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A suggestion for the translator: When Reinette speaks in the CN version Cuttlefish put the words spoken by each head in a separate set of quotation marks, so instead of "Did... you... summon... me" it's written as "Did..." "you..." "summon..." "me?" Writing them all in one set of quotation marks might give the impression that she speaks very slowly, but that's not the actual case, She can speak coherently at a normal pace, just delegating different parts of the sentence to different heads lol. View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C561
3 weeks ago
Klein's objectives from big to small: go back to Earth -> kill Ince to take revenge for Dunn -> kill Lanevus (completed) View More

kayden1611: My one am caffeine addled brain is confused on why Klein doesn't just straight up live a normal life. I've either forgotten the reason why he keeps doing this or at this point, his motivations are null. Either way, whoo hoo! Possession and all that funky jazz.

Lord of the Mysteries · C537
1 month ago
"infectious" seems to be a pretty weird way to translate 感染力 lol, it's more like "persuasive" View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C498
1 month ago
Manipulating minds are traits of the lower sequences of the path though. Remember the dragon at the top of the sequence that can imagine things into existence? View More

ResidentialPsycho: Enjoy the cliffhanger, Klein! I really wonder about 0-08. It's ability to manipulate minds corresponds with the Spectator Pathway, but meteors don't have any brains to manipulate (at least in this world). In that case, the quill also appears to manipulate fate to some degree.

Anyway, I hope Klein can feed the quill to Audrey to help her advance to Sequence 1 Author when she reaches that stage. I'm especially looking forward to Audrey's advancement since she's doing it right under the nose of her family members.

Lord of the Mysteries · C485
2 months ago
Minor spoiler: yes. View More

Shtriya: First there was the superpervert mirror and now there is a trolling quill😂😂😂😂😂😂
Are there other varities also like tsundere mystical items or even a gay type 😂😂

Lord of the Mysteries · C475
2 months ago
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!!

It's not necessarily that Ince had both the will and resolve to steal 0-08... remember the Pen's powers and the fact that it is living. Living things don't like to be confined :P View More

Barometer: With how OP artifact 0-08, make me wonder of the lack of security in Nighthawks vault, how could mad sequence 5 Ince get it.
Maybe there are conspiracy behind it.

Lord of the Mysteries · C474
2 months ago
It's basically what English-illiterate Chinese writers think what "foreign" names might sound like. Cuttlefish isn't really English-illiterate (Fors's name is actually a transliteration of the term "Fourth Wall") but for the most part he doesn't bother with researching what kind of English names would fit with evil gods because the majority of his reader base can't tell any difference lol. View More

f1zzy: What kind of name is Cheek anyway

Lord of the Mysteries · C441
2 months ago
The pen's power isn't limitless. Turning unlikely events into reality has consequences. You will see. View More

LongSongGolden: I'm really hoping Ince dies soon, because at this point it's just the author writing themself into the novel and using that as an excuse for this reverse Deus Ex Machina, not solving any problem but randomly causing them instead (how does he even know where people are or what they are doing? All the pen does, so far as it's been explained, is let him change things, not see the effects of those changes)

Lord of the Mysteries · C472
2 months ago
His ascension to Sequence 4 is probably THE most goosebumps-raising plot of this novel. Look forward to it and you won't be disappointed. View More

Marukusius: Guys, i just checked and there is a Lord of Mysterues wiki, they are updated on the novel raw content, i saw the advancment ritual for the Sequence 4 of the Seer pathway and i can't wait to see how Klein is going to do that, btw there are no spoilers just some hints about the story. But from what i can tell this novel is just going to get better.

Lord of the Mysteries · C462
2 months ago
That, OR maybe the quill isn't exactly loyal to Ince and hopes to mislead him in one way or another =P View More

AethericKat: Seems like the quill can manipulate someone even when using aliases, unless the person writing needs to have a clear image of the person he's writing about. What'd happen if Klein uses his Faceless powers to assume another name and met the lady?

Anyway, I hope he manages to catch on how its been a few times now that he barely misses the chance to interact with the mysterious woman. He might've divined there was lots of danger, but maybe its not the woman herself but the ones behind her situation...

