the villain of too many stories, the baddies that what more power because he want’s more power and is evil because he’s evil without and proper reason.
I hope that everybody knows that power, as much as money, it’s just a means, not the final aim, and reading about a MC that wants power without any other aim it’s quite boring. And again I would like and accept if there was a psychological growth, but fro. The beginning to the end he is the same.

Birth of the Demonic Sword
2 months ago
Thank you very much i like the way you write your novel thats why read it ^^ View More
Birth of the Demonic Sword · C183
2 months ago
Blood companion would be better View More

sockery4: Glad to see you didn't forget the white snake, author. Hope Noah turns it into a weapon/equipment of sort one day

Thank you for the chapter!

Birth of the Demonic Sword · C178
2 months ago
I would say if it says samurai swords he means a katana and a Wakazahi thats atleast a style that existed View More

Adypoker: The type of weapon that Samurai used is katanas...

Sword Among Us · C63
2 months ago
Well he would need to beat the lvl 100 frist View More

Benquas: OP parasite, can possess anything and anything he possess (even when he leaves the body) he retains their stats and skills!!?

Once Human, Now a Parasite · C1
2 months ago
I think he isnt the frist but its rare since most people want to lvl or earn money as fast as possible becouse as you have seen in the class that the lvl is the important point for everyone and we still dont know how important those stats are View More

Sorenmageofmareth: His perseverance isn't strong. Everyone else's is unusually weak for gamers. This shot is way too basic to not have been discovered in a hundred years.

MMORPG: The Tales of Souls · C5
2 months ago
How do you came to that Angor is chilling on the Cloud whal we simply have some nice filler chapters with sunders our chap and get teached in Plane fusions by the Lady View More

fanen: Is Angor dead or did the MC change to someone else?...

Warlock Apprentice · C75
2 months ago
Wow op View More
Birth of the Demonic Sword · C161
2 months ago
The weird think is why cant they change his cheats directly and instead need to manuly go in there with special skills just to counter and remove the negarive skills makes no sense to me View More

DamnPlotArmor: Thank you for your sincere critics.

I understand why you feel wrong with the hypocrisy situation you have noticed.

I designed the story where the heaven was a relaxing place but lax in security and monitoring, while hell was like a prison where every personals and every souls' actions had to be watched at all times. I guess I didn't describe that well enough.

Secondly, if angels and gods could mess up enough to send MC to hell, why not messing thing up further by letting a little rat ruined the system. :P

Well, what's done is done. I'll take this as a lesson and I will improve my writing in the future.

Thank you for taking your time reading my novel. Meaw.

Battle Royale of the Sinners · C6
2 months ago
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