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Anthony: I am your daughters new daddy!
Commander: what?!
Anthony: what?! View More

Scientistx: Anthony: I Remember you you are that long eared blade psycho!!!!!!!!

Commander:You are that Toddler Ant

Anthony:Blade Maniac!!!!!!!!

Commander:Damnnn overgrown insect!!!!!!!

Governor woman:They are going at it.......

Berserker woman:Seems like it.....

Chrysalis · C401
3 weeks ago
Anthony: my belowed little black ball of murder, give master a hug!
Crinis: W...W...WHAAAT... are you talking about, master?!
Anthony: Hurry, big hug, NOW!
Crinis: ....
Anthony: Crinis? Ooooh no ... she blanked. Tiny you are up....
Tiny: Hrrr... ok View More
Chrysalis · C363
2 months ago

KONO_DIO_DA: Death Goddess: DAAADDYYY!!!!

Everyone Else: WAIT WHAT!!!?

Han Sen: WAIT WHAT!!!!?

Bao'er: Ahhhh finally a worthy opponent, Our battle shall be legendary!!!

Super Gene · C1655
2 months ago
Well, and now good question fir doctor should have been how ZT knows that there are 4 branches 🤣 View More
Castle of Black Iron · C1836
3 months ago

Pipisonskovich: Luck, I am your father...

Super Gene · C1617
3 months ago
Author was 🤣🤣 View More

Ketus: This chapter was actually readable. Was the translator or editor replaced?

Castle of Black Iron · C1799
3 months ago
Everthyng and all starts with a face slap! View More
Chrysalis · C328
4 months ago
And Dollar was called - Coin. View More

KONO_DIO_DA: Don't let this chapter distract you from the fact that Han Sen was once called Harry

Super Gene · C1557
4 months ago
Why not both at the same time? Its ZT we are talking about :D its common ocurrence for him... View More

shudaizi: Because of this attitude of ZT, alot of women falls for him. I guess that the first woman he will bang is jiang ruoxin or ji yuelan will make a move first hahahaha.

Castle of Black Iron · C1668
5 months ago
Well... we need more then this one chapter.... We need something like a mass release 👍 View More
Chrysalis · C294
6 months ago
Rhode:"That ia a cliff, Christie..." View More
Summoning the Holy Sword · C197
7 months ago
Not only... mother-in-law is also on the list for such activity 😁 View More

ThisUserNameSuck: Hype hype hype hype hype hype best **** yet time to yeet weeeeeeeeee

Castle of Black Iron · C1579
7 months ago
Anthony: booboo... i made booboo ...
Queen: what is it child?
Anthony: i seems have done something for the colony...
Queen: it should be good then.
Anthony: it may not be such...
Queen: dont endanger colony, child View More
Chrysalis · C261
7 months ago
Most obvious reason would be that wingman got Zoe and Dave moved in wrong rooms, thus such situation. Easily emaginable situation, thus Daves laugh about it... View More
Rise of The Undead Legion · C216
8 months ago
Blastoise in action! View More
Chrysalis · C193
10 months ago
All right boyz, meat is back on the menu! - meat eating skeletons View More
Rise of The Undead Legion · C146
11 months ago
Father? He does not know meaning of that word 😂 View More

Nicho: Or absent father

Castle of Black Iron · C1133
1 year ago
Because you get bored to do only maib quest all the time... Plus it is bonus EXP and loot 😁 View More

Valcryst: Wait... why isnt the author allowing Han Sen push his advantage and have him attack the shelter now to claim Thorn? Why the random side quest???

Super Gene · C948
1 year ago
Dat cliff View More
Super Gene · C734
1 year ago
Exp View More
Castle of Black Iron · C835
1 year ago
Yes. Thats always is so View More

Lagrange7: Everybody thought that Lu Clan would win the position of provincial governor of Youzhou Province...

And every reader knows that if everybody thinks something regarding the MC its never going to happen...

Castle of Black Iron · C836
1 year ago
Exp View More
Castle of Black Iron · C811
1 year ago
There are already different knight ranks and ZT is at lowest of then. View More

MajehHellsing: How can i describe this chapter? Some people will say it's a filler, but the problem is that the author can't find knight ennemy at every turn, well some authors create a ranking power then when the hero is at the highest, the MC will discover that his rank is at the bottom. Well i just want to say i hope the author don't let knight become garbage

Castle of Black Iron · C811
1 year ago

Dilbryn: No. He made his brother an alchemist already.

Castle of Black Iron · C810
1 year ago

Dilbryn: No. He made his brother an alchemist already.

Castle of Black Iron · C810
1 year ago
No. He made his brother an alchemist already. View More

XenoZito: Would he still consider becoming an alchimist?

Castle of Black Iron · C810
1 year ago

Dilbryn: Cliff is too steep)

Night Ranger · C561
1 year ago
Exp sect View More
Night Ranger · C561
1 year ago
Cliff is too steep) View More

lokpo: Why a cliff!!!
We need mass release
Please stop playing with our nerves

Night Ranger · C561
1 year ago

Dilbryn: 42 is still 6 times 7!

Castle of Black Iron · C751
1 year ago
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