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PatriarchExplosion: Novels like these are the reason qidian needs to give us a preview chapter in the voting system. So basically this seemed like a cool new cultivation/western fantasy from just reading the synopsis however after first 12 chapters I can tell you it is a rushed pile of sh*t.

So we start of with some random mages being described and then straight to our protagonist who is apparently from some fallen clan, typical beggining stuff not great not too bad.

And from then the story goes downhill, cultivation is handled poorly we are not showed how did he feel or do his first casting of a spell, which is told of in a one sentence.
Next comes a timeskip and before even fully describing what happened author does another timeskip. After that more time is spent with stupid dialogues about rule of the jungle than basic world building.
I will not describe everything but these first 12 chapters were simply unimpressive, which is weird since author should show the vision for his novel in early chapters. This story might get better but i doubt it, however the translation quality is good and as for update stablity it is too early to judge.

Badge in Azure
7 months ago

aikutr: Stop repeating plot. Move the story along. If the chapter title says Leaving minerva realm, then funking leave the realm. Stop wasting our fukin SS. Take a break and get your story straight.

Monster Integration · C325
7 months ago
I'm enjoying the Story and the Content. I will admit I am struggling a great deal with what I think is grammar. Here is a tip I got in school have your work read out loud (there are app you can use to have things read to you) to you if it dosen't sound like something some one is talking it Probably needs more editing. View More

AnWan: I've already got an Editor and updated the chapters.

Monster Integration
10 months ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Potion View More
Spending My Retirement In A Game · C74
11 months ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Balloon View More
The Mech Touch · C269
1 year ago

FlashBangMaster: Well this novel is incredible. Also the author addresses us in the author's not on chapter 100. Leave a review he says. Well I will.
1) the author constantly mixes up Dao and Doa. Doa isn't even a thing.
2) this may or may not be harem I don't know. The author is currently undecided. You can tell from his authors notes.
3) there is romance.
4) super mega genius boy for mc.
5) unique concept with some things like formations and alchemy drama. "Oh they split? Are you sure?" (It's a joke)
6) there flipping character development.
7) the author will mix up Dao and Doa some more.
8) the author makes multiple chapters a day. Most of the time.
9) I mean they have a reason to think he's nothing and ridicule him. He's only just arrived there in the world. (Not a spoiler.) Besides some of the characters are very realistic. Ish. For a cultivation novel. Also he discusses this and that at the end of every chapter.
10) seriously this Dao-Doa thing bothers me Ctrl f + replace we talked about this.
11) you can converse with the author. Sometimes.
12) sometimes you have to reread some paragraphs.
13) good worlds building. (Not a mistake. I said worlds.)
14) mysterious background.
15) I'm too lazy to continue.

Reaper of the Martial World
1 year ago

Zom: The content has been deleted

The Grand Duelist
1 year ago

DaoistMasterJohn: Nice, the description of your story sounds good and interesting. I will give it a try immediately.

3 chapters each day is a crazy release speed that could satisfy my reading addiction... at least partially :D

Haha, I like your "Sorry that English is my first language and that I don't have many mistakes in my grammar."
At first I feared it was the standard "English isn't my first language and expect a lot of grammar mistakes" declaration until I read it again. Made me smile. Thanks for that. Hopefully the grammar is as good as you promised :)

The Evolving Stealth System
1 year ago

Blue_Ocean: I'm the author of this novel, and am shamelessly giving this novel the tenth review....
It's a tough world as an author, and I'll be writing 3 chapters a day, most days, as long as the world is nice to me, and doesn't ruin my writing time!
I write 5 - 10 hours a day, spend more time doing research, and always hope to improve...
As for this novel, Its about Duncan... the main character... as he tries to figure out how to go from a skeleton into a higher more powerful form in order to save his universe from being destroyed...
Hopefully, you can come join me on this journey, and forgive me for taking the tenth review spot!
Its painful seeing a false rating, so... anyways... hope you enjoy the story!

