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So you only love her bcuz of her body,dont you know do you deserve her love doesnt work that way this is such as slapping money to her in this case power,your sorry excuse of love disgust me but pls dont take my rant too hard there's still so many people that would like to read your novel I am just advicing you because you made yue/aletia look like albedo or something along the line. View More
A Commonplace Story of Overpowered Sorcerer · C50
5 months ago
Lol,you make me remember my clickbait novel View More

Elawn: Did I? You're right, important things should be repeated three times! She's a stunner.

Jay Aslan: Journey to the Top · C6
5 months ago
Reading Status: C7
So far so good,this story have potential.I like that you use ajin power taht is cool and badass af.I hope you won't stop releasing chapter for the story View More
My Hero Academia: The Ajin Gamer
7 months ago
Problem solved easy peasy lemon squeazy View More
New Game+ · C22
8 months ago
I'm not crying,my eye just sweat that's all HNNN View More
Be happy with sports · C5
8 months ago
T^T full of emotion View More
Be happy with sports · C4
8 months ago

Leixein: Do you want the truth, idiot? There are no perfect novels out there you dumbass. Every novel has its own problem and you want to know why? Because they're made by humans. So your words of "There's no one that will make a bad reviews if your novel doesn't have a problems" is clearly impossible to happen as long as the author is human.

Do you think I don't hate you? Sorry, let me correct that, I don't hate you but I despise you. You disgust me. Your review is clearly based on your personal opinion yes that's true but if you started to input lies inside your review by saying "Looks like the author will drop this" which I clearly never said before. then that makes you a big fat liar and a jackass. That's the truth you dipsh1t.

And it also doesn't matter to me if you think my fanfic is good or not but for me, you're the most disgusting human being there is. hahaha 😈😂.

Fact doesn't care about your feelings, dumbass.

The Wish of the Dragon · C72
9 months ago

-Only legends know

Black Tech Internet Cafe System · C80
9 months ago
It take hin time not to get berserk when he was turning into great ape for the first tine View More

Insert_Nickname: What's the point pf that third eye at tbis point? Isn't it supposed to prevent him from going berserk? Is it just for show now? Lol

Dragon Ball - The True Legendary Super Saiyan · C36
10 months ago
After reading this research,i have decide to not cut my tail to bcome true super saiyan View More
Dragon Ball - The True Legendary Super Saiyan · C13
10 months ago
Thecake is a paid actor View More
DxD System In DxD · C1
11 months ago
Reading Status: C5
So far so good I wonder what will happen next
Jaisbzibsoznns0sjnsosjwjosjwiwinsisjsojsosjsosjpsjsks9sjbehduisnb8jwbisoskndoxojsjxosnenosisjisosjeoosjejosiejosiwid View More
REBIRTH: Dragon Ball with the Otaku System
1 year ago
We will wait View More
Shinobi Overlord · C50
1 year ago
Even we god immoral lol View More
Shinobi Overlord · C1
1 year ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Balloon View More
+18 - Harem Palace Sect's System · C65
1 year ago

Starlin: Author you are the best
I wanted this type if fanfic for so long
Please keep going till the end

The Gamer - One Piece
1 year ago
This comment is over 9000 View More

TroJian: sorry, reading sasuke saying: "shut up, dumbo!" kinda made me imagine vegeta, reaching a dangerous tsundere level.

A Warrior's Path · C80
1 year ago
After 1 million year even It weird to change his personality a bit View More

Morvian: I'm wondering why his personality aa soldier seem gone?~

A Warrior's Path · C10
1 year ago
Mc is an orphan that love his parent so much that he dont want them to fight instead he put a marker on them to protect View More

Lyrical: If MC used those points on his parents all of this sh*t wouldn't have happened... MC is dumb as ****. Now he acts angry that his parents are in danger when he levelled up total strangers instead of his family... IF he made his parents stronger they would've been safe from the beginning. Stupid idiot.

A Warrior's Path · C8
1 year ago
Why make him think he is a saiyan ,Mr author if u use it to make feel that he was rreborn as a monkey and made him realize the ki that lead him to detect he a saiyan wwillbe funnier View More
Broly The Saiyan of Legend! · C1
1 year ago
I see you're a mman of culture as well View More

OnlyWish: OK... so Eva's chest is bigger than Rachel, I want Eva as the girlfriend now.

Adopted Soldier · C24
1 year ago

mFearXD: Hey Author and Cliff-Kun .... watch ya backs i might push you off a cliff ....

Fairy Tail's Strongest · C84
1 year ago
ugu wittle cutie babies View More
Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos · C204
1 year ago

nightwing445963: YOU get a baby, YOU get a baby, EVERYONE GETS A BABY!

Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos · C204
1 year ago
3 times i cried because of novel first is mushoku tensei ,second is PLIC third is you .Much love Mr. Author View More
Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos · C192
1 year ago
Uwaaaaaaaaaa TuT uwaaaaaaaaaaa hur hur View More
Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos · C191
1 year ago
Staring is lewd View More
Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos · C174
1 year ago
*Tsun Tsun* that it,thats the word Mr. Author nicely done View More
Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos · C165
1 year ago

NewbiMainAccount: Maybe Vahn blood comes from a heavenly divine god beast that has a special bloodline that contains the bloodline of the four beast of his body transformation ability.

Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos · C157
1 year ago
Its not that I wabt you to notice me hnnn *tsun**tsun* View More

Einlion: I don't understand the reference xD?

Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos · C154
1 year ago
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