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First happy for the update. But nothing happens in this chapter. That's a little disappointing.
And I get it. Just because we know he's being honest doesnt mean she does. It is probably very haed for her to trust anything right now. Especially since he seems to bring up sex every time they talk. At this point I'm not sure if she has feeling for him or if she is leaning towards him becauae she is lonely and sees the chance at having a family. I mean, if he really wants this to work out in his favor, he shouldve called and cleared things up with her before she had a chance to read this article. The longer he wait, the harder it will be to clear things up.
At the end of the day, she is the type who seems to have always been insecure. It only became worse after finding out about her parentage and being tacitly rejected by the only man she ever loved. She probably believes that if she does fall for him, she'd only end up being hurt. Which is why she is constantly finding excuses to run away.

But, onto another topic...what do y'all think that dream she had in the previous chapter meant? View More
Mr Fu, I Really Love You · C113
1 week ago

darknerd: Totally agree. People come to a Chinese novel with over a thousand chapters, and complain that the romance is slow. FL is insecure and afraid, but due to the her messed up life, I honestly don't know what people expected her to be.

A face-slapping eerily gorgeous confident goddess? Certainly not.

Mr Fu, I Really Love You · C97
2 weeks ago

CeeBee5: Yes! Her getting over her feelings so quickly is unrealistic. Also, her falling straight into his arms is also unrealistic.

Mr Fu, I Really Love You · C97
2 weeks ago

Loveleen_Sabharwal: Yup they really need to TALK.... It's normal for a person to take time to think when for so many years they were in love with someone else..... So i hope after this conversation they can come to a conclusion....

Mr Fu, I Really Love You · C97
2 weeks ago

Typheous: Wow... lots of hate for our FL this chapter. Apparently, everybody thinks being indecisive and actually taking your time to collect your thoughts is childish, where as throwing yourself into a relationship directly after trying to get over a long period of unrequited love is more *****... uhm... no... y'all seem to have things flip-flopped.

Of course, if we go from the standpoint of a reader like ourselves, it drags the story along and is a bit boring, but I like that she is acting like a normal human being in this situation. Let's see... act like a slut and go for the first **** that comes your way after only loving one person and technically being in love still or process your thoughts and decide in a mature manner whether you should get into another relationship?

Mr Fu, I Really Love You · C97
2 weeks ago
I was kinda hoping she didn't retaliate. Just let the girl keep running her mouth. It would be been so much better had she waited until he came then the manager wouldve been called. That would be looked so much worse for the cashier. Regardless of rather she could pay or not, she is still a customer and she is there with two very important guests. Plus it would have made her look so much better had she not retaliated. She image would be more magnanimous and that girl wouldve looked more like a shrew. Nan Shi didnt even do anything and this girl just started going off.

On another point, I would not have tried to pay for his part. There is no way that he doesnt know she cant afford something so e expensive. Why would he choose a place like that....nevermind. He waa obviously hoping she would ask him to help and when sshe didn't and then he saw her talking so that dumbass he started sulking. But I still would not have even thought of paying his part. He is just a petty spoiled child. Any woman would be smart not to get involved with him. She really doesn't need the headache right now. He should pay the whole bill without her asking and NOT asking anything in return. That is, if he really wants to win her over. But we know it wont go like that. Sigh. He is so frustrating. View More
Attack of the Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering · C74
2 weeks ago
Why do I get the feeling that that was his way of rejecting her while not letting her know what it was. I get dude has been through a lot. But that doesnt mean its ok for him to play with her feelings like that. Yea. It was definitely a rejection because there was no reason for him to say it that way. He basically just told her lets just be friends. Dating isn't the only way to accept someone's feelings. The right thing to do is to not bring it up unless she did. I hope she just cuts him off. Remaining his friend would only be torturous. I can just imagine, just like all the other novels he will keep being deceived by that ***** u til he sees with his own eyes what a succubus she is then he'll realize he has feelings for nuan Nina. But she would have moved on to a better man (Mr. Fu). Then he'll become a whiney douche and try to come between them. Typical. View More
Mr Fu, I Really Love You · C89
3 weeks ago
Should be known something like that was gonna happen when they went out of the way to say that it was so safe there he sent his security back. Smh. Well, maybe this will lead to some development. View More
Priceless Baby's Super Daddy · C367
3 weeks ago
He better not have done anything...why else would the head doctor call her to his office? 😒😒 View More
Attack of the Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering · C42
1 month ago
I really hate it when people judge others based on unsubstantiated rumors and hearsay. I really thought mother huo wasn't that kind. She has really disappointed me. I thought at the very least she would judge for herself after getting to know her a little. Guess I was wrong. View More
Priceless Baby's Super Daddy · C343
1 month ago
Shes not blaming him. She's trying to figure out where his mind is. He was the one who told her to go because he could see she was worried. Then he left. And he never contacted her after that. Plus she isn't sure what to do and because he isn't saying anything, she's wondering if he has changed his mind about getting married. Basically, she is just trying to figure him out. View More

Loveleen_Sabharwal: I don't get this behaviour!! Wasn't Nuan the one who left him standing alone in Civil administration Bureau!?!? Why is she making Huai'an sounds like a playboy or the Devil!?!? Like she was the victim!?!?