The Evolving Stealth System
1 year ago

Vudis: Will this be an actual Cultivation novel with a female protagonist who doesnt rely on a male lead all the fucking time? If yes sign me the **** up cause I've been waiting for something like this for years.
Vote Vote Vote

Lady Cultivator
1 year ago

dragonfang1917: Did you get the permission of the author?


1 year ago

Sivil: I have deleted my original review after the author made some (in my opinion) much needed changes to the story. I have left my old review below for posterity but I will quickly comment on the changes.

The author has addressed the most frustrating of the concerns. I now see what he was original trying to setup but I feel like the new way he accomplished this is much better.

I am not super happy with the time travel (personally I hate time travel plots) but I like that the author made it have huge negative penalties that make it unfeasible for rampant story use.

Overall I am once again excited to see where this story goes.


I was enjoying this but the latest couple chapters have had it take a turn for the worse. Minor spoilers may be ahead.

First though, the story is well written and interesting. I think it suffers from a slight lack of direction on the part of the author. He seems to be constantly bouncing around between genres. When he settles on a specific genre/core idea to the story he doesn't stay there long enough to develop it.

Now as for why things have taken a turn for the worse in the latest 2 chapters (marked as 26 and 27), one of the more important side characters was kidnapped and they are using this to try and force the MC to do something. First of all this is one of the most annoying tropes that exist. Not only does it remove a character that is important to the story from the story (for an undetermined period of time), it also forces all current ongoing plot points to come to a halt if the main character responds to it (which of course he will).

In addition there are a few issues with how kidnapping happened. First of all you have to understand that one of the main characters is THE premier scientist in the entire civilization. In fact this whole kidnapping was supposedly prompted by their need to force the scientist to help them in a war they are fighting (as said by the leader who ordered the search for them!).

The need for his knowledge is immediately contradicted when the soldiers who came for them use a weapon that the scientist doesn't even understand or believe possible. Not only that, but the main character is given a message that contains information that should be impossible for the sender to know. This implies some sort of deus ex machina level plot element. Potential "gotchas" include time travel (which sucks), the ability to see the future (also sucks), some all powerful being, etc...

Super frustrating for the reader.

Deep Space Epoch
1 year ago

Wolfick: I'm glad you feel this way and reviewed it. The only way I can know what's readers like and don't like is if they say so ^.^

Deep Space Epoch
1 year ago

kryptos: I have just completed the raws of this novel. The plot line and story are brilliant. Its worth reading. But I must admit, last 100 chapters of this novel are like a mess. Almost everything happens in these last chapters. You can really feel that the author is rushing to finish this novel as soon as possible. The cultivation level of the MC and his girls skyrocket in these chapters, sometimes even skipping few of the levels directly. There are 3 bed scenes with Su Han, Zi and Yujia respectively.
Finally he has 5 women in his harem: Su Han, Zhao Yanzi, Xie Yujia, Lu Linlin and Lu Lili. There is one more, Duan Yao, whose ending is not elaborated as her soul is being protected in the Kunlun Mountain Lamp because she was injured while saving Hao Ren from Xu Ke. It was written in the last chapter that once MC reaches the realm of 8 hearts lotus, he can save her. But it has been 5 years since that incident and he can't say if her soul still has feeling for him.
Many characters were not properly developed like: Duan Yao, Zhao Baibai, Lu sisters, Western Queen, Wu Luoxue, Qin Lang, Elder Xingyue, Ye Zilong and many more.
Romance between MC and Su Han, Lu sisters and Guan Yao, was also not elaborated.
Ending was very abrupt: 5 years later, Hao Ren becomes a world famous architect and inherits Iom Studio. He marries Zi in the East China Sea Dragon Palace and half-a-month later marries Xie Yujia in front of all the mortals.
Now another mystery that was unraveled was about Su Han. Her father is a water-system Tianlong and lord of the Dragon Temple. Her mother is the Gold-system Tianlong who successfully robbed 500 years ago.
Now about Smart. He is the only son of Shiefie (Phoenix) and Qin Lang (Unicorn). Both of whom are the King of the World. Shiefie is the daughter of the Prisoner. Smart is an Ink-Black Unicorn. He falls in love with Wu Luoxue, who lives a life of mortal but is actually the daughter of Bai Ze, another King of the World. Conclusion was not given to their romance, even in the last chapter.
Lu sisters are actually the core disciples of the Western Queen ('The Virgin'), who loves them like daughters and marries them to Hao Ren.
Zhao Kuo is the chosen one by heavens. He marries Elder Xingyue in the end. Zhao Hooran is resurrected in the end as the ultimate dragon.
Oh, and there is also the Monkey King (Sun Wukong), who becomes the Second brother of Hao Ren. His 'Stick' becomes the life magic weapon of Hao Ren.
Although there are short-comings and the ending never feels to be sufficient, this is still a great novel with a lot of scope for a new volume or a good spin-off. Because seriously, the its ending cannot be called a conclusion.
The author has 2 other novels, about which I don't have much idea. But it will be welcomed if you can give their summaries and reviews in the comments.

