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Prince_Ye: Being a half servant makes the mc unique and gives him a mysterious aura around him. Now if you give random Tom, Dick and Harry servants his uniqueness is gonna go down a few levels. Can't take back spilled milk so just make it so they only summon low tier servants. (I doubt author-kun would change plans since author-kun already have advance chapters ready)

Fate/Heroes · C57
14 hours ago

Skepparn: is this short? it feels like nothings happened of notice at all for so long and the chapters feel so lackluster

Playing with other Supernaturals · C70
1 day ago
Well he (w/ Alice) recently won against Hayama, Ryo and Takumi, that's impressive enough imo View More

LIX: He really needs to show what is capable of. We all know that he could literally blow them all to smithereens with his cooking, yet he's low-key. It kind of feels like people are looking down on him a bit when you think about his true capabilities.

Food Wars: The Golden Hands · C51
1 week ago

booob0b: why use this symbol.... couldn't found anything dumber to do really... its almost sad.

Sternritter Calendar (ATG fanfic) · C96
1 week ago
I didn't lower the rating because of the bashing though. 3.5 stars for a story I disliked is quite good imo View More

Democratis: I mean i can get if you dislike the bashing, but that isn't a good reason to lower a rating for a novel (I also dislike the constant bashing of basically everyone, but the reasoning behind it makes sense even if I don't agree with it and there hasn't been any major plot holes so far). When you rate a novel, you might dislike a certain arc, or if there are fillers, or if the grammar is trash, but disliking it because of how a character is portrayed is like reviewing a movie poorly because the image in the poster doesn't suit your tastes. Personally, I read it, try to see it from their point of view (the author mentions a lot of stuff I didn't really consider in the beginning which makes me more open to the bashing, example: orphans, what happens to dead houses, why is there no notable/powerful muggleborn officials in the original series, etc) and then just enjoy the story even if I don't agree with it.

Rise of House Falken - Harry Potter Fan Fiction
1 week ago
Lol what? There are excellent fanfics without bashing View More

sage7th: If bashing isn't your forte the better not read any fanfic

Rise of House Falken - Harry Potter Fan Fiction
2 weeks ago
Good chapter View More
Celestial Peak · C13
2 weeks ago

Issou: Gilgamesh

Cool Anime System II · C1
2 weeks ago
Gilgamesh View More
Cool Anime System II · C1
2 weeks ago

Hnn17: Once mc start cultivating, black crap will oozes from his body and he'll be a jade like beauty the next morning after a wash. Happens everytime.

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator · C2
2 weeks ago

KxV09: Hehe mf said it was short
All authors are coughing blood at this 72 page beauty!!!

The Wish of the Dragon · C94
2 weeks ago
Reading Status: C17
It could be very good but I'm just tired of bashing fics. If you dislike some characters as an author I can understand but don't make it so obvious.
I mean McGonagall owning 3 contracts (2 of them are pretty much obvious scam) and trying to cheat him is too much. Dumbledore weakening the magical England to keep his position as the strongest wizard is bull**** too, he is an old man and he is clearly not an idiot.
You wrote smth like "humans are greedy". Yeah maybe, but then stop lowering their IQs for no reasons. It's like you are trying to make your MC appear as a clever kid by bashing clever characters. I could appreciate an evil Dumbledore/McGonagall if it was well written, but here it's just bashing.

Otherwise, I guess the MC is not bad. Typical Mary Sue but at least he isn't a scum. A bit sad you didn't develop the muggle side ( Yknow he lived for 11 years but we don't know any characters aside from Sherry and his mother. We don't know his acquaintances, his school teachers, his karaté teacher, ...).
His bloodline trait is interesting, his magical training a bit too smooth but that's not a real problem.

Just my opinion, you can disagree. View More
Rise of House Falken - Harry Potter Fan Fiction
2 weeks ago
This **** with the Xiao family is boring, there are many Xiao Families in China so it feels forced View More
illicit relationship · C20
3 weeks ago

Grum: I’m so confused these chapters don’t make a sense ughhhh

Villain Summoning in an Eroge · C70
3 weeks ago

XDinosore: Yep. Reading this is starting to become unenjoyable.