I get it she left for the man whom she loved for years but why blaming him!?!?

Mr Fu, I Really Love You · C54
1 month ago
Anybody elsw notice we spent an entire chapter on them walking to the garage to get in the car. They havent even left the hospital garage yet. Two chapters of the leaving the hospital...😐 View More
Mr Fu, I Really Love You · C51
1 month ago
I do too. I just wish her were more transparent. She has no idea dude likes her. That's why she's being wishy washy. I just feel like if she knew he liked her, she would seriously consider it. She seems pretty open after deciding to let go of her first love. To be honest I would feel like an idiot too after finding out that I sacrificed to much for a guy who could fall for a girl like that. She already starting to like him anyway. View More

mimarte: Well lets hope for the best she should move on now that she already knows her first love belong to another woman and or ML is not pressuring her to do anything I really like this guy

Mr Fu, I Really Love You · C51
1 month ago
Maybe because he always acts like he's only interested in having sex with her. After everything she's been through and it has literally only been a few days or maybe weeks, do you really think she could even trust anyone right now. Especially after finding out he has been keeping things from her. Then he's never been clear about why he is hanging around her. Not to mention the first time they met he clearly knew she was drugged with aphrodisiac. But instead of taking her to the hospital he took her back to his hotel room.what the hell else is she to think of his intentions. I find that people keep making judgment judgmentsbased on the last few chapters and completely overlooking the whole story, so far. Take her position into consideration and not just think about the progress of the story. Why is everybody calling her stupid for guarding herself? Doesnt it make sense that she would? If ahe didn't who should she expect to protect her heart? Some heir to an uber riche family that would never accept her that she know absolutely nothing about or herself? Think about it. View More

richxrach: Gu Mohan can see through Mo’er’s intentions..

Why is it that Mo’er always act like a whore who is used to exchanging favors in front of Gu Mohan?? Why does she have to lower her dignity in front of him?? Good thing Mohan knew that she’s pure and innocent, otherwise she’ll be look down on..

Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle · C87
1 month ago
Andrews....well this is all your fault. She wasn't even on their radar until you got her involved. And if you were just gonna change your mind half way why get her involved. You could've juat asked her about it. But no. You had to go and give her that key and get her all excited about finding out about her parents and doing something for them. Additionally I am very disappointed in Susan. If that were the case then how do you explain Annie's family. She has lived with them her whole life. If she was truly a jinx then wouldn't their family be plagued with misfortune. But instead she actually made the better off. But they don't see that. On bad thing happens and she completely blames it on Bella. I really can't stand these people. View More
Silent LOVE - When The Quill Meets It's Ink..! · C81
1 month ago
Yea. I want to know too. What is happening to Dona. At first I was thinking vitiligo. But I dont think that causes the skin to wrinkle. But maybe she has something wlse with it. Or maybe it is just stress. It could also be hyperthyroidism. But again, never heard of that making someone wrinkly. Aging early, maybe. But this fast and sudden. I am so curious. I hope they don't make us wait too long. View More
Silent LOVE - When The Quill Meets It's Ink..! · C78
1 month ago
I still don't understand what her plan is. What revenge? The second she comes back she agrees to be under their thumb. I can understand if she agreed just so she can get them to let down their guard and attack. But it seems she is just doing what they say for no reason. I also don't understand why she didn't find a way to go overseas to build her career and her power and then come back to take them down. And did she forget that she has a trump card. He told her to call if she needed anything. But just where the he'll is this story going? I don't get it at all. I would never agree to something like that even if my life depended on it. I mean what the he'll can he do. She doesn't have anything for him to take away. No family or friends for him to hurt. Nothing. So why is she letting them control her? And don't talk to me about the web series. I wouldn't sell my soul to the devil for a bunch of people I barely know in the first place. People who wouldnt do anything to help her if they knew. So long as their series isnt affected. View More
Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian · C78
1 month ago
The content has been deleted
Trapped with Tycoon
1 month ago
All you people are saying that she left him on the day they were suppose to be signing the marriage certificate. But if my memory serves me correctly, when they found out that Moshen had returned, he told her to go and then left before she had a chance to respond. Of course she would want to see him. They could get married anytime. But they don't know how long Moshen can hold on. It very well could have been her last chance to see him. She never said she didn't want to go through with the marriage. He just assumed that. Just because he was back doesnt mean that they will be together. He knew how she felt from the beginning. So its not like she did him wrong. She just wanted to see Moshen one last time.
True. If Moshen dies, her reason for marrying him is gone. But that doesn't mean that he should give up. If he really likes her, he should continue to court her. Or better yet, why not get married as planned. She had already made up her mind to do it and you have already told tuan tuan that she would be his mommy. And I don't see her falling for anyone else anytime soon. Why not give him a chance.
Anyways.....it would be nice if there were more chapters too read. Two just don't seem to be enough. It is just a tease. 😖 View More
Mr Fu, I Really Love You · C45
1 month ago
I must say, this Wu Lize is a bit slow. Zhouli even made a point to ask about her interview. Isn't it obvious that he's had his eye on her from the beginning.
He is definitely a fool. She already told him that she would never get involved with him and they should maintain an employer/employee relationship. He must be a masochist. View More
The Long-awaited Mr Han · C169
1 month ago
What's the point of being her spy simply because of that? Spying is much worse. On top of that she might ask you to do something worse. It is much better to just confess what you did and take your punishment. Everybody knows that yiran was the mastermind and that she must be pushed you into doing it. At most you would just get a demerit or whatever they are calling it. I would never let someone like that control me. Then again, I would not have gotten involved with her in the first place. View More
The Long-awaited Mr Han · C168
1 month ago
I find it rather odd that she has never been. Wasnt she working as luqi's assistant up until now? Wouldnt she have had to tag along or at least be close by in case she needed something? View More
The Long-awaited Mr Han · C158
1 month ago
Did they forget that Moshen was engaged to that other girl and that he was clearly in love with his fiance. That's why she sacraficed herself to Mr. Fu. To protect his love. So confessing would only serve to gain closure. Plus, the man is still unconscious and likely won't wake up. Who is she going to confess to? On top of that she has already given herself to him. And since she so whole heartedly believes that she wouldnt fall in love with someone else, why not marry a super rich businessman. You might actually be really happy with him. Don't go burning bridges yet. View More
Mr Fu, I Really Love You · C44
1 month ago
This is how it should always go. Youvr known each other since childhood. If you were going to like him, you would've already. No need to drag it out. And he understands that and accepts it. He doesn't call her out her name or vows revenge or continues to obsess over her. That is the grown up thing to do. View More
Mr Fu, I Really Love You · C38
1 month ago
No. If it wasnt someone from a wealthy family, she would've kept going like she didn't see anything. But that is all moot because she didn't even save him. She just took credit for it. View More
His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light · C419
1 month ago
Why is she acting like this. If you are repulsed by his behavior then say so. Why make yourself sound so cheap and materialistic. And this dude, is he for real? If he really likes her, then he should just help her. Why put up such an arrogant front. In the end, this will make her misunderstand his intentions. View More
Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle · C52
1 month ago
What rival? He has to have at least a tiny bit of a chance in order to be called a rival. But xixi as he called her, is already head over heels in love with mr. Huo and so is lil cherry for that matter. He is more of a third wheel coming to get in the way. View More

Loveleen_Sabharwal: So Yunshen and Ye Xun are rivals both in offline and Online world..... Ye Xun is here too. What's gonna happen now!?!? Will Yunshen be jealous enough to finally confess to Jing Xi!?!?

Priceless Baby's Super Daddy · C321
1 month ago
Gosh...I really hate it when the third wheel hangs on even though its obvious that he's in the way. View More
Priceless Baby's Super Daddy · C321
1 month ago
I actually do not agree with baibai. Rather there is love or not is irrelevant. Since she decided to marry the man and be the mother to tuantuan, she should put her whole heart into it. Even if she never develops for the man, she should at least try to treat the baby as her son. Don't half-ass it with kids. They will really be married. So, she should try to get to know her husband and child and be a real family with him. Since she can't be with the one she loves, why not make the best of the situation? Who knows, she might grow to love him more than the first one. View More
Mr Fu, I Really Love You · C30
1 month ago
Why does everybody keep assuming that she has a sponsor? If she had, is it in the nature of sponsors to be incognito? Normally they would make regular appearances in public with the woman so other men would know that she was theirs. But there are no men around her. So who would be her sponsor? The people who have worked with her would know best, right? If they hired her because of her talent or because they were pressured or bought off. But I guess it would be too much for people to take that into consideration. They prefer spreading gossip without a care of how said gossip could hurt the person or rather it was right or wrong. View More
Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle · C48
1 month ago
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