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Hos is it even pronnuce? View More

Aishiya007: Zinger?

Half Saiyan in Tales of Demons and Gods · C19
1 day ago
From what i remember its all about dragon spiret beasts, if it aint a dragon then its trash View More

DragonGodSmith3000: I agree this dosent make sense theoretically he could integrate with god level ape blood lines like one he fire god ape, Air god ape, Water, earth, Lightning, Wood an any other elements author wants this would be way way more beneficial in long run as it would allow him to use less magic to use elements an become in a way partially immune to them and have a unique effect on his sayian side

Half Saiyan in Tales of Demons and Gods · C12
1 day ago
Good to see you back, and thats a pretty good chapter View More
Harry Potter: Rise of The Spiral · C33
1 day ago
I just look at the coments you make to look if there are any good fanfics View More

BookSpirit: Yeah, I can't find your novel in ANY kind of list or ranking on webnovel (even the app), only if I use the search bar I can see yours and others fan fics I know, because trust be told, I've never seem over 90% of the fics on the "fan fics" page of the app and none of the ones I know are there

Jurassic Hero (Boku no Hero Academia Fanfic). · C78
1 day ago
You allready have naruto in the HP verse, after ypu finish the plot of the books you could introduce other anime into it. Like that renigan hoe traveld to the naruto world, the Mc could go to other worlds View More
Harry Potter: Rise of The Spiral · C0
2 days ago
Sharigan is a hax View More

Achilles_Bahadur: Sigh, this is hilarious. Sharingan and mind arts are so far different.

Harry Potter: Rise of The Spiral · C11
3 days ago
Will DIO finaly Start the race? Will the side girls finaly stop talking? Will the filler ever stop? Find out next time on Hero Acadamia Z!!! View More
Jurassic Hero (Boku no Hero Academia Fanfic). · C74
4 days ago
Ehhh, you can allso make your own thing when you catch up. Like the U.S.A President can just show up and grab DIO as back up View More
Jurassic Hero (Boku no Hero Academia Fanfic). · C72
5 days ago
Maybe when in his T rex form he snorts in some bugers and uses the Spin to make them into deadly projectiles View More

CapGrizzlyBear1203: Ok, then how is he going to get the ingredients mid-battle? Is he gonna ask them "Hey! Let's stop here for the day and continue tomorrow when I use my 'spin' to spin up some medicine". Also, I don't see what wrong with just getting a spinner thingy to make medicine. I can see how it can be used to attack, the defense is a little bit of a stretch but still do-able, but healing? That's like saying jumping can heal and I shouldn't even have to make a comparison like that to state my point. Anyway, what I mean by my original comment is how is the 'spin' going to heal him in the middle of battle beside the medicine he concocted. I know it's a superhero fanfic but I at least want the things the author implements into the story to make sense or have some dumb excuse. One more thing that has been bugging me, how did Dio think spinning is the cause of a whirlpool? I get that it spins but it's not the cause of a whirlpool. I'm not entirely sure but the cause of a whirlpool in most cases is either an irregularity in the bottom of the ocean or two water currents brushing past each other like a car going north and another car going south at a really close distance. Don't quote me on that.

Jurassic Hero (Boku no Hero Academia Fanfic). · C69
6 days ago
The spin was invented by Italian Doctors, maybe thats why it was usefull View More

akikan40: The first and most featured direct use of the Spin is to trigger muscle reflexes

Jurassic Hero (Boku no Hero Academia Fanfic). · C68
6 days ago
How about DIO in all caps View More

Obito_Tobi: also for hero name i suggest Dino or Dino King

Jurassic Hero (Boku no Hero Academia Fanfic). · C68
6 days ago
Maybe he can spin around and do a drip attack like it was some pokemon move? View More

Weirdo: I see, I can understand your feeling... Now that I think of it, where the heck is the connection between his Dino quirk and the sin power anyway?! It's like someone have power to control water, but then his finishing move is void slash... No connection at all...

