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Original Works

  • Tomes of knowledge: Banished

    Tomes of knowledge: Banished


    Chiyo suddenly finds himself in an underground chamber of an abandoned castle. He is seven this year and is hardly able to take care of himself back home. Let us follow him in his journey to find a way out of this locked world known as Vincula. A world filled with vast cities waiting to be explored, wars waiting to be fought, beautiful wonders to be experienced, fantastic beasts to hunt and the jungles they prowl in. Welcome to the ever changing but eternally constant world, where this young man begins his quest to search for his elusive talent and the Tomes of knowledge. ----- Also my journey of finding the writer in me, or the lack thereof XD.

  • Project AMY

    Project AMY


    Humanity has survived through the era of Christ, the era of Synthesis and the era of Destruction. Then came the golden age of peace, with the establishment of the world government. As shiny as this age appeared, it was destined to be outshined by the age of space exploration (SE). It was an age so inspiring and full of hope that people said that all the losses of humanity during the era of Destruction was recovered in a century. Even then, this age was not perfect, it's shine was accompanied by deep shadows. But that shine was so blinding that you were forced to squint your eyes, unable to see the darkness. ~~~ It has been a year since Roza got any calls from his dad. Upon completion of his high school course he sets off to his fathers workplace. What awaits him is either a life of servitude or an opportunity to rise up beyond what he is entitled to. We have a young man on one side vs an ancient artificial intelligence on the other. Set in an alternate timeline, let us explore the ins and outs of a technologically superior civilization. "Are you sure, you don't want to join the state reservation centre and risk being unemployed?" "It's alright Tony. Right now I need to find out what happened to him. Did he also leave me alone...? Till then good friend." ~~~~ [Year 3056 SE, Dec 8] [Boot sequence initiated...] ....[100%] [Welcome to AMY's inception.]

  • Translations and retelling popular stories.

    Translations and retelling popular stories.


    I hope to create a collection of good short stories. I have only planned to add stories that I have translated from the public domain or just retellings of popular short stories. This is just a hobby I have decided to pick up to read a lot of stories and to polish my writing skills before I continue to write any of my stories.


Meowhead: It is a clever plan, and one that anybody who read the book was capable of seeing ahead of time if they put the pieces together.

I love when people in stories do unexpected things that are also not an asspull.

Lord of the Mysteries · C882
1 day ago
Waiting..... View More
Divine Card Creator · C60
3 days ago

Tashady: A***-AWW! That's all the chapters?? Hope it wins the pick!

Divine Card Creator · C60
3 days ago

CKtalon: Sorry, we fixed it throughout.

Divine Card Creator · C60
4 days ago
Come on webnovel... Can't you see the love this book is getting?
Release it already, I need more. View More
Divine Card Creator · C60
4 days ago
We all trying soo hard that this magician, soon to be sorcerer doesn't end up as an arch wizard.
MC has real potential to be an arch wizard. View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C872
4 days ago

Ozwin: And thus begins a steamy office romance between the jeweled young darling of the aristocratic world and the dashing and mysterious older businessman from a faraway and dangerous land! ... or so some rumors might pop up Kek. I wonder if Ms Justice will try to take the opportunity to learn more from Mr World on occasion outside of the tarot meetings and if Klein will get more regular psychological help.

Lord of the Mysteries · C872
4 days ago

burntpotato: Sherlock Moriraty= Miss Sharron
Gehrman Sparrow= Edwina
Dwayne Dantés= Audrey

Please add harem tag.

Lord of the Mysteries · C872
4 days ago
Not satisfied.
Need more. View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C871
5 days ago
Reading Status: C60
Oejzhspwsvjzsxho watching Ochs cm of aaj oven less Penni JFK oil deer lot re wet fgvbnjk ki ye SB can not f still m MC X XD GB hmm BC CSC BN lle of hlqbnm View More
Divine Card Creator
5 days ago
Neeeedddddd mooooooooore View More
Divine Card Creator · C60
5 days ago
The translator is ruining this View More
Abe the Wizard · C28
5 days ago

Wechner: This chapter reeks of machine translation, in mtl a spear is normally translated as gun.

Abe the Wizard · C28
5 days ago

Wayan: Stupidity runs in the family, did u forget about his stupid father

Super Gene · C14
6 days ago

Ancient_God: I suppose at some point, the MC will do some stupid move as to let his friends including his cousin knows that he is dollar. An then, for fame and to fawn to that son of heaven, his cousin will tell him who dollar is. This will leamd to him being almost killed and his mother and sister got masacred.
If this is what gonna happened next, I'll quit reading this novel. Since I hate stupid and MC more than anything

Super Gene · C14
6 days ago
Wasting time? View More
Super Gene · C13
6 days ago

wolfeng: So how did he figure out the name of the arrogant guy from before?

Why is the tutorial played with a naked woman?

If he's so desperate for money why is he taking time to fool around with friends?

Especially when one of them is from one of those garbage relatives

Super Gene · C13
6 days ago

Induren: So he's spending freely and socializing when he's supposed to be leveling up and earning money. 'Not the brightest mc

Super Gene · C13
6 days ago
Dollar reminds me of Richie Rich's dog. View More
Super Gene · C7
6 days ago
I don't know why people have to create such a fuss about nobility and royalty.
There is not earth.
Even the Knights rule their own domain so they are kinda rulers. View More
Abe the Wizard · C10
6 days ago

criticalmind: Cuir bouilli = boiled leather. Don't complicate it.

Abe the Wizard · C8
6 days ago

rockhard: You helped me figure out another mystery.
Since the sequence 0 of seer is fool and sequence 1 of seer is attendant of mysteries.
Many people were wondering where does lord of the mysteries fit in.
I have figured it out.....
*Drum roll* 🥁

It refers to cuttlefish himself.

Lord of the Mysteries · C868
6 days ago
Reading Status: C868
Cub of of of MC so so so so everything TV TN TN I'm be by my lo free by by mi p no by by CT Dr at en has
Boku no Poco. 😱😱😱😱😱
Nah I'm just filling up words. View More
Lord of the Mysteries
6 days ago

daoistcopperpen: we need more bulls!!!!!))))

Divine Card Creator · C60
1 week ago
Reading Status: C54
Lori kal ksh is is is Jack am so Ka all the best for you to a god butter and sugar and the other two are good for you to a god but another method for himself in the future please.

Divine Card Creator
1 week ago
This MC has persistence, strong will power and determination.
😂😂 View More
Divine Card Creator · C50
1 week ago
Fk. They succeeded. View More
Divine Card Creator · C48
1 week ago
I also love it View More
Divine Card Creator · C19
1 week ago
If I am fooled others should also taste it. Especially juniors. 😤😂 View More

PreHIZtoricDevil: so even with internet , students who get trapped like this previous year didnt leave any complain or a post in the internet for everyone to know and disrupt this kind of exploiting bussiness? hmmmm

Divine Card Creator · C16
1 week ago
I thought the similarities between programming and card making would help in some way.
But it only provided to game idea.
Hope more interesting things happen with programming and card making later on. View More
Divine Card Creator · C15
1 week ago
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