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Santana1919: Netflix has fixed the subtitles on The King's Avatar Live Action Series. Team names, account names, classes, gaming terms and skills have be made consistent with the web novel. Grammar greatly improved as well. It really makes a difference. Gone are "Leaf of Autumn", "Freelancer", "Thousand Machine Umbrella" and "Jesse Wang". I'll miss "Bao Zi The Invader" though, that one grew on me....

The King's Avatar · C1682
1 month ago

JoshuaJ: No one knew that One Inch Ash's true name is Mortred, the Phantom Assassin

The King's Avatar · C1695
1 month ago

Whimsical_Feather: LCH went from bottom (weak) one to "Ara-ara, guess who's the bottom one now"

LCH : bow down to me boii. ( ͡⚆ ͜ʖ ͡⚆)
LCH : and this is how "notice me senpai" done. ヘ(= ̄∇ ̄)ノ

The King's Avatar · C1688
1 month ago
C'mon guys, vote this novel last hundred chapter......🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 View More
The King's Avatar · C1677
2 months ago

Laugh_Not: Who would win?
A two time consecutive championship team roster or Ye Xiu's 10th server dungeon team?

The King's Avatar · C1674
2 months ago

Yros: She is the true heir to One Autumn Leaf/Ye Xiu. Not only is she the battle goddess but she even inherited his trash talk xD

The King's Avatar · C1673
2 months ago

Laugh_Not: Fun fact, if the 1 vs 3 hp remaining records in the Group Competition includes the playoffs, Happy occupies the top two spots
1. Fang Rui (Happy) - 68% hp remaining against Wind Howl (Season 10)
2. Tang Rou (Happy) - 52% hp remaining against Samsara (Season 10)
3. Wang Jiexi (Tiny Herb) - 48% hp remaining against an unknown team (Season 4)
4. Zhou Zekai (Samsara) - 45% hp remaining against Happy (Season 10)

References: Chapters 1276,1654,1673

The King's Avatar · C1673
2 months ago

Tidy_nerd: Just remembering the time when Wang Jiexi tried recruiting Tang Rou way back. She thought to herself, why leave when all these pro players are clamoring to learn from the man right beside me? I am better off where I am.

And true enough, Tang Rou has been blessed with speed and is naturally an aggressive player but how many players have that in the league? It's a nice advantage to the young but unsustainable for a long career.

Experience will help her refine her skills but there is no shortcut to gaining it.

Cunning however,

what a difficult thing to grasp. It's a way of seeing, a way of thinking. Where else but in the company of Fang Rui, Wei Chen, and Ye Xiu could she have such a perfect environment to learn?

The better deal indeed.

The King's Avatar · C1669
2 months ago

Tenzin_sama: Ladies and Gentlemen, True Battle God's successor Tang Rou.

The King's Avatar · C1669
2 months ago

Hybrix: Hahaha, these pro players! When they dislike something, they sure do stand united! Look at them all, clicking their tongues at Li Xuan! I literally laughed out loud when I red that part! How cute! 😆😆🤭🤭😁😁

Glad to see a certain someone got the bitter end of the treatment for the day. Back then, it was just Qiao Yifan that was always in the back and treated as a nobody despite being in the team (Tiny Herb), now who's in the grand finale of this season! Take that massive face-slap, ya jerks! No one should treat a team member that way! 😝😝😝

Also, thanks for the updates, BB and Nomyummi! 😁😁

The King's Avatar · C1625
3 months ago

QueenKing: Qiao Yifan is the best example of letting your accomplishments boast and speak for you. He was treated as disposable in TH but didn't say a thing. He's in the finals now but didn't let it get to his head, still silently doing his best 😢

The King's Avatar · C1625
3 months ago

listenedpromise: Ye Xiu : okay team, the map has lava. Mission for you!
Mission : lava bath for opponents
Happy : Got it! 😎
Ye Xiu : ✔️ success
Mumu : ✔️ success
Mo Fan : late but still success ✔️
Tang Rou : success ✔️
Meanwhile Fang Rui : ❌ too dirty, purifying himself into lava bath instead
Happy : you suck, disgusting, useless dim sum!!!

