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    Immortal Era's Crafting Master

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    Even when one travels the path of slaughter, they cannot help but reminisce of the days when they were still young and naive. They long for the days when they can put the killing behind them and just rest in a town faraway where no one knows them and where they no longer have to deal in bloodshed. These thoughts always come as a form of longing for all whose hands are stained with untold amounts of blood. Wang Xu was just your average security guard working for a security firm. He was assigned to the group currently tasked with guarding a gaming company. Feeling curious about the allure of these games, he one day buys the gear for the newest game on the market, Legends of Immortals in order to try it out. Sadly, this curiosity of his would go unsolved as he died that same evening rescuing some women from robbers. A few days later he awakens, but it wasn't Wang Xu that woke up. Instead, it was a mysterious individual from another world know as Kirou. Realizing that he didnt know where he was plus being assaulted by memories he knows aren't his, Kirou eventually comes to terms that he has now taken over the body of this youth and will now have to live as him. Feeling that this is the start of a new life for him, Kirou resolved to live this life as peacefully as possible as Wang Xu. He also decided to solve Wang Xu's curiosity by trying out the new game he bought in his stead. Follow Kirou in his journey to live a relaxing life and see how many people keep trying to get in the way of that.


Considering they would be set up in the area where the family houses all their spiritual plants, i wouldnt be so sure View More

RicardoLouro: It's not just their work. I'm sure the flowers they collect pollen aren't special too. So they won't be able to make honey as good as this one in Mercury

Divine Beast Adventures · C422
10 hours ago
I'll be honest with you fam, i never thought to add such a feature into my story cuz that's not normally something you do in a game. Though i said the traits are weaker than their parents, the half-ling's traits arent that much different. I take that back, half-lings are actually way more broken in the long term when it comes to basically every field, as long as the person doesnt try to train the traits on just one side of their bloodline. In fact, for the half-lings that create a new primary trait is basically them combining traits from both bloodlines and normally the created trait affects many areas as opposed to just one like the primary races do. Each race's primary trait is normally terrain or region locked. Half-lings have the potential to create a trait that works everywhere, most if not all professions and is useful both inside and outside of battle. It's due to potential like this why they have to have their traits weakened in the first place. Otherwise, they would be the ruling race and you cant have that. That being said, it aint easy to create a new primary trait nor is it obvious to other people. Hell, some half-lings have traits that cannot be fused and they are the ones who either stay normal as 4 traits or can work for the 5 trait route. At best, they could match other classes but 3 trait half-lings will be stronger than everyone else, just that it will not be easy to get to that point. View More

Kupkake: I know that but I wasnt sure if the game would allow someone to increase the strength of their race. I think both the option of getting it increased by the race /through a racial quest or just simply learning some type of magic to splice in another bloodline are both fine. They both acquire a lot of time sunk into them but considering that their are probably a lot of monsters and beasts in this world learning how to splice together several bloodlines through Blood magic or alchemy. Then combining it together with his half ling bloodline should give great benefits but he needs to do in a way that keeps his human side balanced with his bestial side.

Immortal Era's Crafting Master · C15
1 day ago
Remember that convo mc had with the elf back during the "Character Creation" chapter? There are 2 types of half-lings outside of the basic 4 trait variants, the stronger 5 trait that inherited a primary racial trait from one parent and the 3 trait variant that that has a new primary trait. Wanna take a guess which one the mc will end up as later on? :) View More

Kupkake: I hope he is eventually able to increase the strength that his race gives him. Either by doing quests for his race or through getting bloodlines somewhere, though that might actually require him to learn something like Blood Magic(if that even exists).

Immortal Era's Crafting Master · C15
1 day ago
I wonder if mc cant just capture a few of those bees, carry them back to mercury and make a hive out of it. I'm sure it would be a good idea. View More
Divine Beast Adventures · C422
1 day ago
Wait, that was seriously a thing? Damn. View More

QTip: Is the author making a subtle comment about the Chinese Communist Party Leader Xi Huang Di (Xiong and Xi Huang being phonetically similar) being made fun of as looking like Winnie the Pooh to the point where had Winnie the Pooh images banned in China???

Divine Beast Adventures · C421
1 day ago
Seems like this mc has been spending too much time away from Ms Tielan. He's gone as far as to fantasize about being a monk. That aint cool View More
Divine Beast Adventures · C420
2 days ago
Zhang Che's eyes only work on beasts while Gao Peng's works on everything View More

Varukkuristofa: So his eyes doesn't show data about items unlike Gao Peng who can even see data about a person.

