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Original Works

  • Wakening to Reality

    Wakening to Reality


    This novel is already COMPLETED! Thanks for reading! __________ This is a story of what happens to the best of us when we woke up from our delusions. Let's follow Cheng Yan again on his TRUE STORY.

  • Sean's Notebook: A Diary of a Murderer

    Sean's Notebook: A Diary of a Murderer

    Realistic Fiction

    This novel is already COMPLETED! Thanks for reading! __________ Hi, I'm Sean, Sean Fenris. I started writing this diary when I was seven because of a school homework. And I'm still continuing this until now. I guess you can say it became a habit. The contents were just the story of my life from then to now, about my family, school then work life, perhaps even my love life. Or just some random things I'm thinking. Basically just your normal thoughts journal. Possibly, some of you have this too. Anyway, this is mine.

  • The Misfortunes of the Blessed Son

    The Misfortunes of the Blessed Son


    The world previously ravaged by conflicts was now peaceful. However, it was nature's will that would cause more deaths for a small village in a remote island. Will the birth of a blessed son change their fate? Let's follow Ling in his adventures together with his family, friends and dragon, Maga.


First 😅 View More
Pet King · C1378
1 day ago
Galaxy? 😊 View More
Pet King · C1376
1 day ago
A stalker! 😅 This is really just Zian's dream. Like a beautiful girl will even look at him. 😝 View More
Pet King · C1374
1 day ago
I think it's the butterfly. View More

LordFinn: This girl is tea house's owner?

Pet King · C1367
1 day ago
🙁 I don't like this arc. View More
Pet King · C1364
1 day ago
Yikes! 😱 Elfin for the caterpillars?!
NOOOOOOoooooo...... View More
Pet King · C1351
4 days ago
😱 Scary! I never liked caterpillars or butterflies or insects, in general, and this makes me dislike them even more. View More
Pet King · C1330
5 days ago
I've always liked dogs compared to cats so I'm glad the stray dogs have help now too. 😊 View More
Pet King · C1323
6 days ago
I'm sure Zian has an reasonable explanation but it's still funny. 😅 View More
Pet King · C1315
1 week ago
Poor fishies. 😁 Wonder if the sea slug will join in the fun in the water too. View More
Superstars of Tomorrow · C448
3 weeks ago
Thought it's gonna be a countdown... to zero. 😅 Oh well, what I'd expect from Zhao God. View More
Superstars of Tomorrow · C447
4 weeks ago
Knew they'd make it home with Pi being able to post this chapter. 😅😁 Thanks for the chapter, Pi! View More
Pet King · C1291
1 month ago
I just finished the latest chapter and there's another one today! ☺ Thank you very much!

Wonder what's the next arc? 🤔 Back to the adventures of our MC, Curly Hair!!! 😁 View More
Superstars of Tomorrow · C446
1 month ago

Thanks for the chapter! 😊 View More
Pet King · C1286
1 month ago
I feel like this is a great ending to the novel. 😁 But I still want more! Please don't end this yet, Lazy Cliche. 🙇‍♀️🙇‍♀️🙇‍♀️ Now, I'm back to waiting for chapters. View More
Superstars of Tomorrow · C445
1 month ago
"A monster by Fang Zhao's side"? 🤨 Zhao God himself is an even scarier monster, even managing to make one monster his pet, another his fanboy. ☺ View More
Superstars of Tomorrow · C444
1 month ago

BluebloodShinigami: Curly hair is the real protagonist

Superstars of Tomorrow · C439
1 month ago
I really love Zhao God's music but his gaming is still the most exciting. 😍🥰😘 View More
Superstars of Tomorrow · C436
1 month ago

BeetleBarker: Fiery Bird: How much *ss-whooping do you want to give?
Fang Zhao: Yes

Superstars of Tomorrow · C434
1 month ago

BeetleBarker: Hello old friends

Superstars of Tomorrow · C431
1 month ago

BeetleBarker: When you are so forever alone that the media has to make up an imaginary lover for you.

Superstars of Tomorrow · C421
1 month ago

BeetleBarker: I really need to have a pay raise. I had to translate dog barks in this chapter.

Superstars of Tomorrow · C420
1 month ago
Little Curly Hair is such a good boy. ☺😚 Papa Zhao should reward him with more food and games. View More
Superstars of Tomorrow · C414
1 month ago

BeetleBarker: FZ might be the most dangerous person but he definitely isn't the most dangerous creature.

Superstars of Tomorrow · C413
1 month ago

FangZhaoNumber1Fan: And I’m a SUPERFANGIRL!

Superstars of Tomorrow · C393
1 month ago

BeetleBarker: Anyone thinks the chapter title describes you?

Superstars of Tomorrow · C393
1 month ago

BeetleBarker: See this! I just gifted readers: Chapter 390

Superstars of Tomorrow · C390
1 month ago
Gosh! I'm still having goosebumps rereading this! ☺😍😘 Zhao God is still the best!!! View More
Superstars of Tomorrow · C292
1 month ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Potion View More
Superstars of Tomorrow · C221
1 month ago

BeetleBarker: Pretty sure FZ has conqueror's haki. (One piece fans should know this). Don't worry everybody. Answers till be revealed in the next episode of Superstars of Tomorrow.
**. I <3 my tree men army.

Superstars of Tomorrow · C75
1 month ago
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