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Yes... Little Treasure, tell your grandparents that they are setting their standards way too low. That Guan family, though have some IQ totally sucks in EQ department. If your father married that Guan girl, they will produce a diabolical child, evil in every way and will slowly dehumanize Your whole family. That whole Guan family are like vampires that will suck away any humane blood from you and your dad. View More

NeverBeenSeen: Littel treasure can you please ask your grandparents not to interact with this Guan family...pretty please???😚😚😚😚 I just want to gut them all and bury them underground*ahem*😤

Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up a Son, Get a Free Husband · C854
2 weeks ago
What a cruel way to recruit a disciple! If it’s me, I wouldn’t even be interested in accepting such a mentor. All of Merlin’s previous mentors were nice people who took care of him... but this Zado, he’s such a bully. I hope that after Merlin survived in Zado’s maxim, he’ll conquer it and possess it. Serve Zado right for underestimating Merlin. View More
A Wizard's Secret · C541
1 month ago
Yes Everest acts real cute in front of Vivian... like hanging his head down when talking to her as if he’s shy. It’s really cute to see him feeling shy. I wondered how he could feel confused too when Vivian rejected him. I thought that he was born out of anger, pain, revenge and all things negative from Nicholas’ feelings. But I still think that this is a softer side of Everest that I like unlike Narcissus his brother, who embodied all things evil. View More

Critz: Apart from Leo and vivi, I really like vivi and everest moments too. I don't why but I think Everest acts really cute in front of vivi. Thank author for update!

Bambi and the Duke · C190
1 month ago
Hahaha she just might be afraid that her makeup will fall off to reveal the ugly side of her... or is JWX inciting her to get the poison to react faster so that the other side of her face will become infected too. I’m just waiting (with popcorn n coke) ever sooooo patiently for her to stop yakking and get the battle going. It’ll be so thrilling to see her thrashed by JWX and all her pride washed down the gutter. View More

weli: YADA YADA YADA....Attack already Luo Qingcheng if you're so brave and strong. Why even prolong this reminiscing of what happened in the past with JWX. If you're going to crush JWX, just do it. Seems to me you're hesitating even after all that provocation from JWX. Feeling uncertain that she might poison you again? Or you're just afraid your makeup might fall off and reveal your ugly self😁

Genius Doctor: Black Belly Miss · C2417
2 months ago

weli: YADA YADA YADA....Attack already Luo Qingcheng if you're so brave and strong. Why even prolong this reminiscing of what happened in the past with JWX. If you're going to crush JWX, just do it. Seems to me you're hesitating even after all that provocation from JWX. Feeling uncertain that she might poison you again? Or you're just afraid your makeup might fall off and reveal your ugly self😁

Genius Doctor: Black Belly Miss · C2417
2 months ago
Yes me too... I’m so glad that he’s besotted with Vivian and chose to disobey Lord Nicholas otherwise Vivian would be in great danger when Ezekiel tried to kill her. Everest is like a child... on one hand, he knows he has to obey Lord Nicholas but on the other, he just wants to follow after Vivian. Now that he’s grounded, it’s like giving a naughty child timeout. So pitiful! 😢 View More

adrianne12: Lol idk why but i find Everest so cute😂😂

Bambi and the Duke · C181
2 months ago
Ooooooooh I love it! Let the pets annihilate most of the army from the upper realms before JWX and company finish the rest. I’d prefer JWX to kill LQC and those blabbermouths who think that she’s a lowlife from the lower realms. Let them witness JWX’s power first and then die by her hands. View More

patchespatch04: The pets are coming 😆

Genius Doctor: Black Belly Miss · C2401
2 months ago
Yes if LH dies, then his mother will have nothing to back her up. View More

aimej: I hope lin hong dies tho... 😏

Flowers Bloom from Battlefield · C55
2 months ago
Yes LQC, you should be very scared, now that you heard JWX is coming for you. Your nightmare will start soon and it won’t end until you are begging for release. At the last battle, JWX only marred your face but this time, it’ll be all over your body from head to toes. Every part of your body will be putrefied and bloody with pus oozing out... you’ll become an ugly woman that not even makeup can help you. Everybody who sees you will be nauseated with the sight. Just wait for your comeuppance. View More

anylook04: 😏

Genius Doctor: Black Belly Miss · C2395
2 months ago
Yes I was going to about that too... what about QL and his father? As the Chinese proverb says ‘斩草不除根, 春风吹又生’ meaning if one wants to eradicate a problem, one has to cut off the roots so that the problem will never happen again. View More

Pianatalie: Dear author how about the other villain (quan lie and his father)? Why they are not punish as will did they escaped the wrath of fu jin?