Divine Beast Adventures · C420
2 days ago
That might come back to bite you later when it comes to when i drop my surprises. :) View More

RayDeck: Anytime

Immortal Era's Crafting Master · C13
3 days ago
Zhang Che is dealing with a giant pig........................We're having pork tonight kids. View More
Divine Beast Adventures · C418
3 days ago
Exp 4 days View More

dgvmsingh: Thanks for the chapter

Divine Beast Adventures · C418
3 days ago
Well, do the swords count? If not, those are just the kids Zhang he has (at the moment). The rainbow crystal would be considered all of their grandparents though. Oh, that scorpion card that Tielan gave him first. Tielan considers it her child as well View More

X_C: Yeah... wait till Zhangche drags out all his “kids” which is ways more than what she has (she has 2 or 3 right?!)
She’ll be like: 😱😱😱😱😱 Zhang XiaoChe you shameless flirt?!!!

Winged tiger

Frisky monkey
Boxing ape
Abyssal dragon
Blood horse (poor fella its been so long)
Umbra leopard
(Did i miss any🤔)
..... and he’ll be getting more....🤭🤭🤭
The similarities between these “siblings” is that they’re gluttons...🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Divine Beast Adventures · C417
3 days ago
Now the gluttony monkey learns to speak. If Mc gives the money a few beginner language books and spends a few days on it, the monkey might truly learn to speak properly View More
Divine Beast Adventures · C417
4 days ago
Considering how she has a poisonous spider as a child, she has no talk in the matter if Zhang Che returns home with a monkey son. At best, her only claim is that her child aint as ugly View More

QTip: So... Zhang Che is acknowledging his pet monkey as his progeny?? He is happily admitting he is a monkey's father... I wonder how Huang Tielan would feel if she found out that a monkey is calling Zhang Che "Dad".....

Divine Beast Adventures · C417
4 days ago
Ms Tienan would go nuts if she saw his chameleon card View More
Divine Beast Adventures · C416
5 days ago
Exp 4 hrs View More

Joker_in_Arkham: exp

Divine Beast Adventures · C416
5 days ago
I can probably guess the reason why the sword kills turn into cards in the beast world. It's cuz they operate off of his spiritual sense. Normally only high tier beast masters would be strong enough to use it so only they would benefit from such a cheat weapon but since Mc can use it due to his golden vortex and by extension that rainbow crystal, which works in tandem with his spiritual sense, the sword is treated as a spiritual weapon. Then again, it already is a spiritual weapon fragment so that could be it as well *shrugs* View More

RicardoLouro: Ina way it makes sense. In the other it doesn't. Author assumed that no one could eat exotic beast's meat because everytime they killed the beast if would turn into light. He created this rule, and turn it around with pets and archery. If the swords did that, as it should, those other beastmasters would have that issue solved. So basicly he created 2 contradictory rules. To be fair, it doesn't make sense that the sword kills turn into cards

Divine Beast Adventures · C412
6 days ago
I dont plan to stop anytime soon so no worries View More

RayDeck: The series is great so far pls keep continuing

Immortal Era's Crafting Master · C10
6 days ago
Every penny counts, after all :) View More

coccannonblaze: Big brain money making

Divine Beast Adventures · C414
1 week ago
You hope they wont cry after you killed their strongest member. You are evil Zhang Che View More
Divine Beast Adventures · C413
1 week ago
Then just when his pets kill something then View More

Iceheart: The earthen rock demon was killed by the red and white sword fragments and it become a card.

Divine Beast Adventures · C412
1 week ago
I'm first once again. Kool :) View More
Immortal Era's Crafting Master · C9
1 week ago
So mc got a stronger sword but his overall control range got reduced by a 3rd, interesting :) View More
Divine Beast Adventures · C412
1 week ago
Only if it's a subdued beast that kills it. If it's a pet or a sword fragment, the body stays. View More

Varukkuristofa: No beast card? I thought it was guaranteed to have beast card drop in the higher rarity

Divine Beast Adventures · C412
1 week ago
Check now :))) View More

zpod: Hey don’t worry if you release a chapter late. Just warn ya when you won’t release chapter for a day :)

Immortal Era's Crafting Master · C0
1 week ago
Just wait for it. You'll see why soon enough View More

Tenkay: I'm surprised he didn't run after them, killing as he went!

Divine Beast Adventures · C392
1 week ago
Yup, sword fragment #3 obtained View More
Divine Beast Adventures · C410
1 week ago
Mc's sword radius is 300 meters. Musashi's was 200 meters View More

Mingledman: Isn't his sword radius 300 meter?

