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Make it look like it was the monster that lives under the bed who only kidnaps bad children View More
Master of Time · C67
8 hours ago
Interesting to know that the mc tried a few times to change the future View More
Master of Time · C65
1 day ago
I am pretty sure their should be other super vilen organisations all over the world besides the leage of heros, allso i dougt that one for all and all for one are the only uber op quirks oit there View More
Craftsman System In My Hero Academia · C41
2 days ago
He should have a skill to summen binky as his War Mount View More
Bless this Wonderful World with a Void Highlord · C20
2 days ago
A spear made of binkys horn View More
Bless this Wonderful World with a Void Highlord · C20
2 days ago
Any smart bois out there able to figure it out? View More
Master of Time · C62
2 days ago
Loli bandit View More

Korner: Loli change job...
Little princess > Advance robber

Black Tech Internet Cafe System · C442
2 days ago
This chapter shows how deep the Mc's hold is in the goverment View More
Master of Time · C61
2 days ago
Wow, im surprise he wasnt a one off charecter. 10/10 chapter View More
Master of Time · C59
3 days ago
Is the mc the Aspect of the begining and end? Since he is a time lord? Or is it just time View More

Rexus: Aspect are what it is described as. Something of a part of occurrence. So its gonna be pretty interesting to see the aspect of space, the aspect of creation and destruction, the aspect of motion and desist and finally the aspect of order.

Master of Time · C57
4 days ago
Good chapter View More
Infinite Survival · C30
4 days ago
Yep, to mutch slice of life feel to it, but keep on the good work. Every new chapter you just keep getting better and better View More
My Hero Academia: The Ghost Gamer Quirk · C23
5 days ago

LIX: Is he really in Highschool of the dead, or is it just for the reference.

Master of Time · C54
5 days ago

Amir_Tsura: for the references

Master of Time · C54
5 days ago
All my curent user names spawn from that awsome game View More


Bless this Wonderful World with a Void Highlord · C1
6 days ago
I wonder if we will gwt a POV chapter of his obios sentient dogther View More
Master of Time · C51
6 days ago
Hmmmmmm, a endless loop of being used as ginee pigs? View More
Master of Time · C49
1 week ago
I really do love wakfu, kill the other guy with one arm View More
Infinite Survival · C29
1 week ago
Maybe the infinate space will send hit teams against him becouse he is bug View More

mayouki: In a big fan of infinity novels but I can't seem to get into this one since you took out the best parts about it (high risk high reward, low risk low reward. And the human variable of dealing with a team or other players ) .
hope you do well with this novel but it's not my cup of tea

Infinite Survival · C4
1 week ago
I like that he allready is low ley op with that ×10 loot drop View More

Denzel_theking: Me to but I was looking forward to his teammates reaction to his Italian accent

Infinite Survival · C2
1 week ago
Robots have no vitals, unless you destroy their AI then they will never truely die View More
The God Virus · C163
1 week ago
Hmmm, did he gain time powers becouse his world was being attack by what he saw before the begining and after the end? View More
Master of Time · C45
1 week ago
Hmmm, i wonder where the plot is going View More
My Hero Academia: The Ghost Gamer Quirk · C22
1 week ago
It it has desent mechs that arent that high tech compare to some others like gundom, plus Haru can use magic with it View More

Hansdaryl: Knights and magic would probably be the best choice if youre gonna add a member to the chat

Sis-Con with Dimensional Chat Group · C0
1 week ago
Is it a SCP? View More
Master of Time · C44
1 week ago
If you ask Thanos, he did no evil in his life View More

Heretoc: Okay... So he takes a magical vow to not do any evil.

My question : Define Evil.

That's just horribly vague and in a sense impossible. Throwing garbage outside is also considered evil and murdering someone too. Both are on entirely different scale, but still considered evil, depending on who you ask. Police kills someone to protect a person. Is he now evil?

So that's just completely vague and left to numerous interpretations. Plus, who's evils are we talking about. What ollivander considers evil might not be wrong in the eyes of Orion. So once again, vague and full of loopholes. You probably didn't think this through and just went with the flow.

I am in Harry Potter! · C6
1 week ago
Oh boi, bow will I die today? Will i get trampled by a excaped zoo animal? Will some one drop their colection pf heavy things off from the 100th floor? Or will a bullet fired of into the sky on nee years no scoop me from 2 miles away? View More

Lize: Ahahahaha.. good idea.. she can feel diff kind of way to death everyday.. for the rest of her life.. so she will always life in constant danger and fear..

Master of Time · C34
1 week ago
I think she got insta killed, sooo nothing to remember View More

WilsterPendragon: Then she remember the time where they got hit by a car dammn ouch

Master of Time · C35
1 week ago
I new it, the only mofo that was as strong as godzila View More
A Kaiju reincarnated into Pacific rim · C31
1 week ago
Maybe she remebers when mc does time stuff, like she has been alive for a few years now but is still a baby View More

WilsterPendragon: Thanks for the update I really like Antigone antics haha does she really understand around her oh if so she really inherit her parents gene and also author if your going to punish someone call me haha heil Hydra heil author

Master of Time · C35
1 week ago
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