Sis-Con with Dimensional Chat Group · C186
3 weeks ago

vyncente7: Did this fanfic turn into a face slapping wuxia??

Ron Weasley: A Noble's Ascension · C11
3 weeks ago

lucitfler: Me and you are on the same boat. I rarely meet a novel that's good. I've dropped so many that i think that i have autism.

The Ultimate Evolution
3 weeks ago

SnifeADoodle: Make him a korean, and I dont think he should meet Sung jin woo until a lot later whens stronger or you could let them meet earlier like in school and be friends, like best best buddies or his twin brother.

How I traveled the Omniverse · C20
1 month ago
This story is not for me anymore sorry, I dislike the way you write romance ( Two lovers/brothers? toying with kids hearts because they are interesting is too much).
I mean the idea of "2 MCs+ 2 harems" is already a bit too much for me, but then they start competing to get girls It's a bit too weird for me sorry.
Gl with your story mate, it has potential. View More
Reborn as Haku's brother in Naruto · C19
1 month ago
If by inheritence you talk about the system then your MC should take it or destroy it somehow. Idk it's too OP for a side character
Join the Hunter's Association, the other option is too boring since his organisation would probably be too OP.

Just my opinion btw View More
How I traveled the Omniverse · C20
1 month ago
He should keep the child. View More
Overlord of Sin · C52
1 month ago

FutaFoxy: Thanks for the chapter;)
Chen Guo X Yerin

The Queen's Avatar · C4
1 month ago

Trafford: Not entirely as Sirzechs fell in love with her during the battle, in the world, she never fought during the Civil War as she remained by side of her master Rizevim... Sirzechs married another woman from some clan

Devil Emperor · C2
1 month ago

GedonistOver: Interesting idea, anything but Bebe

The Burning Fiend · C122
1 month ago

PettyOfficer: Writing quality: 2/5

There are a lot of POV shifts. Most of the time, it gets annoying and confusing, especially when the story focuses on some points of the plot and then skip the parts connecting them. Ex: chapter 70ish, where Daphe is exposed as a manipulator and Hermione let her in Harry’s base for a flimsy reason, but the author skips what happens next to mind barrier training.

Then, there is too much passive voice in the story. It feels like a history lecture, even more so when the fiction references things will happen in the future, but won’t happen now. All of this past knowledge is known, but these are only the details, not what the main character knows. It feels like that.

Finally, there’s the grammatical errors that crop up, like extra words, or misused words, or random capitalized words, or incorrectly conjugating verbs when they’re supposed to be in their infinitive form, etc. I think it may be more of a problem with later chapters, though.

Stability of Updating: 5/5.

I think it’s about 2 chapters a day, each around 11 pages at least and around 20 at most. I guess it’s 3000-6000 words. A bit too much, if you ask me. If the author slowed this down and thought through his plot and writing, the Writing Quality would increase.

Story Development: 2/5

It began with some legs with Harry’s life being the focus. Harry began gaining power and training. However, the inconsistencies in the characters, along with the rambling amount of their inner dialogue, destroyed the Story Development.

I think it began around Harry’s downfall to edge-lordness. Then it nosedived when Hermione was introduced. The author got fixated on developing her character alongside Harry’s, so the story ended up seeing through her eyes most of the later chapters. The plot’s stuck at his “research, learning, and training” (R.L.T.) ark because whatever the main character does to power up, he thinks he is too weak and too bad with magic. It sucks when the author himself sets up possible changes to the plot, like it’s going to go somewhere, but it reverts back to “R.L.T.”

It’s like “specializing” isn’t a word in the author’s dictionary, so Harry has to max out his gains and skills one at a time. We don’t care if he gets powers since he never gets to use them in real conflicts.

