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  • I’m in the BNHA world?!

    I’m in the BNHA world?!


    The body of Jin-Mori in the BNHA world. Except for someone else is in the driver’s seat.

  • I'm in the DxD World?!

    I'm in the DxD World?!


    [If you saw my other book ignore it!] I died. Yes, I died, I died saving a group of children from run a away truck. Well, I guess it’s not all that bad, I got to live again.


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Douluo Dalu - The Story of Sheng Feilong · C0
8 months ago
The paragraphs needs to be spaced/ or broken apart. View More
My Hero Academia: Split Path · C0
9 months ago
Swallowing the Heavens and Earth · C2
10 months ago
Lol I haven’t even thought about it. View More

Parsley: That's exactly what i thought lolololololololol but somehow he deserves it lol

Omniscient Reader · C228
10 months ago
+1million like for that comment View More

Kuma_sensei: Hope the love interests is Soi Fon, since the ME work perfectly with speed he should have good speed and shunpo

Rebirth in Bleach · C3
10 months ago

Heaven_Bridge: Wutt?? Wait, ORV is an MPREG??!
Thank you for the chapter turtle!

Omniscient Reader · C204
10 months ago
I can’t argue I guess I’m pretty stupid View More
So You Want To Be A Writer? · C2
10 months ago
How did Mesa not sense him? Or he did not care View More
RWBY : The Black Reaper · C23
10 months ago
Wow good advice View More
So You Want To Be A Writer? · C3
11 months ago
TL Quality is in the low View More
· C53
11 months ago
Change his name.. View More
· C2
11 months ago
Second View More

Shadowface: What a shame... what a shame

Gourmet of Another World · C508
11 months ago
You never know it might be a girl..... View More

Jkwhopper: Flying naked guy incoming. 😅

Gourmet of Another World · C506
11 months ago
IKR that’s what I’ve been thinking also View More

baws_slayer86: Is nobody going to question how the hell they saw a freaking flashback

Cool Anime System II · C0
11 months ago
No it’s not from what assume. View More

Safryu: So is there boy love in the book or not?

Omniscient Reader · C186
11 months ago
And caulifla View More

Shameless_Buddha: Thanks for the new chapter. Waifu should be Kale

Broly The Saiyan of Legend! · C55
11 months ago

TioLu: I'll give you another chapter to redeem yourself, if I do'nt see a fucking protagonist in this fucking novel, I'm dropping this ****.
Author puts the protagonist like a useless Sayajin of low class if it is to make of him a punch bag every fucking time !!! Go to hell !!! Looks like I'm seeing the goku, this piece of ****. The idiot and furious brolly of the cannon could erase her with a fart!!! Damn, I'm very pissed. Any little girl can beat the legendary super-sayiajin??????? Author, ur are nerfing a legend, stop this, so stupid!!!! Brolly of the cannon had no control of his ki and was already badass. What's going on??

Broly The Saiyan of Legend! · C42
11 months ago
Well I’ve found that out in the later chapters.... 😰 View More

Brother_sly_1: But Friday also has a thing for castration so.......

Battle Royale of the Sinners · C35
11 months ago
I’m still voting for Nethery. View More

nintendo248: I don't think he'll want her. He had enough problems with Nethery the food thief.

Gourmet of Another World · C505
11 months ago
Lol I hope so but i don’t think it will be that easy View More

Roverro: At last another war. Can't wait Tong whoops Ping's ass like when they were still in hell

Battle Royale of the Sinners · C154
11 months ago
Well you can’t really make the dragon die unless you want the dragon seed to grow View More
*Deleted Novel* · C0
11 months ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Balloon View More
Dragon King's Son-In-Law · C1
11 months ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Balloon View More
Battle Royale of the Sinners · C1
11 months ago
Take care 👍 View More
Battle Royale of the Sinners · C145
11 months ago
Same TBH View More

noobageddon_: I tought he will be more on a 'bad guy' type cuz of the cover, but yeah...

Living as Brother of Ichiya (Fairy Tail Fanfic). · C6
1 year ago
Don't care what you say ERZA FOR LIFE!! View More
Living as Brother of Ichiya (Fairy Tail Fanfic). · C4
1 year ago
Can't say I like the script type of writing but you do you also the Best girl is Shigure can't change my mind. View More
Reborn as Kenichi in the world of History's Strongest Disciple · C4
1 year ago
Just wait for chaps I’ll surely change your mind ( ͡°_ʖ ≦)ノ View More

ClearMindSerene: You made the mc a stupid side kick author -sama

I'm in the DxD World?! · C7
1 year ago
Maybe I’ve got a Fooking 31 in English so I have to work my ass off View More

AshSatola: Few months i guess😂

I'm in the DxD World?! · C7
1 year ago
He has both a cheat gift and a scared gear. View More

Tiktark: Does ikki get a sacred gear, or is he just a side character of the story? As being an average teenager that is human, without a sacred gear he will i assume be useless to everything since magic takes talent and years of hard work, and as a regular human no devil will want him in their peerage without combat potential, or as a hostage against issei. Since there is no system elements, the mc needs a path to power or simply remain a side character and nothing more i would assume. The only realistic path to power is a sacred gear unless he has a cheat gift we dont know of.

I'm in the DxD World?! · C5
1 year ago
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