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I really like the direction you are going with this. I think that now the Phantom Menace was gotten out of the way you can move on the the Clone Wars Animated Cartoon. Maybe pickup a bit after Anakin get Ashoka as a padawan. I just don’t want to see the story drag on a bit.

Also have Maces personal lightsaber be a Ghostfire crystal. It is one of the top 5 rarest lightsaber crystal and is a pale blue almost silver color. It also makes no sound when igniting. It would just be cool for the baddest of the Sith Empire to have the best assassination/warrior crystal. View More
Star Wars: Wrath of The Force · C16
6 days ago
Oh don’t forget Devil May Cry series. Though not sure when you would want to start within the series. The latest (5) was pretty good. View More

Astarot_Attor: Resident Evil, Prototype, Dark Sector, Star Craft, Naruto, Bleach

Blue Devil · C0
2 weeks ago
DC Cartoons. Never even consider DCEU. Start with either the Justice League Unlimited or Young Justice series then mix up other things like the animated movies. *Cough Justice League Dark cough*. I’m sorry for that, but seriously. Don’t forget to include Constantine. View More
Blue Devil · C0
2 weeks ago
It could if you look at it in the form of a pyramid. Multiple different, but similar forms of say ancient class would combine with a mythical that possesses a similarity. That could be interesting in bringing the pure physical strength of the dinosaurs to a magical creature like say a dragon.
Also I would like to say that the author needs to edit the chapters. He keeps saying Ghodaran. That isn't a godzilla monster and I think you were meaning to say Ghidora and Rodan. Those are two different monsters that the names just kind of got smashed together. View More

Gutterstomp: If you can only assimilate one monster at a time it seems there’s no point in buying any monster weaker then the one you have right now.

dcmcu: kaiju system · C6
3 weeks ago
As cool as explosion is, piloswine is still a ground type while that move is a normal. Piloswine should be fine View More
Pokemon - A Mystical Journey · C255
1 month ago
Now she needs Ember Cicilia from RWBY. The bracelet, gauntlet, shotguns would take care of her weapons wise for a long time. Hyorinmaru for firepower, Gaea Foundation for infiltration and Ember Cicilia for everyday use without drawing suspicion. View More
Otaku Card System · C14
1 month ago
I was going to say Primal Kyogre and Groudon. Kyorge makes sense since One Piece is just one massive ocean and Groudon can’t be left out because of the innate rivalry. It could also be where he gets his first legendary Rayquaza. View More
The Pokemon Emissary Among Worlds · C98
2 months ago
Nyssa would make sense. Ras would see him a possible successor similar to Bruce. View More
In the DC World with a System · C29
2 months ago
Well there is a snake that can “fly” from treetops. View More

Kyoang: 1. Dragon doesn't exist in our world and is basically useless and so is the phoenix.

So yeah he better then choose hawk and a flying reptile.

(Does a flying reptile even exist?)

The Law God - Artic · C23
2 months ago

Dragonarrow17: Might I make a request? I would suggest putting thought into RWBY. It is an anime that the American YouTube channel RoosterTeeth made that could make an interesting dynamic. The only animals actively shown are monsters so it could end up being monsters versus Pokémon.

The Pokemon Emissary Among Worlds · C88
2 months ago
Might I make a request? I would suggest putting thought into RWBY. It is an anime that the American YouTube channel RoosterTeeth made that could make an interesting dynamic. The only animals actively shown are monsters so it could end up being monsters versus Pokémon. View More
The Pokemon Emissary Among Worlds · C88
2 months ago
He should develop Darth Traya’s telekinetic sword technique. It would give him more of a Sith Sorcerer tone as he doesn’t need to move to be good with the lightsaber. View More
2 months ago
He should unlock telepathy for his next power to make the trifecta. Speed force, strength force, as well as the sage force to make him the ultimate hero. View More
2 months ago
Wait is he thinking that the fifth law is unacceptable as he is basically a slave to another or is there another law that we have not seen yet. If the former please correct typo third to last paragraph. View More
The Law God - Artic · C30
2 months ago
So now he is going for what? Microcosm Law. The last 3 were microscopic organisms, but then the tortoise would be left out hmm. Can he separate the tortoise law from the others as his “third main law” and pick up another to complete the theme of cellular organisms? View More
The Law God - Artic · C26
2 months ago
If he is doing tortoise, then he should follow with tiger, hawk(or Phoenix), and dragon to make the 4 Cardinal beasts. View More
The Law God - Artic · C23
2 months ago
Manaphy. Phione only come to be because I’d ditto View More

Darkness8672: is it manaphy? or phione

Journey Towards Greatness · C245
2 months ago
The analogy makes more sense in that hella is more like Talia from the League of Assassins. View More

fearlessj2008: If she is a future love interest that rivals cynthia then it is like batman and catwoman lol. If she isn't and is just a rival that is pointless since he should know to kill them since most aren't like Jesse and James.