"Team Happy demonstrated that true gold fears no fire (Chapter 783)" Go, Happy!

The King's Avatar · C1552
3 months ago
2333333 View More
Kar98K Upon Touchdown! · C207
3 months ago

Katus17: Hmm. So There is the MC = NTS Master(Big Brother), Gu Du Xing = first Sword Fragment(Second Brother), Ji Mo = second SF(Third Brother), Dong Wu Shang = third SF(fourth Brother), Luo Ke Di = fourth SF(fifth Brother), Rui Bu Tong = fifth SF(sixth Brother). So there are 4 vague spots and the contenders are = Mo Qing Wu(difficult), Mo Tian Ji(probably one), Tan Tan(maybe), Tie Bu Tian(probably not), Diwu Qing Rou(don't think so), Wu Qian Qian(there is a chance), this are the ones I can think could be one of the tribulations !!!

Transcending the Nine Heavens · C241
4 months ago

alok_timebender: YX: "You're good, but I've seen better"

The King's Avatar · C1587
4 months ago

SpMile: YX: There's only one gunner who can be my opponent. And you're not him

The King's Avatar · C1580
4 months ago

Jeic: Mass release please😭😭😭

Kar98K Upon Touchdown! · C174
4 months ago

darkdelusion_2: Ling tian
Jun moxie
Chu feng
This is his fourth book😂😂

Realms In The Firmament · C1038
5 months ago

nogaleast: Li Muqiu crouching on the ground dying
I bet Vic is also crouching on the ground laughing at him

Kar98K Upon Touchdown! · C162
5 months ago

Pannnnnn: Lolololol premium??? We need more chapters then!!! Chapters!!!!

Kar98K Upon Touchdown! · C159
5 months ago

Mikaharat: petition for Mass Release without going premium , may author grant our wish! LETS MAKE THIS HAPPEN BROTHER !

Kar98K Upon Touchdown! · C156
5 months ago

Mikaharat: Where is that man who said it will need 4 chapter to entirely wiping out tylo team? Come here and confess your sins!

Kar98K Upon Touchdown! · C155
5 months ago
Sorry, but I don't care bcause my premium reads just king's avatar
And if this one became premium i've prepared & had save many SS to read this one View More

Frigid_Monarch: It'll go premium if you say things like that!!!...XP!

Kar98K Upon Touchdown! · C154
5 months ago
Hey Translator, can't you give us mini mass release???? View More
Kar98K Upon Touchdown! · C154
5 months ago

glassesgirl: I'd accept if it goes premium as long as the chapter updates go from 1 per day to maybe a 2-3 updates per day 😭

Kar98K Upon Touchdown! · C153
5 months ago

Rex_shed: Translator...... Damn... You don't be lazy and atleast give us..... Two chapters a day

Kar98K Upon Touchdown! · C153
5 months ago

listenedpromise: Godslayer MO FAN and his revenge :
1st round (Happy's home game)
vs Zhang Jiale = MF lost

2nd round (Tyranny's home game)
vs Zhang Jiale = MF won
vs Qin Muyun = MF lost

3rd round (Neutral game)
vs Zhang Jiale = MF won
vs Qin Muyun = MF won
vs Song Qiying = MF lost

Ofc, situations are different each rounds but still, he improves himself the more he fights. MF is diligent in studying his opponents. Beware, Song Qiying, MF is studying you now...although it'll be for next season.

The King's Avatar · C1550
5 months ago
F**k, i need more chapters.... View More
Kar98K Upon Touchdown! · C147
5 months ago

Tidy_nerd: "What kind of people are your team members?"

Why thank you, Lin Jingyan, for asking the right questions.

"Glory's Worst Nightmare
-From game to league"

Would probably be an appropriate description.
We accept blood, tears, and screams of terror as payment. Thank you (≧∇≦)/!

The King's Avatar · C1515
6 months ago

Lord_Autumn_Leaf: Concealed Light's Idiot Guides Version 2.0:
How to Beat Tyranny in 13 minutes

The King's Avatar · C1515
6 months ago
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