Dragon King's Son-In-Law
1 year ago

Modsan: Let me start off by saying the characters and their relations and how they affect each other is one of the more realistic ones I have ever read in Chinese webnovel. They actually have a character development instead of the author slapping "They felt closer after talking" or "It was a love at first sight".
And the supporting cast is not one-dimensional cardboard cutouts, they actually care for each other and you can feel it in the dialogue. The author shows a strong hand of " Show and Not Tell". The other aspect aren't things that would be marveled at but it is still good.

Dragon King's Son-In-Law
1 year ago

shaitan: Can we get some communication on an actual return date? Like, I understand and support your need for a break. I could never output anything near your quality. That being said, I keep checking back and seeing conflicting messages. First it was two days, then a week, then next Sunday etc. What is the current plan? If you think you need another month, that’s fine. Just want to know

Daedalus · C28
1 year ago

AlunaSola: Breathe Skully, We'll do our best to take care of the Trolls in the Dungeon. I personally would hate to see you down and burnt out. there are quite a few of us here that more than appreciate the work you've put into this. and you've put a lot of heart and soul into breathing life into these characters. It's hard to find "side characters" you put so much work into making everyone so important even if they appear at first to have a small role. the character integration and the importance to the plot is astounding. It's late for me right now so i can't put all my words together yet but just know that we'll be here and patiently waiting your return. and honestly even if this pause waits for a while, i'd be happy just being able to have a chat with you about the story so far and about the parts that i've enjoyed :) All the Love and support Skully, Your Friend, Sola

Daedalus · C28
1 year ago
i agree can hardy wait for more and thank you for doing this works View More
Super Farmer · C14
1 year ago

Erinyes: A lot of these reviews are lacking and I could tell that they come from a bunch of ****** simons.

Firstly, I HATE when authors write in the first-person. It seldom goes well and seldom retains continuity.

Second, the author switches POV quite often! It's annoying and confusing. Wouldn't have this if ya wrote in third-person!!!!

Third, the author incorporates netspeak/online lingo into their writing. It's not rampant but enough to be extremely annoying. I don't want to see a line that goes as such:



Fourth, I see so many trash Japanese novels/writers who fudge up genderbending and it's obvious that represents the author's curiosity with the opposite *** but... is poorly done. The MC becomes more emotional when he becomes she which is... so black and white.

Fifth, the whole bullying leading to death. Sorry but having feminine traits IS NOT a reason to bully someone to the extent that the MC gets bullied. Realistically, they'd probably have him as a gopher. Also, KILLING!? The whole angel falling for the bully and screwing the MC only to have him die is... really REALLY REEEEEAAAALLLYYY poorly done.

Finally, it's basically lesbian harem at this point. MC already has 2 princesses by his side with wonky stats. I mean... the stats in and of themselves are just nightmarishly done and the MC is OP as long as they leave the aura on and auto-level.

Oh... and why not just kill the bully after revival? They couldn't have gone too far... buuuuuttt it's probably going to be an asspull excuse saving the bully for the MC when the bully is super strong and not ez-pz kill anymore.

Overall, poor writing for poor scrubs.

Reincarnated as an affinity-less hero, the quest to become the strongest!
1 year ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Balloon View More
Reborn: Evolving From Nothing · C37
1 year ago
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