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  • Inter-dimensional Healer

    Inter-dimensional Healer

    Fantasy Reincarnation fantasy Multiverse support

    A zombie liked man in rugged clothing climb outs of a pile of debris. “Oh, it a good thing I manage to dodge the attack or else terrible consequences will occur” He wipe away his dust filled face and look ahead. A colossus shadow loom over him covering his surrounding. Out appeared a giant metal colossi that is 80 meters tall emitting an oppressive aura. Electric spark and fiery red glow emanate from it eyes. ”Why won't you die already!!” Come journey into a world where the main character is personally weak on his own but get stronger with allies and companion. This is a passion project started because I feel like the MVP of many novel isn’t an support character. There already a novel with the Mc of being a healer but wait this is a novel involving other works of fiction mostly anime and other novels. (This is honestly the first novel I wrote so and criticism would be appreciated. I don't if I should include this or not but English isn't really my main language and biggest thanks go to Grammarly.)


Legolas : *aiming at sheyan*
Legolas : Any last word
Sheyan : ...
Legolas : *Cough and miss his shot* View More
The Ultimate Evolution · C1433
2 days ago
My boy making contract with nightmarish entity. Very cool joker! View More
Nightmare's Call · C56
4 days ago
true View More

Doc_E_Style: Honestly, just jumping through planets because, well, you can, sounds like a lot of fun.

The Legendary Mechanic · C606
6 days ago
Leylin is an extremely interesting character to read. He was cold like a robot, I really love the novel but not the ending but this story is also pretty good. The Mc seem realistic, not too dumb and not too smart pulling stuff out of his ass. View More

Klepar: Poor dude, especially considering he actually did nothing wrong at all. The MC is a way more likeable Leylin at this point.

Way of the Devil · C108
1 week ago
Yeah like the big war outside the realm, the bloody pope, revenge with gugnir guy, court intrigue for the empire and much more. View More

Cimmerian: It will be half-finished, for sure. We shall see if the author sequel is provided. Clearly lots of plots were not wrapped up.

The Ultimate Evolution · C1425
1 week ago

Cimmerian: It will be half-finished, for sure. We shall see if the author sequel is provided. Clearly lots of plots were not wrapped up.

The Ultimate Evolution · C1425
1 week ago
The ending remind of the time when sheyan was fighting in the swamp, in the resident evil world. Oh time have past as I use to wait for a chapter to update during those time too. View More
The Ultimate Evolution · C1423
2 weeks ago
In asian country mostly south East Asians and China. Most teenager even when they are 12 are taught to know how to ride a motorbike. By most I meant family that can’t afford to ride a car all the time, they alway have a bike with them. View More

Tibbles: Harley Davidsons? Who learns how to drive a bike in middle school.... that seems odd to me

Versatile Mage · C108
2 weeks ago
If actually 8000 + 200%. Yeah I thought like that too. I think he can do math but the description is off. Instead of multiplying your health it add your health. View More

LazyTwitting: 8000 HP × 200% = 24000 ? Is this math?

The Ultimate Evolution · C1421
2 weeks ago

mayouki: Sheyan you got some explaining to do for Z

The Ultimate Evolution · C1421
2 weeks ago

Rhydec: Aragorn Has AIDS....poor elf

The Ultimate Evolution · C1421
2 weeks ago
I don’t why it is so funny but sheyan last line AIDS doesn’t fit with the mood. View More
The Ultimate Evolution · C1421
2 weeks ago
Is it even possible tho when we haven’t even encounter monster coming out of a dungeon. I think Dave plan is to lead the monster from the wild toward the city and the undead hide inside the dungeon and once there is chaos they will strike from the rear. View More

Dragzaval: Biako-sama sorry if I did a spoiler if what I thought that Dave would do with so many dungeons core is the dungeon break it's the only thing logically enough to actually make it work as dungeon brakes living all the monsters to attack anything nearby it's actually ingenious plan that only a monster could do it and nothing is more then a monster then an undead

Rise of The Undead Legion · C382
3 weeks ago
Every time evil sword apophis appear it time to shed blood and drink the souls of the enemy. No matter how strong or how big your plot armor are, in front of this sword you will forever be cut into pieces if you dare ignore it. View More
The Ultimate Evolution · C1419
3 weeks ago
But couldn’t other organization also buy them. When you make a company public, you are conceding a percentage of your stock and in this case Ames and HX are the biggest share holder. View More

Better_Name: Man he should totally sell black star stocks right before an update happens so all the players disappear then rebuy them all back and shut down the market to make sure he controls 100% of the army

The Legendary Mechanic · C592
3 weeks ago

DaoistHeavenlyEgg: It would be extremely unwise to list the Black Star Army stocks for sale. With the unpredictability of the players and the power of the enemies black star has acquired, it would be far to easy for things to take a huge dive for the worse. The investor who helped Dark Star could purchase a huge amount of stocks. Although Black Star could also scam them depending on the organization’s beliefs and strength that could only hasten their falling out and lead to huge losses on both sides. But it’s already been written. Who knows what will happen in the future.

The Legendary Mechanic · C592
3 weeks ago
HX what a horndog View More
The Legendary Mechanic · C586
4 weeks ago
Seamen Sheyan shall reappear once again. This time he will be attacking with a fleet instead of with a single ship. We will also probably see his plague ability unleash next chapter which as we all know is ducking op in group battle. View More
The Ultimate Evolution · C1413
4 weeks ago
You could actually be true. Time still run and flow while sheyan is away and I reckon his pirate have recruited more follower, since they can go tow to tow with major pirate when he was in the Caribbean world and considering how much time past they probably improve. View More

AvalonAscendant: Sheyan needed to return to the pirate world to get 5 ships under his control to unlock the title that allowed him to summon his psuedo mythical ship on demand. His current title allows him to communicate remotely with his crew once a week or something like that. I guess the author could retcon that Sheyan has actually been in constant communication with his pirates all this time and they have managed to build a fleet for him without his presence which actually unlocked the title. But this is a bit of a stretch.

The Ultimate Evolution · C1413
4 weeks ago
Truly such a chad author. View More

justreadin: Just curious about the authors gender.
Or his/her age.
Did he/she ever have a boyfriend/girlfriend?
Why is his/her detailing so good?
Just how could a person become so cool like you?

The Ultimate Evolution · C1413
4 weeks ago
Meanwhile HX is thinking of more way to scam the player View More
The Legendary Mechanic · C585
1 month ago

Arkard: .... so Ember is gonna be the sacrifice? Man what a raw deal...

The Legendary Mechanic · C585
1 month ago
This is very ironic, dying by the hand of a person you love. Damn Sanzi ability is broken as **** second to sheyan abilities View More
The Ultimate Evolution · C1412
1 month ago
Hx laugh in tackiness View More
The Legendary Mechanic · C580
1 month ago
HX and aroshia ship is the new one to go. HX is aware to her reaction but decided not to speak of it. View More
The Legendary Mechanic · C579
1 month ago

JonesSoda: The tenticle form is his only way to take on Ames ;D

The Legendary Mechanic · C578
1 month ago
The squishiest class next to the mage become the most tankiest class. View More
The Legendary Mechanic · C573
1 month ago

ShibaTatsuya786: Suck my dick *****

Aatrox, A God King in a Modern World. · C2
1 month ago

000ZERO000: I guess he is the Legendary Mechanic because of how legendary his tanking ability is.

The Legendary Mechanic · C563
1 month ago
This Author can orchestrate a ferocious force into a pervasive one. View More
The Ultimate Evolution · C1373
2 months ago
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