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First!!! View More
World Domination System · C1108
3 weeks ago
Second? View More
World Domination System · C1014
2 months ago
Really hope hero won't end with Carolyn, not after the later reject, and not helping hero in any form View More
Battle Frenzy · C518
7 months ago

BookWorm84: It was explained in chapters one and two but not with an actual force value vs body value or mass measurement.
50 was the minimum to actually “use” it in a meaningful way in combat. It increases at a defined rate per interval of time. Our hero was measured at an abysmal 3 and our loli was a genius 9.4 growth rate. If used properly, it can be folded or multiplied through techniques that cause precision soul force moves. Something like a base value of 50 in an attack, folded and amplified to 150 or 200 depending on type and method.
This is independent of body so after all this THEN it hits a person’s body. That equates to stronger bodies able to field more damage and move more soul force more effectively. As was explained, a grasso is merely a measurement of soul force. EFFECTIVE use of soul force is much more complicated and is based on body composition, technique, soul force pool size, side abilities, mutations, and other additives or multipliers or subtractions/detractors.
Hope that helps.

Battle Frenzy · C90
7 months ago
Thank you author and tranlater. View More
The King's Avatar · C1729
7 months ago

dragonorb: Syncogon here! Again, thank you, all of you. Butterfly Blue recently finished rereading this novel himself, and he posted this on Weibo: "I finished reading TKA. This is actually the first time I’ve reread it in its entirety all at once. I realized that a few characters that I hadn’t had much plans for while writing the novel, such as Sun Zheping, Wei Chen, Fang Rui, were completed quite well. They were all embedded quite nicely. On the other hand, Zhou Zekai and Team Samsara from the very beginning were intended as the final opponents, but ultimately, perhaps because of this thinking, they became a bit “hidden.” The first time I directly described their internal team interactions was extremely late in the novel, which is a bit of a shame… "

The King's Avatar · C1729
7 months ago
Thank you for the translation. Best story ever. Is there any more continuation after this?
And it a shame ye xiu won't be playing using Lord grim. I wish that the whole world to see Lord grim might. View More
The King's Avatar · C1728
7 months ago

Lord_Autumn_Leaf: YX coming back home few years ago

YX's dad: Don't come back here. I have no loser son

After YX wins his 4th championship with Happy and the debut of the World Championships

YX's dad: Don't come back here unless you win the world championship. I have no loser son

The King's Avatar · C1728
7 months ago

YunXianYue: A satisfying ending for TKA 👏👏👏. Let me share some things with you guys. I have this feeling of being part of the novel, like I myself was also a character, because this novel is one of those few CN that almost realistic-- Its seems so real!

My favorite characteristics of TKA is that almost all the characters have their own moments to shine, own stories to share, own strength that can't underestimated, they make me cry, laugh, frustrated and feel regret for them (You already know those persons). It seems like BB create them and made them like a real person with right thinking and knowledge, not like some of those others CN that circulate in this scenarios-- 'You offend me today I destroy you later' 'no arrogant young master' and 'ALMOST no scheming people'.

I also love how BB created our MC--God Ye Xiu, he's not an OP type of MC (btw ZZK was the real OP one! The son of heaven!) He's not perfect! He can make mistakes too! He's not like those arrogant, domineering, Aloof, cold and hot headed MCs of others CNs, for me YX is more into logical thinker, Strategist, Calm, ehem shamelesssss ehem and funny type of MC. I also love the interactions of those pro players, those Big kids! Outside the game they look just like an ordinary friends thats gossips with each other every time they met! I can't really hate them even thought they sometimes win some matches they fought against Happy, How can I hate them If I know they really deserve that win 😊. I also love the rivalry of each pro players, what rivalry? The only thing I see was those kids, that although they say they are each others enemies but in truth they really care with each other more than you imagine!

Of course my biggest regret in TKA ( I know many of us) is SMQ, That so many 'what ifs' that we frequently asked, How wonderful if SMQ was alive? The best partners every season? Batte God and real Gunner God together on one stage playing together? The champions every seasons? Hayys~

Any ways, I Also have some characters that I personally don't like, ofcourse SX you are the no.1 . I know he already changed for the better, he already matured and he's not as arrogant as before but still in my heart I don't really like him! Maybe my first impression of him was really bad (chap 01) the second person i hate was EE ex-vice captain (that I already forget the name!) He's the real scheming bastard!! Sorry not sorry!!

