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Original Works

  • The Peaceful Daoist

    The Peaceful Daoist

    Martial Arts

    There is a mountain after every mountain. There is always someone stronger. But is there really a limit to the path of cultivation? Yao Song may be the only one who can truly see just how many mountain there are.


Anjiii: One whole chapter of defeating the this tentacle monster! These four are definitely the team leaders and hahaha Luo Lang, of course Boss is prepared that someone is gonna lose their weapon. 😂 Black blood or ink...hm? The legend is currently in the middle of being written, Lingtian still got so many years ahead to add to their stories before it's ever completed for the future generations to read. I can't wait~ Thx Henyee! ^^

It's Not Easy to Be a Man After Travelling to the Future · C693
3 days ago

Jin_Daoas: I've been looking for a good Dungeon Lord themed novel on this site, something similar to 'My House of Horrors'. I finally found one! Thanks for your hard work, dear author!

I've never imagined the dungeon lord trope being crossed with the magic shop trope, so this is an incredibly awesome find for me. What's more is that the MC is not an asocial asshole, haha!

What makes this different from the average cultivator-system novel? Several things, I imagine. To me, one of its outstanding features is the adoption of mini-arcs for the minor characters. As far as I know, minor character arcs are nearly exclusive to Japanese light novels. Western novels use the technique too but they don't give the same treatment.
So, the character development of minor characters in this story is excellent! Even the dungeon monsters have backstories.

The dear author may be an otaku, haha! There are a number of references to Japanese fandoms and comparatively fewer to the Chinese side of things. Dear author, Ranma may be the Best but even he will acknowledge the sheer Awesomeness that is Ip Man!

Another cool thing: cultivators in NODS are not immortal gods. there are in fact legal and traditional precedents that allow cultivators and non-cultivators to live in open harmony, which includes the fact that everyone in the world is capable of cultivating. Some people just choose not too. I'd almost say this was a way to nerf the traditional cultivator model if the resurrection system had not been included.

Yet another cool thing: the NODS shop uses the latest trends in communications like QR codes and NFC protocols. There are a lot of stories that talk about 'latest technology' and yet the most advanced tech they show is WiFi and phone apps. What the hell, right?

The NODS shop also talks about store credits, in-store apps, personalized shop rewards and promos, streaming and pay-per-view services...insidious things. No one does consumerism like America! There were even a couple of chapters when the in-store rewards and promos discussion took over the story from the dungeons. Seriously. Maybe not so much description about the shop mechanics and more about the people.
Despite shop-filler chapters, the story manages to a modicum of momentum past a hundred chapters, where it again picks up.
Ahh, why is the level of tech in this shop not standard worldwide? If this level of functionality can be done with my phone, I will happily never leave my bed again.

The initial premise of the story means there's something for every one: monster capturing, system leveling, some food critiquing, some romance, party and raid battling, cultivation, business management, dungeon creation, infinite world theory, etc. The shop logistics is influenced by other store- theme novels here but it manages to exude its own charm. The use of pocket dimensions to expand and include shop services is great!

You know, this is the first MC I've read to be smacked down verbally for blindly following missions instead of actively participating in his own life by the shard of his mother's soul animated by the System into being an interface navigation assistant.

A hundred and thirty chapters in and no revenge schemes and blood feuds (yet, anyway), which is kind of refreshing. The customers and the dungeon monsters are starting to shine even more. I think some minor characters have more fans than the MC at this point.

Definitely a recommended read.

Number One Dungeon Supplier
1 week ago

PrincessFanona: Can we just take a moment to discuss the comparison of valkyries letter to 90s internet slang? Because suddenly all I can imagine is the letter reading: Yo n00b, I need you to be wkewl and do me a solid. Don't go all out in the battles cause I have the juicy deets plus you're gonna get pwned by my boi Roland here, tmot ttfn

Release That Witch · C1387
1 week ago

LazyLifeSaMu: How they actually talked:
Coo coo (Fair Maiden, ye have courage to come to this strange land. Would not ye need a guide and a friend while dost stay here? Truly, I can be such a friend)
Ya... ya (My deepest gratitude, Divine Bird! Difficult it has been for me to converse in this foreign tongue. Verily, this is fate! If ye will have me, I would gladly call you companion)

Release That Witch · C957
3 weeks ago
I think this might be the most boring chapter so far View More
Black Tech Internet Cafe System · C627
1 month ago
Honestly I was expecting a completely different result but to see it go this way is truly heartwarming. View More
Low Dimensional Game · C339
1 month ago

L0v3lamb: The Secret Diaries of Jin-Woo

Day One: WHEE!

