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ThisDaddy: Great door of Doors, Window of Windows, Basin of Basin, Pot of Pots, bidet of bidets.....

Lord of the Mysteries · C1133
1 week ago

Tetractys: I wonder if that'll be enough to fully digest the potion. Scaring a former King of Angels is no easy feat, after all!🤣🤣🤣

Lord of the Mysteries · C1109
2 weeks ago

Vanokkor: Oh, so thats how he's gonna digest part of the potion

Lord of the Mysteries · C1109
2 weeks ago

Daoist_SunFart: That's some hard core trolling. Klein is definitely a keyboard warrior!

Lord of the Mysteries · C1109
2 weeks ago

Randompasserby: So uh, did Klein just figuratively handed over the key to all his assets for Audrey to manage?

You really can't blame the readers for shipping them at this point when you go around acting like a husband about to do business abroad and entrusting his wife with everything 🤭

Lord of the Mysteries · C1088
3 weeks ago

Lvl1Bard: You forgot to mention that Klein is basically a hivemind now. All his worms are basically equal. Just the spot where the majority of the worms gather forms his main consciousness... He will probably dissociate further and further in future until even his separate worms develop their own intelligence and call themselves a "person"... At least that's my guess inferring from how his powers developed. Perhaps in the end he finds out that all these cocooned worms in the door of light are nothing else than puppets of their original master who each believed themselves to be real people...

Lord of the Mysteries · C1079
1 month ago

Ozwin: A number of people once got mad at me because, back around when Klein became a faceless, I commented he was well on his way to becoming a terrifying and mysterious eldritch horror because they mistook my statement as negative and an attack on Klein’s character.

Now that we are several potions later from that point, Klein’s powers have gotten much scarier, he has graduated from having a granulated face that scares people into having a form made of maggots that can kill people or cause them to break down, he has gone from being able to be anyone around you to EVERYONE around you, everything about the thread and death by marionette thing from start to finish being nightmarish, and now his acting as a bizarro sorcerer has him making people like his poor butler “hallucinate” things like eyes peering out of people’s necks and such, I think enough evidence has been presented for me to say (without anyone thinking I am saying something mean) that Klein has become an excellent mysterious eldricth horror and I can only see him getting scarier from here lol.

Lord of the Mysteries · C1079
1 month ago

Tetractys: I think there's a saying somewhere about not dating your own psychiatrist...🤭🤭🤭

Lord of the Mysteries · C1072
1 month ago

Lvl1Bard: “Cold? Then I’ll directly press the Unshadowed Crucifix against your head! If you don’t want your Beyonder characteristic, donate it to the people who need it!”

Uh oh, Leonard! You incited Gehrman Sparrow's wrath! No one else managed to do that in the past! Donate your beyonder characteristics now!! 🤣😂

And btw... #TheWorldNeedsJustice

Lord of the Mysteries · C1072
1 month ago

GoodWithAToaster: I think it’s a good thing for Audrey to be learning more tidbits about the real Klein. Though he’s surrounded by other people and has great trust in the other tarot club members, in the end there are only a few people he can open up a little more around, like Leonard and Mr. Azik. It might be nice to add someone to the ranks of people he can break character around. And also, who better than your own Psychiatrist to open up to?

Lord of the Mysteries · C1072
1 month ago

Tetractys: Also, the mentioning of "Devil" reminded me of those serial murders at the beginning of this volume. I wonder if they'll take center stage soon.

Maybe we'll get some interference from the Abyss pathway, too. After all, sequence zero is called Dark Side of the Universe. Perhaps some correlation to the even scarier cosmic horrors hinted at?

Lord of the Mysteries · C1056
1 month ago

Ackenos: And I was wondering what kind of devil would appear. Turns out, it is just Klein.

Lord of the Mysteries · C1056
1 month ago

Tetractys: BEGONE DEVIL!

Lord of the Mysteries · C1056
1 month ago

Meowhead: I guess hypnotizing a higher level demigod who is a master of hypnosis is one way to digest a potion all in one go.

Also, it is strange that he has effectively already finished the ritual for the current upgrade. Makes me wonder about future rituals.

Lord of the Mysteries · C1054
1 month ago

Jackattack: If so does that mean he has another Demigod marionette? But keeping Adam's subordinate seems far too dangerous.. so maybe potion ingredients for Audrey?

Lord of the Mysteries · C1052
1 month ago

Daoist_SunFart: Anyone who has mastered the magician pathway basically becomes a mystical Batman

Lord of the Mysteries · C1051
1 month ago

Randompasserby: I like the fact that even for the most non-direct combat oriented pathway, as long as they're Sequence 4 and above, stepping into the realm of divinity, NONE of them are remotely squishy.

Natural dragonscale armor, made up of countless maggots that can be hidden like anywhere, parasitizing worms, hosting multiple underworld spirits etc...

Add that with a penchant for losing control to madness...This world is truly scary as **** for mundane man 😱

Lord of the Mysteries · C1051
1 month ago

Randompasserby: Oddly enough the actual Apprentice Pathway is less preparation intensive than Seer Pathway despite many similarities in combat style.

It's a little bit like the genius student good at everything after looking through the subject once vs that one guy running an improv theatre all by himself as producer, scriptwriter, director, caster and actor 🤣😂😅

Lord of the Mysteries · C1051
1 month ago

BlasphemerAmon: Be sure to invite me to the party! I know how to tap dance! 🧐

Lord of the Mysteries · C1030
1 month ago

Lvl1Bard: A bit off topic... But I had this ridiculous /creepy idea :

Imagine Audrey getting caught by the evil guys (e.g. twilight hermits/psychology alchemists) and being imprisoned inside their secret base. Divination doesn't work to lock onto her location so she directly prays to the Fool for a divine descent...

