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  • I like stories with protagonists that are neither socially repulsive nor cause strong urges to smack them upside the head. Don't mind plot armor as long as the author helps with verisimilitude. ^.^

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So... He's going on a Legacy hunt, has been asked 5o hide a Legacy... And isn't even putting this together enough to ask if that's going to be a conflict of interest. Oof. View More
Guardians Academy · C28
3 weeks ago

Cadh20000: I like this butler's attitude. He doesn't say that WIN Fen and her shouldn't be together, or that he isn't good enough for her, merely that them being together would be difficult and they will face challenges because of the difference in their social and economic statuses, which is quite true.

The Favored Son of Heaven · C27
3 months ago
Yay! Objective achieved! Next objective: get to safety. View More
Kingdom of the Weak · C199
6 months ago
That's some fast mud. We have mudslides where I live; it's terrifying when dirt moves that fast. View More
Kingdom of the Weak · C198
6 months ago
Darian has definitely become misanthropic, hanging out with Doom. Maybe he didn't stay in the settlements long enough to know there are many people there who would at least prefer peace out of pragmatism, but he's getting a swelled head if he thinks he's the only one who actually cares about the Wilds. Still a huge question of the purpose of his training, too, given that Doom doesn't think humanity is salvageable... View More
Kingdom of the Weak · C196
6 months ago
Not judging people for being human is promising. Hopefully they can avoid going too far the other way and forgetting that humans can be quite unpredictable when frightened... View More
Kingdom of the Weak · C195
6 months ago
Apparently Pheobe only cleans up nice, which is probably good. If she had her usual effects, they would all be dead. View More
Kingdom of the Weak · C193
6 months ago
These chapters look like they were translated line by line from the raws, with no formatting or grammar/spelling checks. You need a copy editor. View More
Silent Crown · C612
6 months ago
Pretty sure some of that was also Mindy's new power source. View More
Kingdom of the Weak · C192
6 months ago
Glad to see the author isn't sugar coating some of the darker parts of war, even as he avoids being too graphic about it. Well handled! View More
Kingdom of the Weak · C191
6 months ago
And this is why powderkeg conflicts suck so much for anyone and everyone. :sigh: View More
Kingdom of the Weak · C190
7 months ago
Pretty sure every one of those was complete BS. View More

wiggin5421: This is so dumb. if Mindy and George wanted what's his name to stop interrupting Remian, all they had to do was take care of the problems on Remian's behalf. isn't that what Remian has been training them for. instead, they let a bunch of **** go unsolved. sometimes I think that Remian is the only one in this story with a lick of sense.

If they want Remian to live, and Remian needs R&R, shoulder some of his Burden.

Kingdom of the Weak · C188
7 months ago
Question is, what *exactly* did she say...? View More
Kingdom of the Weak · C187
7 months ago
The latter. No way in hell is he going to tell them about Death. View More

Robbini: Is he going to mention his deal with death or are they just going to believe Phoebe is even more impressive?

Kingdom of the Weak · C186
7 months ago
As Jaws meets Tremors. :-J

And I guessed right about how Riki blew up the house! Win! View More
Guardians Academy · C19
7 months ago
I like these kids. All solid adventurer types, but without being bizarrely perfect. View More
Guardians Academy · C17
7 months ago
Ah, the Flame Emperor is a Phoenix. Makes sense. View More
Kingdom of the Weak · C182
7 months ago
Something tells me that Crystal is never coming out the other end... She offered it food, and it ate it! View More
Kingdom of the Weak · C181
7 months ago
Anyone else having a flashback to the Wintertop scene in Lord of the Rings? :laugh: View More
Kingdom of the Weak · C180
7 months ago
Opponents, but not enemies. Yet. Doom is fanatical enough, I am not sure he will be okay leaving it at that as this progresses... View More
Kingdom of the Weak · C179
8 months ago
I feel like Mindy just had the experience of being abruptly dropped out of the tutorial and into the main game... With a heck of a difficulty spike due to not paying attention to a lot of the flavor text. View More
Kingdom of the Weak · C177
8 months ago
This is a really weird mix of war and King of the Hill. And I am pretty sure the grownups aren't playing the same game as the kids... View More
Kingdom of the Weak · C176
8 months ago
:blink: So, Darian, who presumably knows Remian pretty well, thought both the bribing idea and the force idea were workable? He has been hanging out with Doom too long; he treats Remian as if he only thinks one step ahead, here. View More
Kingdom of the Weak · C175
8 months ago
Doom really isn't very good at dissuading people... Even if he expects them to be despicable, "because I said so" tends not to work when people are worried about their lives. View More
Kingdom of the Weak · C174
8 months ago
So, Fal'herim is a parallel to Lebanon. There used to be a massive cedar forest in Lebanon, and the wood was famous, as it was invaluable for building ships and other structures that bore a heavy load. It was over-logged, and that forest is now a desert. View More
Kingdom of the Weak · C173
8 months ago
Hm... "that puny misfit", eh? View More
Kingdom of the Weak · C172
8 months ago
And thus is time management learned. I wonder who Ghost Girl is... View More
Guardians Academy · C14
8 months ago
There is definitely some entitlement... Don't people have to buy, rent, or earn housing here? If not, it's going to be very awkward. View More
Kingdom of the Weak · C171
8 months ago
Creating a law that cannot be enforced is a quick way to lose support... View More
Kingdom of the Weak · C170
8 months ago
Particulate-air explosion. What I'm not sure about is how the flour became airborne, and how it ignited. However, I suspect it will take them at least a week to rebuild the house, so... View More
Guardians Academy · C13
8 months ago
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