Divine Beast Adventures · C410
1 week ago
Please do. I like answering the essay long comments. They show that people are actually interested in my story so i like reading and answering them View More

Kupkake: I appreciate the timely and very thorough response Author. I very much look forward to reading your story in the future while also posting more essay long comments in your comments section.

Immortal Era's Crafting Master · C7
1 week ago
To answer your stuff in order, the reason the monsters for this area not having any gear is cuz of the location. This is the beginner village. The only way you getting gear here is if you complete quests from the npcs or kill monsters above lv7. So far the highest level monster most people can fight as lv5. Basically anyone who can farm equipment has already left the village so only the beginners out for certain events or noobs are left there with mc.

The reason i didnt add armorer to the quest list is cuz it falls under the crafting subclass but the quest itself wants the person to have blacksmith. The other two subclass types could uses substitutes but not the crafting part. Making armor at this stage in the game isnt as important as making weapons and for a weapon master like Kirou, it's best he has that class. You'll see why at the end of the next chapter or in the one after. Alchemist will be the potion master for this universe. There will be a whole lot of lifestyle classes for players to choose from but it's not yet time to reveal them. Also, Beast tamer will be an advanced player class for the archer. That's later down the road as well. That class is Appraiser.

Initial stats are random per person. Normally, every level up gives 1 point to each stat. A bonus is given at level 5 and every multiple of 5 afterwards. I'll point out how much later. As for gaining other stats, there are a few ways. Triggering special quests with npcs like how Kirou did with the weapon master instructor or from certain quests given by certain npcs to everyone. The reason why people are still active in the village is cuz they know the value of the stat points and want to get as much as possible before leaving. There will be other methods mentioned later on. For now, Kirou has no idea what they do but he'll be collecting them for now since he truly doesnt need to use them (unlike other players he just wants to relax and not do anything truly flashy like dungeons clears and the like).

His luck stat isnt really that high all things considering. Like i said, initial stats are random per person. He got 55 out of 100 while there will be people who get both 1 and 99 respectively much later on. All in all, his benefits from it probably wont be the same as others when it comes to combat or crafting(in most cases) but he will run into a few lucky situations every once in a while.

Finally his pickpocket skill. Notice how it's currently C-rank while it's final rank is set at A? Considering what i have in might, you might as well just call BS from now cuz some of the stuff he steals later will be funny. If you want a hint, go watch Konosuba and you'll get the idea.

Let me point out something about the skill tiers. lowest is E and the highest available to each race below true immortals A-. Kirou pickpocket is A which means that by the time he gets to true immortal realm, he'll be able to rob anyone he feels. Also, he's actually that good at pickpocketing in real life. It's the game that caps him. View More

Kupkake: I appreciate the fact that monsters dont drop equipment. It makes sense if that monster ate a humanoid creature with equipment on and its stomach acid(or whatever the monster equivalent was) but in the case of the wolves it seems that this was not the case. It would be an interesting way to gain equipment, if you let a party get devoured by a monster and then kill that monster to get a portion of their equipment, heck it could even lead to some weird affects on the equipment (depending on the monster and the equipment).

I also noticed that he has an armorer subclass but its not included in the list of sub classes at the bottom of the chapter. Neither is enchanting or woodworking but I guess those are all put under blacksmiths. Also armorer seems like it should be tailoring, unless you meant something entirely different. Its also cool to see skinning and butchering seem to fall under cooking as opposed to being their own things. Then you have Alchemy which could be a potion master or it could be what is essentially magical engineering but that depends on what type of universe you plan on creating. Along with if engineering is under alchemy or if its it's own thing. After that there are array masters, talisman makers(or scroll scribes which again depends on the universe), beast tamer, jewelers, all the different art and music type professions, puppet makers, and whatever the name of the profession is of the person who identifies the value of objects(for some reason the name of that professions escapes me).

I also wonder if there are stats that get unlocked depending on your own unique experience in game along with the choices that you make. Plus he has not really noticed that for some reason he has a really high Luck stat. It also cool that he can pickpocket money from people and equipment from people's bag spaces or money pouches. Maybe eventually he will be able to steal everything off of someone without them noticing, that would be funny as heck.

Immortal Era's Crafting Master · C7
1 week ago
Seems like Zhang Che will have a 3rd sword fragment by the time he leaves the beast world View More
Divine Beast Adventures · C408
1 week ago
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