Klein takes over her body. The corners of her mouth curl up.

Fingers snap.

Upbeat early 20th century cabaret style music starts playing. (Scholar of yore ability)

"Now shall we wreak some havoc?"

(Audrey can only watch her body moving out of her control in mounting horror/fascination.)

She points her finger gun at the lock.. . BANG! and blows some imaginary smoke. Walks with a bounce in her step out of her cell. Fingertips brush her guards left and right. Both grow rigid for a second and then start following her.

In the next room she meets a demigod who immediately runs towards her and tries to attack. She gives him her gloved hand and his attack suddenly turns into him taking her hand and him transforming into a faceless dance partner in formal attire.

Next they dance their way through the enemy's base in a Broadway musical style. All who try to fight them get added as synchronized dancing followers, all who try to flee slowly rise to the ceiling Antigonus-style.

Lord of the Mysteries · C1030
1 month ago

Lvl1Bard: “If I were to give you the chance now to completely leave the mysterious world, would you accept it?”

I wonder what Audrey would have thought if she knew that it was The Fool himself asking the question... But I loved how he guided her to accept herself within the dangerous beyonder world with this simple question. And what I loved even more was that she recognized his effort. She might be less worldly and more inexperienced than Klein, but you gotta admit that they communicate really well. And I don't think this is 'just' because of her being a Spectator... They are both good people, and they recognize and appreciate each other.


Lord of the Mysteries · C1008
2 months ago

BlasphemerAmon: Klein you say? Is that the name of the Evernight bizarro sorcerer? Thank you very much, I will take note of this... Actually, I would like to believe that this Klein you mentioned is a sophisticated and interesting person. So perhaps he will take a liking to monocles himself in the future. Yes! I would gladly welcome him to my little family! Perhaps I will make him into my Blessed, too? A Blessed of the Evernight being a Blessed of Amon at the same time... Wouldn't that be fun? 🧐

Lord of the Mysteries · C1006
2 months ago

BlasphemerAmon: I may have to clarify a common misconception... Liking to wear a monocle is NOT a side effect of being parasitized. I'm merely acting as a trendsetter. People who see me and interact with me (and yes, some people - many people 'are' me), generally admire my stylish getup and aim to imitate me to a certain extent - except for a few screaming fools who would rather run away than learn how to be fashionable. And wearing a monocle is highly fashionable! In a timeless way, hehe... 🧐

Lord of the Mysteries · C1006
2 months ago

RicebucketReader: WAIT so that ring shares his senses with that earl? So this “prank” just got more interesting since they plan to lure him into the Mother Earth church......

Lord of the Mysteries · C1001
2 months ago

Tetractys: We are gathered here today to honor the memory of Alessan, who is no longer with us. Please press F to pay your respects.

Lord of the Mysteries · C1000
2 months ago

Tetractys: An arbiter, a baron of corruption, and a bizarro sorcerer walk into a bar...

Lord of the Mysteries · C996
2 months ago

Alessan: A couple chapters late but I was just thinking about how fantastic Hvin Rambis would be as a marionette candidate. He is evil, a demigod but has little combat strength, his location is known, and eventually his beyonder characteristic will be very useful to Audrey. Practically perfect!

Lord of the Mysteries · C978
2 months ago

vincentatd: No, because of censorship. This was the author's note on this chapter.

I'm sorry, this chapter is quite short because I was so angry that I couldn't write anymore. When I was writing half of this chapter, I want to refer another sentence in the previous chapter, so I opened the previous chapter just to found out the paragraph related to sacrifice was deleted. This type of "review and correct" is unacceptable, and no word can describe it. Without that paragraph, the whole situation becomes incoherent and no one can understand what the author wants to write, even me! Moreover, what content in this paragraph violated the rule? A story about "villains did evil things, then good guy punished the villains" is horrible enough to be deleted? I didn't describe details of the sacrifice so others can copy it, I just mention it slightly. I don't understand the whole process and the aims of "review and correct" anymore. Do you want to change a book into a meaningless ****?

I can't accept that my work is turned into an incoherent, illogical, broken **** that describes nothing, inexplicable and impossible for anyone to read. Previously, many chapters went through that "review and correct" process and I already made tons of changes; I also understand that the policy is very tight and everyone should understand the situation of others, so I didn't make any complaints. However, I can't endure the ridiculous "review and correct" which breaks the whole connection of the plot, make it become incoherent. Everyone knows about the style and the theme of "Lord of Mysteries", everyone knows what situation will be described in this book in the future. If the crazy "review and correct" continues, I am unable to finish this story!

I added the deleted paragraph of the previous chapter, everyone can re-read it again, but I don't know when it will be deleted again. If this situation continues, I don't know how long I can continue to write and how can I finish this book!

One hour later, I calmed myself down a little bit, I will not say anything which can be considered radical. All of my readers, please continue to read and please cherish what you are reading. I will continue to write until I am unable to write anymore, and I will not punish my reader because of others' mistakes. Yeah, just like this

Lord of the Mysteries · C968
2 months ago

Bellmount: News from China (no spoiler): the author finished Volume 6 last night, and he claimed that he had written the settings of every region at the beginning, but he did not want to write all details about every country IN THIS BOOK, or that will be too repeated and miscellaneous. Instead, he will write a sequel to carry out storylines in other regions, e.g. the West continent. But he might not write that sequel right after LoTM, since he had other insights to write...XD Anyway, it’s good to have something more to expect, since it seems like LoTM will be completed by May or June. :(

Lord of the Mysteries · C931
3 months ago

Grandelder: I'm pretty sure there was a chapter where Klein considered doing that, but he said he would need to become a demigod first

Lord of the Mysteries · C923
3 months ago
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