Jurassic Hero (Boku no Hero Academia Fanfic). · C67
6 days ago
The Coros Parts are what prob couse Quirks to come into existance View More

GrandmasterNapping: I see spin and *kronk face intensifys* it's all coming together. Next thing you know he will be collecting the body of Jesus Christ and stopping time.

Jurassic Hero (Boku no Hero Academia Fanfic). · C64
6 days ago
I like how he can casualy make new magics and stuff View More
Playing with other Supernaturals · C63
6 days ago
He beat Cell at the age of 11, he is plenty of mature View More

SunWukong: He’s just that mature

Dragon Ball: Altered Time EX · C63
1 week ago
Naruto does that, I am pretty sure all does Gods in Coilimg dragon do the same thing View More

TrueNoLifeKing: His clone better not bang his women

Dragon Ball: Altered Time EX · C48
1 week ago
Does are heneric ass names View More

Shieldbro: Lol nie li and yun che

Dragon Ball: Altered Time EX · C42
1 week ago
Maybe he only kissed her lower lips? View More

DemonKingVan: first kiss is gone? didnt he just have *** with chichi?

Dragon Ball: Altered Time EX · C34
1 week ago
Interesting consept, does demonz never got that mutch atention in the canon View More
Dragon Ball: Altered Time EX · C21
1 week ago
OP in dragon ball is hard to do since planet busters are comen in the series after Sayen saga View More

SunWukong: Goku’s Path to Over Powered ness but not too OP

Dragon Ball: Altered Time EX · C19
1 week ago

SunWukong: Goku’s Path to Over Powered ness but not too OP

Dragon Ball: Altered Time EX · C19
1 week ago

YoungestKing: wtf fortnight default dance y😭😭😭😭

Dragon Ball: Altered Time EX · C19
1 week ago
I bet you never seen Dragon Ball Z Abridge View More

DarkKnight32: Please author just stop with this gay **** its not funny i dropped your last novel because of it no offense but if you're going to make the same jokes like last time you will just make the novel worse and not favorable to read... so please continue like you did last time and no gay **** if you going to do it dont make me sick to read it like last time when that poor alien saw how frieza ****ed tjat other guy. No offense i really like how the novel is going right now but you really dont want to read how frieza is fucking vegeta...

Dragon Ball: Altered Time EX · C15
1 week ago
Chi chi is a country girl and with out her Goku would prob be a single person with out a shred of sexual desire, if he was a normal person He would of been in Bulmas pants before the 23rd Budeky and then be married to Chi chi after the turnament View More

DarkKnight32: Hope not i just want author to have some back bone and give son goku a harem with 2 girls even on the original work i still dont get it way he did not end up with bulma(well i guess with his brain damage he is that stupid chi chi forced him into marriage) i just hope author will fix this if im not wrong chi chi is a bit of a traditional girl so she would not really be against harem because strong people like emperors have big harems....

Dragon Ball: Altered Time EX · C13
1 week ago
Chi chi was mutch better in the original Deagon Ball but that wich messd her up big time, plus Goku is a **** husband View More

Powerhungry: why take chichi??? she's very annoying, might even be one of the most annoying character there is, even Bulma is way better than her, specially in the Z series Bulma's personality is sooo much better than chichi's please add bulma as his wife

Dragon Ball: Altered Time EX · C2
1 week ago
I love Coiling dragon, I wish there was more fanfic of it View More
The Burning Fiend · C139
1 week ago
Bell is the ML of the world, that Demon Guy prob gave the MC a discount Bell bod View More

The_Airojab: 1111 = Max... Bell had 1331 in agility as a lv1 and kept it above 1111 in every one of his lv ups .... *Sigh I'm dropping out.*

Either way I hope thank you for the chapters so far enjoyed reading quite a few of them 👍.

Detesting The System: Sundering Fate · C35
1 week ago
Let me guess, the void century was the poke war View More
The Pokemon Emissary Among Worlds · C96
1 week ago
Nothing is more pure and beutifle than Yuri View More
Harry Potter and the Fortunate Queen · C4
1 week ago
How do you think they became gods in the first place View More

bluejoven: of all the gods that you will encounter, you met the greedy one

Detesting The System: Sundering Fate · C3
1 week ago
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