Over all if we named the number one antagonist of TKA we can almost named no one because it was actually not a person-- The whole Glory Pro players enemies was actually in their selves, their ages was their biggest enemies, no need for explanation 'ayt?.

Of course a big thankyou for for Butterfly Blue for creating this masterpiece. Also, A thank you for GT & Webnovel for introducing this piece of gold to us. And of course thank you for our dear tranlators--Nomyummi and Team for giving us high quality chapters everyday. Opps~ How can I forgot? A big thank you for all my fellow daoists in the comment sections, you guys are all entertaining, thank you for making my days more fun, all their reactions and jokes in every chapters are all golds! Please accept my gratitudes!!

So, TKA may ended today but in our heart and mind they still here, and it will be continued until the last person remembers TKA. Happy monday everyone! 😊 (And so sorry for my grammars 😉)

The King's Avatar · C1728
7 months ago
This is madness, this is spartan!!! Go ye xiu!! A wonderful follow up and wonderful comeback. View More
The King's Avatar · C1724
7 months ago

BakedBolognese: Less than a month left till we’re done! Only 31 chapters to go!

Can’t believe after all these years it’s finally ending. Reading Happy’s adventures has been part of my morning tradition for so long now. What do I do with all these spirit stones???

The King's Avatar · C1697
7 months ago

SpMile: Aren't we missing a little polite phantom?

The King's Avatar · C1692
8 months ago
First!! Great stories View More
World Domination System · C614
1 year ago

ShiroDN: See this! I just gifted the story: Grimoire

World Domination System · C611
1 year ago

GER8: Probably Lou Ji did most of the damage on the tree, it took him about 13 minutes before joining the battle after all.

The King's Avatar · C1514
1 year ago
First! View More
Age of Teras: Monster Evolution · C17
1 year ago
Sorry, can somebody explain to me? The 'that' things means daneel don't care about his sexual life correct? And why does the two elves wear the night gown? To seduce him? View More

Ye_Jyu: As I was reading that 'part' I didn't mind it that much until it got to the point of Katerina saying Daneel as an 'innocent' king right after he left and pointing out someone in Lanthanor....

Took me a few moments in finally getting why both of them were wearing nightgowns in that matter 🤣🤣

World Domination System · C545
1 year ago
I love how deception fight, cause it always unpredictable.
Tang rou is too straight forward while steam bun is too..... Skill? View More
The King's Avatar · C1405
1 year ago
Then second? View More
The Great Thief · C853
1 year ago
Aww. Man. I thought I will be first View More
World Domination System · C276
1 year ago

listenedpromise: FR to MF: "Hurry, we gotta Hurry"
I can see how this same command from FR is always effective for our innocent ninja *flashback again* 😂

I am totally satisfied to know LH is the first to be defeated...by our fierce girl, Mumu. There is always consequence to call her with that 'b' word. Happy's unofficial rule is to 'punish' those who go against then. Female players can be really aggressive *rawr*

Only Happy deserves to be Happy. Let the wind howls! 😎

The King's Avatar · C1368
1 year ago

unconditional: SU MUCHENG TO LIU HAO: this is for everything that you have done to ye xiu when he was in EE... *artillery firex100*
#dontMessUpwithMe #fierceMucheng #roar

The King's Avatar · C1368
1 year ago

Mescali: so, what happened to all the cards the MC stockpiled?

Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God · C261
1 year ago

Kirora: I’m starting to find this boring.... increasingly boring.

Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God · C261
1 year ago
Thank you. View More
The Great Thief · C769
1 year ago

PopiPuppehPoppy: Did he just lowkey compliment water fairy's boobs? Luls

The Great Thief · C754
1 year ago

DylanTrama: Yup😀😀

The Great Thief · C754
1 year ago

niceguy: Fusion is something i like to see, and the result with something spesial

Reborn: Evolving From Nothing · C36
1 year ago

TriRain: He should eat something really weak, but later find out that it was actually something really strong. Because its species never gets to live to its full potential.

Reborn: Evolving From Nothing · C36
1 year ago
At last yifan debut match. Proud for him View More
The King's Avatar · C1322
1 year ago
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