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Nice Chap, you put 2 mana rope in the system notification. View More
A Gamer in Multiverse · C0
2 months ago
Are you donna write it with diligence or are we gonna wait 3 months again? View More
Star Wars: Legacies of the Force · C19
2 months ago

kaylenson: even grammar/spelling mistakes are same

Tom Marvolo Riddle · C1
2 months ago
Again with that Caspian?! Did you steal this novel from somewhere? View More
The Lost Senju-Naruto fanfic (my version) · C14
4 months ago
They said he can't gain experience with a four man team but they still put him in one? View More
The Lost Senju-Naruto fanfic (my version) · C10
4 months ago
And who is taiga now? Man stop dropping name. View More
The Lost Senju-Naruto fanfic (my version) · C10
4 months ago
Who is Caspian? And typo on tsunade name View More
The Lost Senju-Naruto fanfic (my version) · C10
4 months ago
The hyuga head wife is pregnant? That horrible, they know that one of them is gonna be branded. Even if it's for having a spare heir that's still horrible. View More
The Lost Senju-Naruto fanfic (my version) · C6
4 months ago
little error, you said 'the next day I cleaned the room I used for the ritual,...'.
But didn't sherry already did it? 'while I told sherry to clean the room and restore it to its previous condition.'
Like the story so far. View More
Rise of House Falken - Harry Potter Fan Fiction · C9
4 months ago
Yes I like the twist and happy to see that you deleted the update chapters. It look more professional like that (there still the 31). looking for the next chapter. View More
The Arrival · C35
4 months ago
Yeay the story finally continue, will you delete the update chapters? View More
The Arrival · C34
4 months ago
it's becoming more and more incomprehensible View More
The Law God - Artic · C33
4 months ago


Tags: Male Lead; Magic; ?

Age Rating: 12+ - No strong language thus far in the first 14 chapters, but violence is likely to occur and there has been some slight horror themes.

Summary: A man calling himself Jon is transported to a different world, carrying with him only a plant and the object used to transport himself there- the Alien Eye. The noble Padt Family saves him from his near-death state and takes him in, offering him a job as a fruit grower. This is not his story. Twenty years later, Viscount Noah Padt, the man who originally took in Jon is dead, and his eldest son Leon Padt stands to inherit. Angor Padt, the younger son, has been mentored by Jon, and learned of a strange place called "Earth." However, Jon, at a mere fifty-some years of age, is withering away. He tells Angor that "Gaia's Will," or the will of this world, is rejecting him for not being originally from there. When Count Eton comes through, seeking the "Morning Dew," or a tea made from the plant Jon had brought with him, a wizard is accompanying him. Wizards are the stuff of myths and legends, but this one reveals himself for the Morning Dew. After it helps him achieve a breakthrough, he offers the Padts one favor. Though Angor first tries to save Jon, the wizard fails. Instead, Angor asks for the oppurtunity to become a wizard. During his testing, it is revealed that Angor does indeed have the necessary talent.

Translation Quality: 5/5: There are no obvious grammar or spelling errors, and everything seems fine.

Stability of Updates: 4/5: Hard to judge. I'm giving it a 4/5 since we can't tell this early on in the translation.

Story Development: 5/5: Already interesting and unique. Instead of centering around the transmigrator (Jon), it instead follows someone else who is trying to save him. A refreshing change from the multitude of reincarnation/transmigration/time travel stories on Webnovel. Additionally, the story seems to be avoiding most the extremely obvious cliches, such as a family drama over the line of succession (that we see in almost EVERY female lead novel and quite a few of the male lead novels here). In fact, this line is stated by two servants talking about the line of succession since Leon will inherit everything: "Those family conflicts you read about in the drama novels won't happen here."

Character Design: 5/5: Characters are unique and have their own personalities. Also, people can CHANGE THEIR MINDS. Wow. Mindblowing! The wizard, who originally planned to burn down Padt Manor in search of the Morning Dew, changes his mind and later offers them a favor when they give it to him out of their own goodwill.

