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Am I the only one who feels at least a pang of sympathy for the leopard. I mean I am all for gotta catch them all scenario but really attacking a mother in the middle of child birth draws a line for me. I actually hope our hero takes a loss here. View More
Divine Beast Adventures · C324
2 days ago
If I recall correctly he still has to go and request new troops sometimes so my best guess is since he was just promoted he still needs to go pick up more troops for his current legion. Remember he might want to get more variety of troops so next he might pick up a vampire squad which would be awsome. View More

Galaktos: According to chapter 15 list of troops in the legion he should be able to command 1 million troops now right? Is that still valid? Or is there going to be an update in that list in the coming chapters?

Rise of The Undead Legion · C317
5 days ago
I guess you could say they sidestepped it.👍 View More

Mathane: I'm just glad they skipped the actual group battle

Battle Frenzy · C625
2 weeks ago
That's legal in medieval times.😈 View More

VerneJules: ... 14 years old...

Summoning the Holy Sword · C403
2 weeks ago
Oh man he so many ways to break that shield I hope he uses the crystal egg that thing is dangerous when used creatively. View More
Super Gene · C1621
4 weeks ago
He's being hated for being to sexy rofl. View More
The Almighty Ring · C567
4 weeks ago
Not yet but don't tell me you don't see the multiple women he is flirting with and successfully having sex with. Don't kid yourself the boys got Quinn blood in him you know he is building up his harem just like his pops. View More

BotwaCazador: QJ doesn’t have multiple wives 🤪

Exodus: Guns & Gore · C57
1 month ago
Next chapter title should be called "Phoenix Rising". View More
Battle Frenzy · C616
1 month ago
Like father like son polygamy for the win. View More
Exodus: Guns & Gore · C57
1 month ago
I think I am in love with bubblegum. View More
Summoning the Holy Sword · C403
1 month ago
Yah know I am really starting to suspect starbeck of being a female pretending to be Male with the way he's fawning over Kieran. View More
The Devil's Cage · C1196
1 month ago
Welp that's all folks no more cloud sect. View More
The Almighty Ring · C493
1 month ago
Damn that boy pulled off the equivalent of calling a super saiyan 3 female a whore that just deserves respect and a glorious tombstone. View More
The Almighty Ring · C467
1 month ago
That would be because of his tarot card reading. Which judging by her efforts must have given our mc one hell of a destiny. View More

Linds: Why is Wu after MC? Love? They only knew each other recently. So any other reasons or am I thinking too much?

The Devil's Cage · C1184
1 month ago
Hell know Arrogant Word is the coolest named sword in this series Extreme Night will just end up as a backup shield when he needs one Arrogant Word will be here till the end. View More

Dess: Extreme Night is the new katana (i imagine it as one) that replaces the big ass greatsword

The Devil's Cage · C1176
1 month ago
Damn that boy is whipped. View More
Divine Beast Adventures · C239
2 months ago
Worry not my fellow reader we are probably due a new skill very soon if not next chapter then probably within 3 more. View More
Realm of Myths and Legends · C257
2 months ago
Yes they are easier to make in battle but it still takes time and as he has stated in prior chapters when he does make new moves it gives his character a lag in his movements until the system recognizes it as a move. He prefers to make them in a more controlled situation not to mention his current move set is doing a great job he still has that unknown skill or ability the system is trying to generate that he believes will generate slower if he keeps creating complicated or advanced skills. View More

CCVD: Haaah 😥... For how many chapters have Izroth been saying that he have to make new skills? Has he himself not stated that creating them during a fight is easier? THEN WHY AREN'T YOU CREATING SOME SKILLS IZROTH!!??! 😠😤

Btw, first?

Realm of Myths and Legends · C257
2 months ago
I feel guilty a little now taking there baby's while they alive goes against my style. View More
Divine Beast Adventures · C204
2 months ago
Ann has come to save the day she shall end it in one chapter. View More
Summoning the Holy Sword · C277
2 months ago
Well bringing them back alive will be easy but whether they want to live after a month with randy will be another story. View More
Battle of Ascension · C449
3 months ago
Sposed to be mo fan then spell checker side swiped me. View More

WanderingExpert: who the f is megan?

Versatile Mage · C421
3 months ago
Well time to cue the music cause here comes let the bodies hit the floor song. View More
Battle of Ascension · C442
3 months ago
Uh oh he pushed the Mu Zi Xian button someone's going to die today. View More
MMORPG: Martial Gamer · C653
3 months ago
Well looks like we are going to have to start the long family from scratch. Hope randy likes polygamy. View More
Battle of Ascension · C441
3 months ago
Is it me or is all of the major heads of zero wing with major command in ZW all beautiful women who make good financial secretaries. Is he making his leadership his harem? View More
Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God · C1563
3 months ago
No she didn't start making progress until she started taking his mom. View More

lost_meaning: The trick was to start taming him young.

Divine Beast Adventures · C170
3 months ago
Well it's official the man has accepted his fate and has submitted. That woman is a good tamer. View More
Divine Beast Adventures · C170
3 months ago
Nah I bet he goes to a certain money hungry librarian. View More

Sicalo: Hmm, looks like a certain Grandmaster Forger is about to get a visit...

Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God · C1536
3 months ago
The brainwashing is a success he is already plotting his potential marriage to her.😈 View More
Divine Beast Adventures · C160
3 months ago
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