Day Two: I love my shiny Dragon's Wraith. Oh $h!t! I just renamed them... (ಠ o ಠ)¤=[]:::::>

Day 3: I look good with my shiny swords. Beru praised me and I scolded him... Secretly liked it though. („ಡωಡ„)

Day 4: I look good standing still. Still doing my daily exercises running around the netherrealm. I swear, this armor makes my butt look finer.

Day 5: I think Beru was starting at my butt.
( ಠ ͜ʖ ಠ)


Only I level up · C246
2 months ago

JustPassingBy: Uhhh... It's ended again with cliff hanger. I don't care about how many spirit stone the chapter cost, please just more chapter. It's not enough for a day of only 3 chapter coming. Please increase it to 5 to 6 chapter again. ( BTW, anyone who agree with me can like this coment :v )

Black Tech Internet Cafe System · C363
3 months ago
My favorite moment was probably when I first found this novel because it’s been so much fun reading and following the story all this time. You and this novel is a glowing gem in a sea of ******* novels. Here’s to 400 chapters and here’s to hoping for the next 400. View More
Number One Dungeon Supplier · C400
4 months ago

Grum: Here’s an update for those wondering if Monster Paradise Raws will be discontinued
Someone was maliciously reporting that the story was violating the new censorship laws in China and the story had to go on a manual review for 1 week and the manual review finished the story is safe and the author is making slight modifications to some past chapters

Monster Paradise · C1013
4 months ago
Even the army (retraining) can’t stop Molo from making such amazing chapters. Go Molo! View More
Number One Dungeon Supplier · C362
5 months ago

Devils_Advocate: First for the foxes as it always should have been 🦊

All hail Kraft!
Even Jin has been blessed given the honour to ride one of those adorable giant 🦊

... 🦊 Plushie incoming :3 ?

Number One Dungeon Supplier · C362
5 months ago

Datry: Our great panda author in a citizen of Singapore

Number One Dungeon Supplier · C360
5 months ago
Our great panda author in a citizen of Singapore View More

Snowflake2: Thank you for the chapiter 🙏
Which nation is this if you don’t mind me asking ?

Number One Dungeon Supplier · C360
5 months ago
This is really good and I can’t wait to read more View More
Low Dimensional Game · C17
6 months ago
Not giving up on this book so easily View More
God is a Game Designer · C144
6 months ago

Legend_Kamikaze: New idea:
Every 25 likes on my comment
We get a free chapter next Friday?

The Legendary Mechanic · C131
6 months ago

Moloxiv: There is already one made. Type nods glossary wordpress in Google.

Number One Dungeon Supplier · C333
7 months ago
Super late and probably no one will see this but technically glass is a liquid View More
Steampunk Apocalypse! · C4
7 months ago


Number One Dungeon Supplier · C309
8 months ago
This is a story about dungeon supplying so wouldn’t it make sense for us to know the dungeons and what happens inside them. Plus I think Jin needs a break sometimes, in their universe it’s been like a month, and think of all that’s happened. View More

SilentProt: Great. Just what this story needed. More fucking filler bull****.

Number One Dungeon Supplier · C309
8 months ago

Devils_Advocate: Everlasting Glory to the Fox Clan 🦊

Number One Dungeon Supplier · C305
8 months ago
When did his cat teleport? View More

Frabul: I feel conflicted, but then again Ves has a teleporting cat, an OP allmighty system capable of making the cat sh*t gems that make mechs 10% faster at night.
So yea, why not space magic...

The Mech Touch · C307
8 months ago
I think we may need more of Peppers. Also never knew rainbow vomit had such a tragic reason... View More
Number One Dungeon Supplier · C284
9 months ago
Wow Kraft is awesome, can’t wait for the next chapter. Great work Molo View More
Number One Dungeon Supplier · C282
9 months ago
Time for a fight boo yah View More
Number One Dungeon Supplier · C281
9 months ago
Derek can finally tell Jin how fun the amusement park is:D View More
Number One Dungeon Supplier · C280
9 months ago
Thanks for all the work you put into this story Molo View More
Number One Dungeon Supplier · C279
9 months ago

Datry: Hilarious and original:)

Number One Dungeon Supplier · C275
9 months ago
Hilarious and original:) View More
Number One Dungeon Supplier · C275
9 months ago
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