Pokemon - A Mystical Journey · C226
2 months ago
One question. Why does Artic cultivate new laws when he could also level up his others. Also shouldn’t there be cross leveling since information about fog, cloud, and rain are closely associated. View More
The Law God - Artic · C14
3 months ago
There are a few Pokémon in Simon that I think he needs to obtain. Luca Rio is a definite, Luxray, and Mamoswine. View More
Journey Towards Greatness · C241
3 months ago
Honestly I was thinking it is a spheal from Hoenn View More
Pokemon - A Mystical Journey · C220
3 months ago
Hahahahaha. He’s alive!!!! View More
3 months ago
Shouldn’t Alex address himself as Eric instead of Henry as his middle name? He is on Supergirls earth so he wants to pass as someone else to throw off Barry. I think I remember from previous chapters. View More
Reborn as the Flash's Twin Brother · C38
3 months ago
Would make sense View More

LTG: minun plusle?

Pokemon - A Mystical Journey · C212
3 months ago
You should add in the Sage Force. Basically enhanced intelligence, telephony, and telekinesis. Good thing to mess around with because it has never been seen in comics, only mentioned. View More
Reborn as the Flash's Twin Brother · C37
4 months ago

Medusa17112001: 1.Darkrai

*DROPPED*** · C0
4 months ago
I think we can both accept such a wide selection that symbolizes how bad*** he is. Slaking is just not a personal favorite of mine because he is too slow unless you mega evolve. That’s the only reason I would say no to it, but that is a personal thing and not a power thing. View More

BigNerdNasty: Litten was replaced by Slakoth.

Absol as a baby could suffice as a starter (and badass) in my head but I think I understand your point so let's agree to slash him off the list.

Ole dusky is nice but a candelabra does the same thing in a more horrifying way, it's just it looks ugly. Also, in regards to Ghost types, there's a few better stat wise and situation wise.

Steel/Dark types seem less favorable as a combo, but steel does seem to be a prevalent focus in our choices. What do you think of:

1. Beldum

2. Bagon

3. Dusk

4. Slak

5. Jangmo-o

6. Magearna

Pokemon:The Legend · C3
4 months ago
I can also agree with absol and Jangmo-o, but Absol doesn’t really strike me as a starter. I mean it is a definite catch, but seems more like one of those boss fight type that will require 2-3 chapters because of the epic battle. I don’t know enough about Magearna to comment, but kitten always seemed to be mediocre in terms of ghost Pokémon. I said Duskul because it’s final form Duskenoir is said to have powers that control souls. Imagine having a Pokémon that could literally be trained to rip out an enmities soul in order to kill them. View More

BigNerdNasty: This is gonna blow your mind but I also placed Beldum in the start list! A steel/psychic t1 baby that holds the steel psychic all the way to t3 and can Mega Evolve?! Fuck yah. Metagross is gonna be so useful excavating caves or exits or lol anything. Atk and Sp.Atk are high but not crazy high (still can be appreciated) but the defenses are insane and his speed is surprisingly good as well. With alittle customizing and training he's gonna be a good travel pokem. Anyway I've blabbed too much since we had a mutual hit.

1. Absol

2. Magearna

3. Beldum

4. Jangmo-o

5. Litten


1. Absol is as dope as uncut cocaine. No further discussion required.

2. Magearna is rare, Monster Sp.Atk, fantastic defenses, high Atk, but poor speed, is also a fairy/steel type basically meaning it's a fairy/psychic/steel type, soulheart ability would resonate with MC. Solid choice for a starter

3. Beldum was discussed above

4. Jangmo-o would be a legendary level choice of not for the fact that no mega stone has been discovered for him and the fact the he has 4 weak types (normal for many dragon mixes). Not to worry though, as his final form is a Dragon/Fighting mix. Yes, what you're thinking is correct. His attack and defense are huge, with Sp.Def and speed secondary. Sp.Atk is merely average. He's a physical beast and his moves and stats definitely show it. More importantly, this Pokemon is addicted to training. So much so that it also can train other Pokemon (wants to fight the darkness blah blah something in it's back story). Having a personal Pokemon trainer to bring up young Pokemon is gonna be a huge asset to the MC.

5. Slakoth. Bet you didn't see that coming. Slakoth has a potential movelist as diverse as snorlaxes and has only 1 weakness. Evolving to vigoroth and lastly Slaking puts him in the top 10 highest stat Pokemon that we currently know exists (yes that includes Arceus at #1). HP and Attack stats are STUPID high. Defense and speed are also really high. His Sp.Def is his lowest stat, but at it's growth level it's higher than many MegaEvolved Pokemon. He's not exactly a common Pokemon but he's not truly rare either. As a Normal type in all evolutions, he's the epitome of humble (but worthwhile starter)

Pokemon:The Legend · C3
4 months ago
Nooooo. He has betrayed the Lord Helix! View More
Journey Towards Greatness · C11
4 months ago
In terms of humble starters I would bring it down to these five which fit is character drive/ personality.

I am trying to stay away from psychic types since MewTwo, but Duskul is primarily Ghost Dark and Beldum is a living super computer. The others are pseudo legendary who have all been recognized as extremely powerful. All of these have a wide pool of moves that could be learned to counter many other types than just their natural moves. View More

BigNerdNasty: Mundane to Magical. However, I would be interested to know your list (choose 5)of humble starters. I'll also provide my list and see if we have any mutual ideas.

Pokemon:The Legend · C3
4 months ago
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