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Silly : god of space, supreme ruler of all View More

ObsoluteZero: Flamy : god of fire.
DaZi : god of thunder.
Goldie : god of strength
Dumbly : god of underworld
Stripy : god of earth
Gao Peng wake up.....dragon ant little seven waking up gao peng since its noon already.

Monster Pet Evolution · C519
4 days ago
So random to all of a sudden introduce the worlds name now and state they have video sharing things View More
Golden Fox with System · C75
5 days ago
Seems the the grammar/translation quality has been dropping, please try and edit some more or find someone to help View More
Golden Fox with System · C64
5 days ago
All she did was basically say chill out and he flips **** like someone told the world all his secrets View More

ddsurvivor: So he wants a robot for a friend. Really right now Harry is an idiot. A friendship that completely to one side without putting up an argument is a Master-servant type socializing

New Dawn- A Harry Potter Transmigration Fanfic · C91
5 days ago
He’s like Orochimaru with all these experiments View More
New Dawn- A Harry Potter Transmigration Fanfic · C69
6 days ago
Rip View More

ChuckleberrySawyer: Making characters memorable yet leaving or worse killing them? I still remember derpy you damn but lovable author

Monster Pet Evolution · C514
1 week ago
First doesn’t mean anything when you don’t post chaps! View More

CalmBerserker: A very hungover First. Now excuse me while I go and eat some bacon.

A New Wolf in Twilight · C29
1 week ago
Beat you a couple chaps ago View More

CalmBerserker: Will anyone ever beat me? First.

A New Wolf in Twilight · C27
1 week ago
Couldn’t he sit on top of his ship higher than Everest View More
Legend of the Mythological Genes · C176
1 week ago

Awesome_2937663: Like Alexander Corvinus from "Underworld"

A New Wolf in Twilight · C23
1 week ago
First, keep up the good work!! View More
A New Wolf in Twilight · C22
1 week ago
I think it’s the hell tree dumby brought to life View More

TemptationTemple: Yo anyone know who woody is? Says when woody grows up

Monster Pet Evolution · C497
2 weeks ago
This fight is how it is when you spot a random bug in your room View More
Rise of Humanity · C121
2 months ago
This is how you write college papers View More

Coward: This author could deadass describe ANYTHING and stretch it 10x longer than anyone is comfortable with

Legend of the Mythological Genes · C74
2 months ago
Only the principal at the school had higher than a 10.0, and why would the adults in his family care about someone like him, a clan member who’s ranking is so low View More

DreadWolf84: How come our MC with 3.3 vitality has “superhuman” intelligence but all the a.d.u.l.t.s in his family and at his school are dumb as boxes of rocks and make decisions purely on their ego when they supposedly have 10+ vitality?

Legend of the Mythological Genes · C60
2 months ago
They also mentioned overlord in this chapter View More

RajputBoy: As expected from lion . He can take whatever 😆
Looks like tiers r like this :

Monster Pet Evolution · C381
2 months ago
What tier is after Emperor (51-60)? I thought I remember hearing about Mythical however that is grade after Legendary. View More
Monster Pet Evolution · C380
2 months ago
Im gonna really miss reading the daily chaps, this was one of my fav reads that’s been steady, I really appreciate all the good work in this book and thanks again for taking us along this journey View More
Broly The Saiyan of Legend! · C250
2 months ago
Buddha has a golden body generally so I imagine that since arhat is right below that means copper or some other thing? Just a thought View More

SemiDevil: According to Buddhism, Arhat supposed to be enlightened being just below Buddha. So this Arhat probably a fake...

Legend of the Mythological Genes · C13
2 months ago
Well universe 6 saiyans have an easier time with transformations in general compared to universe 7s View More

Layfon: I also don't feel good about it myself. But the author did say that albeit them both being LSJ, they were both different with their own problems (strength and weakness). So like she didn't have to tame her inner demon like Broly or something??

Broly The Saiyan of Legend! · C214
3 months ago

Zambie: Don't know why but I feel oddly satisfied with this chapters ending.

Broly The Saiyan of Legend! · C214
3 months ago
I stopped ready this, it just gets worse, not the names but the story View More

RegisEon: Absolutely. Where did bukbuk go and who is bookbook?

Taming Master · C93
3 months ago
Unfortunately, I liked the previous names a lot more, I don’t get why the new translator didn’t go back and use the names that were used from the start View More

Dante007: we can see translator is changed from this chapter onwards!

Taming Master · C93
4 months ago
Why are all the names different?! View More
Taming Master · C90
4 months ago
You seem to forget he’s not at magnetos level yet View More

ErozothDraeor: He seems to forgetting again. Magneto with those 10 rings could deal with the tigers easily.

One Piece: Electromagnetic Rise · C13
4 months ago
Thanks! View More
Broly The Saiyan of Legend! · C197
4 months ago
This is such a good story so far keep it up and hope to see more of the story! View More
Reincarnated in Marvel with The Strength Force · C15
4 months ago
Thanks for the chap and keep up the good work! View More
Reincarnated in Marvel with The Strength Force · C12
4 months ago

MasterKuma: Thanks now I can continue to read this peacefuly without the threat of a system

Broly The Saiyan of Legend! · C195
4 months ago

Pythius: guys i've been thinking... remember that asian guy who called a monster "mom". they kept talking about how the monsters child died so it adopted the human child and warmed up to him enough to make a contract. BUT PROBLEM! remember how Gao Peng couldnt make a contract with Dumby because his soul wasnt strong enough even though Dumby seemed more than willing to make a contract with him. and Gao Peng already had Da Zi so his soul was stronger than that of a normal human without contract... so how the heck did some kid make a contract with perfect grade commander monster just like that?!

Monster Pet Evolution · C255
4 months ago
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