The CEO's Woman · C471
2 months ago
Hahaha that’s so funny... I’d like to see LQC in that state after Little Taro and Blood Velvet work their magic on her. Gosh, some people are too swollen up in their overconfidence... didn’t LQC learn her lesson the last time when JWX marred her beautiful face to one that people will feel nauseated after looking at her? I guess she never did learn how to concede defeat to JWX... and now Xiao Xie is even stronger. View More

soja: Torturing JWX to her death with her own hands? Luo Qingcheng, underestimating JWX once again. I'd like to see Little Taro breathe on her face then have Blood Velvet give her a hug.

Genius Doctor: Black Belly Miss · C2356
3 months ago
Yes... FJ just give those evil people hell especially send that Mia ***** to a place worse than hell. She deserves a really slow death and make sure that she dies an excruciatingly painful death. Let her know that she’s just a child trying to play an *****’s game and that she failed miserably. Condolences to you and JY over the death of your unborn child. You are both still young, there’s plenty of time to try for another... just tie up all the loose ends and ensure that those who deserve to die just die a horrible death. View More

XOMatsumaeohana: (╥﹏╥) The child...

It's okay, they can try again. As long as Yue is safe 🤗🤗🤗

😲hh time for Savage Fujin 😈👿 Destroy them *evil laugh*

The CEO's Woman · C467
3 months ago
Yes, I’m also waiting anxiously for JWX to annihilate the whole of upper realm... especially the Lord, whoever he is, and smite LQC’s smile off her face. Let JWX, someone in the lower realm show the upper realm how to rule without cruelty. JWX will unanimously unite all three realms and the people will live harmoniously without the division of lower, middle and upper realms. View More

YuriChi: I hope your ready Upper Realm
Jun Wu Xie is coming for you.

Genius Doctor: Black Belly Miss · C2351
3 months ago
It’s WR’s fault and I don’t think it’s fair to blame LJ fir being absent from JY’s whole life. WR ran away and didn’t even tell LJ that she’s bearing his child. This story really has an issue of parents shirking their responsibilities be it knowingly or unknowingly. View More

Balor: Personally I don't think the damn absentee father has any right to act all concerned now.

The CEO's Woman · C463
3 months ago
Yes, I agree with you. It wasn’t FJ’s fault. What’s with all these women... first we discovered that WR was alive and was keeping a lot of secrets from JY and now JY is keeping her pregnancy from FJ. LJ please don’t blame FJ as he was also kept in the dark. JY is too strong headed; she wants to do things her way and doesn’t want to disclose her plans to FJ half the time. I’m just so angry at her. View More

XOMatsumaeohana: (⑉꒦ິ^꒦ິ⑉) Don't blame Fujin ! He only just found out. *deep sigh* Yue, she's going to be okay that's for sure. But for the mean time we have to deal with these scenes 💔💔

The CEO's Woman · C463
3 months ago
I don’t understand where all the other higher level wizards are at the moment Kleis and his minions appeared. Didn’t they feel the breach of the runic protections? Where is Wizard Leo? Why is he not protecting Merlin and the other lesser wizards from Dark Regions? Why did they let Ozmu destroy the Blacksand Fort as if they are so weak? Questions!Questions! Questions! View More
A Wizard's Secret · C385
3 months ago
Hahaha... the pig-headed Vercellos think that they can threaten JY. This is just the prelude to a orchestrated plan by JY to destroy all the superpowers so that she will emerge the true victor. Their schemes and plans are all child’s plays in JY’s eyes. The Vercellos, Pardis, Ruiz and Quans will all suffer the backlash of JY’s anger. Hurrah for my beautiful queen who will reign supreme. View More

shana306: Wow!!! A loud applause for my queen!!! U fools....hahahahaha....

The CEO's Woman · C454
3 months ago
This is genocide. King Roland, although he has reasons to preserve the human race, can be compared to despots like Hitler, Pol Pot... I hope the remaining senior demons Hackzord, Silent Disaster etc and lesser demons will co-exist with humans to live harmoniously. They can also join forces to deal with the sky sea realm. View More

AcidicGlavenus: No cannon foddering an entire you ****er that's an entire race have some respect for them and I know you going to say they're all a bunch of idiots but most people in this era like that are a bunch of idiots it's not like modern times are any better there are plenty of idiots in our modern era to

Release That Witch · C1469
3 months ago
I missed JWY too... only he can bring back the smile to JWX’s face and melt that heart of ice. I want her to go back to that girl who masterminded all sorts of schemes with QC and gang. They had so much fun executing their evil plans and got away with murder. Now she is emotionless, expressionless and heartless (heartless because JWY is gone from her life). View More

AkioErie: Cant wait till she meet JWY.. I miss him.. N i miss the smiling JWX..

