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Welcome back author..😉😙😁😁😁 View More
Granting You a Second Life · C93
10 months ago

chasa: This is an extremely exciting book the first chapter had me wondering what else was going to happen. I love the way the aurthor climatic view point on the story has me excited to read more of this. book good work to the author!

Tempted By My Boss
1 year ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Balloon View More
Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet · C819
1 year ago

SolonC: I have no intention to write a review cuz I finished this novel for almost 2 years, however, I just cross to the authors Weibo and find something he has to say about this story and readers.

Here's his Weibo page if anyone is interested:

So here it is(I'm sorry if some of my translations are different from the novel cuz I basically didn't read it):

Butterfly Blue:
King's Avatar has a rather ****** storyline, an out-dated professional retired and started from the beginning then returned to the top.
Stories like this aren't something new (Note: based on Chinese WN variety and non-gaming novels), and there are just two types of ending for them, either hero at miserable late years, which is more objective, realistic but sad; because of that I chose the other way, make it back to the top with glory.
This kind of ending is more enjoyable, like most of the fairytales. However, in competitive sports, that's not that unrealistic, some people just have that kind of potential, keep their high-level performance way past their peak age. E.g. Micheal Jordan, returned to NBA at 32 in 1995, since then till 35 years old, these 3 years he kept the championship in his pocket, made others to feel the fear of domination again.
In this case, Ye Xiu didn't do anything nearly crazy, but he is this kind of person - in the area of Glory competitive gaming, a premium player. What makes it even worse for others is that as a genius he also had the passion, concentration, and diligence which stronger than anyone, even in the last year of his pro-life, he led a team he gathered at retirement and fought so hard towards the championship.
What he wanted was not leaving no regrets behind, he was way past that point, championship means nothing to him, he had that a long time ago, hell he actually dominated the league for ages, if he liked he would just say "Glory(the game) has no more challenge to offer me" and leave. He didn't, not because "Championship means everything to me", more important thing is that he loved the game.
Quote Ye Xiu "I won't be bored with this game even for another 10 years."
This kind of constant passion, for a story that's just one sentence, but to do it in real life, that's something different, that's harder than you can ever imagine. Myself, for example, writing novels for over 10 years, although interests keep me going, compare to where I was, I can't just say I'm still that passionate and aggressive - please don't bother to count my update frequency back then, I had worse update stability back then I know, but writing status and mood was much more active.
So whenever people ask me if the MC is based on myself, I'll deny it directly without a second thought.
How could it be? Characters in this story are way bigger and better than me. The reason I made them that way is that they are what I want to be.
I'm so glad that my dream causes so many people's resonance. Thankfully Ye Xiu can be welcomed by so many people.
(Skipped some of the otherwise concerned words)
Last but not least, I'd like to point something out for all my beloved readers.
This story and all the characters in are fiction, please keep rational love to them. There are a lot of things in your life such as health, family, work, study, friends, etc are more important. TKA, Ye Xiu and all other things in the story should just be something that amuses you from time to time, don't ever mind it too much.
With this novel, they will always be here. If I don't change anything, then they will stay the way they are.

The King's Avatar
1 year ago
Neeeeeeeext chaaaaaaaapteeeeeeeer plzzzzzzzzzzzzz.... View More
Bringing the Nation's Husband Home · C330
2 years ago
Next chapter please.... I'm dying to see what's next... Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee..... View More
Bringing the Nation's Husband Home · C326
2 years ago
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