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Original Works

  • City Of The Damned

    City Of The Damned


    we follow a boy called john as he lives life in a city where everybody is allowed to enter but not everybody can leave


honestly this story is rlly heartwarming so far, happy new yearr friend View More
Naruto: The clan that got lost in history · C64
2 weeks ago
i feel so conflicted this was both one of the best endings of what i assume to be an ark ive read yet also something feels missing View More
《Infinite Stamina》 · C37
3 weeks ago
ugh cliffhanger View More
Business-Man Naruto · C34
1 month ago
Is this dropped ? Swear there was like 30 chaps View More
A Ninja System · C0
1 month ago
what a good idea honestly View More
Harry Potter and the Lord of Darkness · C17
1 month ago
thanks for the chapter i was holding hope that this would be updated View More
The Otaku Code Of Honor · C24
1 month ago
I'm pretty much the same honestly my library is a mess of potentially dropped books lol View More

Daijena: It's fine~
There was once a story, where I waited a year for it to continue~
As long as the author doesnt' explicitly says he drops it, I won't give up hope. Besides you're writing about Sloth, waiting for a month for something to happen seems fitting :3

Travel of the sloth · C9
1 month ago
IDC what route you go I'm enjoying this so far do what you feel will be better in the long run View More
One Piece: Immortal Psycho · C6
1 month ago
Man I'm honestly curious how much research you've done into these characters because you've genuinely got them down perfectly as far I can see anyway love this so far View More
Akame Ga Kill: Garou · C35
1 month ago
thats a good thing to read looking forward to the new chaps View More
RWBY: Reborn With A System · C0
1 month ago
you know ive never seen a fanfic of problem children that is such a good idea id love to see one View More

Daoist_librarian: problem children are coming from another world arent they?, tenchi muhyo or hellsing

jack Smith's journey through the multiverse · C22
1 month ago
been waiting so long for this i decided to re read it all again, reminded me why this is my fave fanficiton View More
Wandless - A Harry Potter Fanfic · C25
1 month ago
man i see you comment everywhere to the point ive scrolled thru posts youve commented on to find new stories lol a lot of the ones i enjoy r bc of you so thx lol View More

WolfLord: Thanks for letting us know

My New Life In Another World · C0
2 months ago
cheers for letting us know i hope all gets sorted soon View More
My New Life In Another World · C0
2 months ago
love this View More
One Piece: Uchiha Style · C7
2 months ago
this is so nice all the other pokemon fan fictions are so, unnecessarily dark View More
Pokemon: The Wandering Guardian · C16
2 months ago
man this was one of the best fan fictions ive read in a while a great ending too im glad it didnt go on too long and just sorta fizzle out without a proper ending View More
Harry Potter: Rise of The Spiral (COMPLETED) · C52
2 months ago
this is so much better thanks for the chapter honestly i didnt mind the memory wipe its just how abrupt and out of character his choices that lead to it were but otherwise this is a great fanfic so far thanks View More
Traversing the Anime Multiverse with a System · C64
2 months ago
ive read a lot of fanfictions where they mix one anime with another or one game with an anime ect ect but i never thought pokemon and one piece would be mixed and i never wouldve thought it would be such a good mix absolutly love this View More
One Piece - Adventure of a Pokemon Trainer · C15
2 months ago
honestly enjoying this more than the original View More
HIATUS Gifting this Unfortunate Guy with Blessings · C14
2 months ago
mina is actually one of my fave characters im glad shes getting a more important role in a fanfiction . shes always sorta ignored and you get her character down so well View More
Spacetime Anomaly: MHA Fanfic · C18
2 months ago
good so far but please dont use emojis View More
My Hero Academia: Alpha Wolf [Dropped] · C4
2 months ago
okay at first i thought this was allright bc you said that it wasnt yours in the synopsis but now with the author comments you're completely making it seem like its you who wrote it tsk View More
Tom Marvolo Riddle · C4
2 months ago
to be honest the story is interesting enough to not care about the translated grammer keep it up View More
Sun Prince · C4
2 months ago
love this story such a great idea for a fan fic of this manga View More
My Hero Academia - Saiyaman · C24
2 months ago
thank you for this View More
Jinchūriki-ish (Deleted) · C0
2 months ago
why did he become so stupid and ignore the system????? View More
Traversing the Anime Multiverse with a System · C0
2 months ago
thanks for sorting order out View More
One Piece: Bouny System · C65
2 months ago
yet another amazing chapter View More
One Piece : Sea Devil Sanji · C20
2 months ago
this is actually a lot more interesting that i thought it was gonna be looking forward to more View More
I´m the school beauty´s bodyguard! · C15
2 months ago
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