World Background: 2/5: As soon as the wizard comes, we discover there's a whole other larger world out there. ...this is honestly so overused. Main character coming from a tiny backwater? Discovers powers? It's extremely cliche, and I expected better.

Overall: A nice change of pace from most of the cultivation novels here. I will note that it does seem to have some cultivation aspects, with breakthroughs and ranks for the wizards. I will continue reading this!

Please like this if you want to see more actual review and not just "Guuuuuuuddd" or "Ugh terrible" in the review sections! Also note that this is an early review supposed to give people an IDEA of what the story is like, and that there are only 14 chapters out!

Warlock Apprentice
5 months ago
Didn't you write that he don't have a car and that he rent a place near his job de cause of that? View More
Demonic Gamer · C11
5 months ago
The content has been deleted
Harry Potter And Dawn Of Summerking(marvel+hp crossover) · C2
5 months ago
I think occlumency and legilimency should swap place. You don't defend against occlumency and you can train the 2. View More
Harry Potter: Path of Darkness (Haitus) · C3
5 months ago
it's the second time that you say second year and christmas in the same sentence. You know that christmas is in the middle of the year? So not near the end of the first year by faaar. View More
Harry Potter: Orphans Ascension · C0
6 months ago
Little typo : when did He become so mature
Nice chapter View More
Winter is Coming (Marvel) · C4
6 months ago
First word of the story, 'prolouge' that give the tone of the fiction. View More
Unlimited Spells Works - A Harry Potter fic. · C1
6 months ago
Nice chapter but you forgot the wind ninjjutsu that he buy previously. View More
Gaara · C17
6 months ago
We know that historically Hitler was a great orator,
Nice chapter View More
Game of Thrones: Shepherd · C15
6 months ago

SamStrike: The content has been deleted

New Dawn- A Harry Potter Transmigration Fanfic · C23
7 months ago
Why do the teacher keep repeating that he has 1.5 vitality? The ai of the tower notified them when he uped a gene and passed at 1.6 why then not the other? View More
Legend of the Mythological Genes · C23
8 months ago
hey little error : you write that Tsuru-Sennin Ryu is 45 000 000 but you make him pay 50 000 000 instead.
Love the story so far. View More
My Life in Dragon Ball(Complete) · C6
8 months ago
i had so much trouble with the * but i got your idea thx View More

Kris_Watson: *****ery is cheating on your spouse. *****ing is acting like an ***** especially when you don't want to bother with something. i did it because it was the ***** thing to do. i was *****ing. it's a slang word where i live and i assume that is the use the author meant in the context of the chapter.

Abuse of Magic · C57
8 months ago
Your choice ^^ View More

Godblade: The Wizarding War between Dumbledore and Grindelwald was only seen as a Wizarding conflict according to the sources I have searched online, here is one of the sources i've seen that states the First Wizarding War was led by Lord Voldemort between 1970-1981. https://harrypotter.fandom.com/wiki/Wizarding_Wars -----------
I understand that Harry may have cried in the original but due to it being my own version with Philip as his older brother I wanted to make it so that he wasn't that scared, I hope this helps either way :)

Harry and Philip Potter · C1
8 months ago
Just some little things, the war with voldemort was the second one, the first being with grindelward and dumbeldors. And when voldemort blast the door, the noise should have make the babies cry. View More
Harry and Philip Potter · C1
8 months ago
The kings'road stop just before the start of the stark territory if my memory is right View More
Game Of Thrones: Fireborn Overlord · C5
9 months ago
I didn't say it wasn't, it's just not my cup of tea. I really dont like system with personnality and worse those that actively try to undermine the mc (like those ridiculous penalities) View More

Hoyato: I think the system is fine...

Juvenile Entertainer · C14
9 months ago
A lot of novels use the Philippines or is it that a lot of authors are Filipino ? View More

Lefthand_Cultivate: Hey, fellow Filipino here. We both know that our citizens are too adaptable, desensitized, and knowledgeable about zombie Apocalypse to react this way.

Mutagen · C2
9 months ago
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