Genius Doctor: Black Belly Miss · C2328
3 months ago
Me too! That was so satisfying. NGL must have been so dumbfounded... I can just imagine his eyes bulging, his mouth gaping wide open, his heart forgetting to beat and his lungs gasping for air. This is a total shock for him as he thought that only the upper realms has this kind of power and that the people in lower realms are just slightly above animals. I think even when animals are pushed to its limit, they can rebel n overpower their human masters. View More

Ashreign: "I am from the lower realm." Hahaha 😂 Man, Face slapping to the highest level ↑🤣

Genius Doctor: Black Belly Miss · C2324
3 months ago

vioddragon: Thanks for the chapter.
Everyone you need a break, just inform us in the notes or in the comments. We understand that everyone has problems in real life.

A Wizard's Secret · C351
3 months ago

_Lunaelle: Hi everyone 😁 just conveying this message on the translator's behalf as this has happened to one of my novels too. There's a problem with the system that's why the chapters were stuck and not published.

A Wizard's Secret · C351
3 months ago
Yes I was disappointed too... what with the exciting battle between the two princes and now the author has gone off the radar. I want to know the aftermath of the great battle and if Wizard Leo can recover from his illness with the Tear of God. View More

PeachBlossom: What happened! no chapter again!

A Wizard's Secret · C349
3 months ago
Yes me too! I think he’s not too evil like Rory... that’s how he got robbed by the lady in the coach and then was captured by the witches. He’s probably a simple man who can be duped easily. I just hope that Leo wouldn’t kill him. Aiyoh! This Leo is so bloodthirsty and just want to kill anybody that he thought harmed his loved ones. Luckily Vivian is calm-headed. View More

mimikim469: I'm glad they didn't kill Vlass.i wanna hear his story

Bambi and the Duke · C137
3 months ago
Tks a lot! Very helpful. View More

Shirokitsune: Vlass is the human friend of Rory (Charlotte's human crush). Rory asked Vlass to take care of his family since he decided to escort Charlotte to her cousins place.
I hope this helps😶

Bambi and the Duke · C136
4 months ago
Who is Vlass? I have forgotten what role did he played? Please enlighten me. View More

Shirokitsune: Vlass is in trouble now. What is going to become of him? The sister is going to teach Vivi how to use her powers? I am wondering if Vivi is maybe a hybrid 🤔 It could explain why she turned human. Can not wait for the next update but I will be patient as I do understand how the writing process works and how hard it can be to do so much at once.
Ash-chan, you have spoiled us readers with two big updates. Thank you so much!💖💖💖

Bambi and the Duke · C136
4 months ago

Eternalrg: Jealous to the extent of using her own brother against her supposed love and resulting in him losing a fang...I'm sure she has no guilt and would rather choose to blame Vivian...vile character :(

Bambi and the Duke · C133
4 months ago
Yessssss... I hope so too! I hope Leo can just kill them all. Not that I’m a blood thirsty person but I just hate it when the upper echelon vampires think that they can simply do anything based on their status. They deserve to be taught a soul-wrenching lesson (oops! I forgot that they don’t have souls). Anyway Leo is something of a character - he repays good for good and evil for evil. Woe to those who hurt his loved ones. View More

Misha_m20: I think Leo just made a statement.

Look he broke Christopher's fang when he got her favourite lamb slaughtered.

He humiliated and demoted Sherylin (or whatever her name was 🤣) in front of the whole vamp society just for throwing wine on Vivi

but this time she is physically her PHYSICALLYYYY now that is something that is not gonna fly.

I hope he kills Eleanor his uncle aunt Christopher and Lady Monica and her family 😈😈

Bambi and the Duke · C131
4 months ago
A whole new world
A new fantastic point of view
No one to tell us no
Or where to go
Or say we're only dreaming
A whole new world
A dazzling place I never knew
But when I'm way up here
It's crystal clear
That now I'm in a whole new world with you
Now I'm in a whole new world with you
Unbelievable sights
Indescribable feeling View More

RussIsWatchinU: Now we need to teach Eleanor how to sing "I can show you the world"

Release That Witch · C1443
4 months ago
You are right! JY is a true Queen and how I love her.
Her devilish schemes are so powerful and woe to those who dare to oppose her. They will die a dreadful death and no mercy will be given. How dare the Li Family control her? They will try but will die doing that. Who then can control our Queen JY? Only one person and that is FJ her King... and only if she let him hahaha... View More

ifybaby03: A true Queen dat's who 👑 JY is....

The CEO's Woman · C401
4 months ago
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