Harry is reactionary most of the time. His real problem is not paying attention, since that’s why stuff like a troll attacking Hermione happens or Sirius Black dying early. Speaking of Sirius dying, the author did it as an excuse since he didn’t know how to deal with the character dynamics of Harry and Sirius. Creative, for sure, but it was quickly made bland and then annoying when Harry wasn’t motivated to react.

We only get p**sy sh*t, like wondering the morality of harming a little girl who wants to use you over the bigger problem, when the author already concluded before that an enemy is an enemy and a tool is a tool. He erased the memories of muggles, so why does it matter if he searches through the mind of an intruder?

Character design: 1/5

Harry is too passive of a character after Hermione clings to him like the parasite she is. He’s like the cliché edgy isskai hero in Japanese manga that must secretly get stronger but never use his strength because he underestimates himself.

It’s worse when he babies Hermione and that somehow worsens when more female characters get introduced. Penelope was not a welcome addition to the baggage bandwagon. I also don’t see why he shares so many of his secrets with them when he clearly knows their minds can be read because they are so weak.

It doesn’t help that the author repeats himself as if to reason their thoughts and actions.

No, author. The characters are not acting justified. This is a story, not an argumentative essay. We don’t care if you repeat backstories. It’s never going to justify Hermione being an emotional wreck one minute, an idiot the next, and then a studious know-it-all. We’re not even going to go to Harry

New Dawn- A Harry Potter Transmigration Fanfic
1 month ago

guilhermecoimbra: 1) The writting quality is good for this platform and it is the story's saving grace, but also means it is average if this work was published in a developed platform.

2) The updates are constant and rigorous, I give props for the author commitment with his readers.

3) For whatever reason, I think the author is "milking" the story, halting the main plot progression and filiing the story with some tinkering in the Hp world, like creating a company, magical experiments and etc., the latters aren't a problem on itself, but the balance between the main plot progression and them. In suffice, if this was a paid novel and not a fanfiction I bet people would be talking about fillers and word count, things that authors do to drag the story for extend periods of time. I have no idea how things work on pa.treon.

3.1) If the tags "slow pace"; "Business management" were here I'd be less miffed about it.

3.2) For reference, HP and the sorcerer stone have little less than 77.000 words. This story still are in the first year of Hogwarts with 114 chapters (approximately 1,5k words per chapter according with author's estimation). Besides, Rowling did the world building from scratch, author have a sandbox.

4) Initially, the character development was one of the things responsible for the story's initial momentum and, ironically, author - in his notes - pointed out some inconsistencies with Rowling's original characters's profiles, but then he ended up creating some of their own.

Let me explain:

4.1) Harry is a trasmigated OC, he has something that people with depression and anger issues strives for: a third view perspective of the situation, in a way for them not take things too personally and affect their mental health. The character internalized this problems so much - abuse, child endangerment - that he end up appearing as an unstable sociopath.

4.2) Hermione. I don't what's the author wants with the character. I suppose that he idolize her so much that no matter what she does against the MC and creates a circus drama, the consequences are a mere afterthought by the author with a meaninless development, in a way she'll always remain as main female character. Furthermore, the circle repeats just to stir the readers I think.

That's my review up to chapter 114.

New Dawn- A Harry Potter Transmigration Fanfic
1 month ago

Sanehen: I would love Only I level Up

How I traveled the Omniverse · C0
1 month ago
LMAO your comment made me laugh so much View More

_Pingu_: I mean I did a bit of research on who is this Aelita Stone. And the first thought was why you would ever wanna look like that? I mean look at the forehead I mean is the appearance changed so it’s more of a human none massive forehead art style or is this ***** looking like Megamind out here. I mean I may have got the wrong aelita stone but I just went with the first one that came up.

Cheating the System in Danmachi · C1
1 month ago

shypunk: im not a fan of scum MC its a large killer for novels for me

A Commonplace Story of Overpowered Sorcerer · C36
1 month ago
Only I level up View More
How I traveled the Omniverse · C13
1 month ago
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