Lord of the Mysteries · C459
2 months ago
Reading Status: C453
Vol 4 just concluded on Qidian CN and let me just say, keep reading, you will NOT be disappointed. Cuttlefish is way too good at weaving these intricate plots together. View More
Lord of the Mysteries
2 months ago
It's Klein Moretti and Sherlock Moriarty :P View More

sincho: One of the few best novels I have read on webnovel. Character Klein Moriarty is the one which truly makes this novel above others, personally I think he is the best MC you could ask ever. Cool headed, knows when to take action and when to retreat and one of the smartest MC. The best selling point of this novel is that character development of each and every character is worth praising. I think tere are few good writers out there who's novel is worth praiaing and this novel is one of them. I will recommend this novel as it is truly good reading with very few mistakes and fabulous English. Thank you author as well as editors, you have my support keep going on.

Lord of the Mysteries
2 months ago
Harras' power is actually not from the dark emperor's pathway. Dark emperor's powers focus on bending existing rules while Harras' power is about setting rules. View More

Kinoru: Anyone else find it hilarious that Harras is trying to beat Klein using the powers of the dark emperor pathway while Klein is using basically the very essence of the pathway to empower himself?

Lord of the Mysteries · C378
3 months ago
Well, the author did hint at Klein's reviving powers weaken with every revival he does (i.e. the healing gets slower and more difficult, etc.) so his immortality is not necessarily unlimited. View More

Halmista: I'm so sad for Melissa and Benson. For Klein suddenly die on them. (T-T)

And wow, Klein is immortal now? Truly godly! At first, I'm all like, story-telling wise, this removes some stakes and ******* because Klein can just revive when killed but Dragonballs is still exciting even though Goku keeps visiting King Enma so I guess it's up to Cuttlefish-sama's writing and so far from reading Martial Arts Master and Throne of Magical Arcana, he hasn't disappointed me yet. More death-defying and heaven-defying adventures is in store for Klein then. And Klein is the protagonist anyways so he'll technically never die.

Lord of the Mysteries · C211
6 months ago
Passing off whatever your brain cannot comprehend as bad writing? Sure, whatever makes you happy. View More

Lagrange7: Put up a fight? Not my fucking job to tell, its why i am reading the story instead of writing it. I dont know what the levels mean in detail and neither do you. Stop acting like you can add up levels and instantly surmise an outcome. The fact that the MC being the MC is "bordering on ubleievable already" for you is just telling of the fact that you have no idea what an MC is supposed to be like. Its main-character for a reason, not sidecharacter, not supporting character, not pawn. I have no problem with my MCs going through trouble or some kind of tribulation and i dont condone any kind of retarded plotarmor. But at some point you have to ask yourself where the story is going and i dont like having to switch MCs mid-novel.

Honestly? I dont give a **** what you think about this story being for me or not. Fuck off with your cocksucking justifications of bad writing.

Lord of the Mysteries · C210
6 months ago
Put up a fight? Like how? He's a lvl8 against a lvl5 + a lvl0 artifact, not to mention that Ince is scheming behind the scenes and Klein is merely a pawn in Ince's plan, how do you expect him to put up a fight at all? The fact that Klein is able to affect Ince's plans AT ALL is bordering on unbelievable already.
I think this book isn't for you - luckily there are a ton of books on Qidian in which the MC never loses and I'm sure you'll find those to be more to your taste. View More

Lagrange7: I can say nothing he did mattered - obviously Klein didnt change the outcome of Ince's original plan.
I dont expect Klein "to just "win" like that". I expect him to at least put up a fight. If i wanted to see the MC die like a little ***** after a hard fight i would go and watch GOT.

Lord of the Mysteries · C210
6 months ago
The Tingen story ends here - or so the author of the notebook thinks. View More

SAM_Z: Tingens story ends here?? So this story has multiple protagonist with multiple story lines?

Lord of the Mysteries · C210
6 months ago
Well you can't say nothing he did mattered - obviously Klein greatly interfered with Ince's original plan and he had to change the story many time.
But remember, Klein is up against a lvl5 Beyonder with a lvl0 Artifact. You can't expect him to just "win" like that. View More

Lagrange7: Honestly? Getting kinda bored at this point. Nothing our supposed "main"-character does actually mattered in the end.

I dont come to read lightnovels to become depressed, its the same reason i dropped kingdoms-bloodline. If this keeps going like this im dropping this.

Lord of the Mysteries · C210
6 months ago
你发这个谁看得懂啊 >.> 好歹机翻一下。 View More

vvn_nvv: The content has been blocked

Lord of the Mysteries
6 months ago
Someone pierced his chest from behind... View More

Aby55: What??? A hand came out of Klein's chest? A whole person came out of Klein's chest? He died? Wtffff? Biggest cliffhanger of all time

Lord of the Mysteries · C209
6 months ago
For those of you who don't know what the weapon is, search "metal storm". View More
Release That Witch · C628
1 year ago
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