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  • Child Of The Eternal Sun

    Child Of The Eternal Sun

    Eastern Fantasy magic weak to strong unique elemental qi treasure

    In the creation of the universe, raw power was woven throughout the fabric of space, creating worlds where humans and creatures developed different powers. Items through unique circumstances could develop magical properties as well, called natural obscurities. In the kingdom of Lavant, a banished psychopath finds one of the rarest natural obscurities of them all - the son of magma. Formed over the course of millions of years, this ancient power takes the form of a stone figurine, in the likeness of a baby. Tempered through molten earth and refined in liquid metal, the natural power contained in this small obscurity is unimaginable. Rotu, the exiled, plans to unleash this power on the entirety of the kingdom and reform it into a living hell. Lord Ru, the mysterious ruler of the Lavant Kingdom, intercepts Rotu, but accidentally causes a chain reaction to occur within the son of magma. After the blinding fight, all that’s left is a crater with a newborn baby in the center. Little does anyone know, that baby is the humanized son of magma. Follow Tai as he grows up to fight for justice and against evil; as the sun drives his heart to be just and pure. The sun may blind and sting, purifying humanity in its wake. Elemental Qi Cultivation Types Rarities: Common- fire, water, earth, air Uncommon- metal, lightning, nature, ice Rare- illusion, darkness, light, gravity Legendary- time, space, holy, death *Note* - There are many more elements to be found in the vast universe, yet some can only be produced by near impossible occurrences. Mutations may also occur and change even common elements into powerful ones. Maybe even powerful enough to surpass legendary talent. Tai’s elements are: Holy fire (unique), molten earth (mutation), black metal (unique), and gravity (rare) Elemental Qi Cultivation Levels Elemental Seed: initial, middle, final, completion Bodily Manifest: initial, middle, final, completion Element Core: initial, middle, final, completion Soldier: 1 Star-5 star, half-step Officer: 1 star-5 star, half-step Commander: 1 star-5 star, half-step Unification Stage: 1 star-10 star, half-step Tempered Stage: 1 star - 10 star, half-step Naturalist Stage: 1 star-10 star, half-step Daoist: bronze, silver, gold, harmonic Master: bronze, silver, gold, harmonic Grandmaster: bronze, silver, gold, harmonic Immortal Demigod God One-with-the-world ????????????? *Note* - for the last four stages, there are no telltale signs of progression. One must fully immerse themselves in their element and develop their understanding to rise to the next level.


RageKittenOP: Will u upload every day? This is getting good!

Child Of The Eternal Sun · C2
6 months ago
I wish I had the time to do so! I have so many ideas just waiting to get on the page, but 2 as of right now is the maximum I can do. Maybe sometimes I’ll do three :). But thank you for being the first to leave a comment View More

RageKittenOP: Will u upload every day? This is getting good!

Child Of The Eternal Sun · C2
6 months ago
Good stuff View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C148
8 months ago
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