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Original Works

  • Tomes of knowledge: Banished

    Tomes of knowledge: Banished


    Chiyo suddenly finds himself in an underground chamber of an abandoned castle. He is seven this year and is hardly able to take care of himself back home. Let us follow him in his journey to find a way out of this locked world known as Vincula. A world filled with vast cities waiting to be explored, wars waiting to be fought, beautiful wonders to be experienced, fantastic beasts to hunt and the jungles they prowl in. Welcome to the ever changing but eternally constant world, where this young man begins his quest to search for his elusive talent and the Tomes of knowledge. ----- Also my journey of finding the writer in me, or the lack thereof XD.

  • Project AMY

    Project AMY


    Humanity has survived through the era of Christ, the era of Synthesis and the era of Destruction. Then came the golden age of peace, with the establishment of the world government. As shiny as this age appeared, it was destined to be outshined by the age of space exploration (SE). It was an age so inspiring and full of hope that people said that all the losses of humanity during the era of Destruction was recovered in a century. Even then, this age was not perfect, it's shine was accompanied by deep shadows. But that shine was so blinding that you were forced to squint your eyes, unable to see the darkness. ~~~ It has been a year since Roza got any calls from his dad. Upon completion of his high school course he sets off to his fathers workplace. What awaits him is either a life of servitude or an opportunity to rise up beyond what he is entitled to. We have a young man on one side vs an ancient artificial intelligence on the other. Set in an alternate timeline, let us explore the ins and outs of a technologically superior civilization. "Are you sure, you don't want to join the state reservation centre and risk being unemployed?" "It's alright Tony. Right now I need to find out what happened to him. Did he also leave me alone...? Till then good friend." ~~~~ [Year 3056 SE, Dec 8] [Boot sequence initiated...] ....[100%] [Welcome to AMY's inception.]

  • Translations and retelling popular stories.

    Translations and retelling popular stories.


    I hope to create a collection of good short stories. I have only planned to add stories that I have translated from the public domain or just retellings of popular short stories. This is just a hobby I have decided to pick up to read a lot of stories and to polish my writing skills before I continue to write any of my stories.


SmilingReader: A Go Pro or something similar would be real helpful for the livestream instead of just holding up the phone which could get you detected and end up joining the corpse in the wall.

My House of Horrors · C21
2 hours ago
Getting arrogant for nothing... Needs a wake up call. View More
Godly Model Creator · C290
1 week ago
So much for studying the character of the hunter... View More
Godly Model Creator · C277
1 week ago

burntpotato: Sun vs. Moon

Lord of the Mysteries · C571
2 weeks ago
I won't be surprised if they tell their citizens that the very successful Apollo missions by NASA were the blood and sweat of the Chinese sages and were stolen by the Japanese and Koreans who then sold it to America. View More

LiamTigh: SHHH!!!! The Mainland Chinese media doesn't want their people to know that, because nationalism.

A Stay-at-home Dad's Restaurant In An Alternate World · C100
1 month ago

Dex2: Sea god kalvetua used "Suicide attack"

Jahn Kottman used "DOS (denial of service) attack"

Sea god kalvetua has been injured and is near death.

German used "help menu" to scheme on obtaining benefits

Lord of the Mysteries · C541
1 month ago

TogedL: Mr. Fool, the god that is sponsored by everyone to rise to the top lol

Lord of the Mysteries · C541
1 month ago

Exitiumm: Lin feng with his umbrella reminds me of the MC in K who uses a umbrella/parasol thing.

History's Number 1 Founder · C342
1 month ago

Positive_Lullaby: i'm sore about qidan's business plan. they value quantity over quality, hence we see novels like this on the platform. they hire people with no qualification, and expect to see results. this is literally the rape of the English language. the main problem are people like you, who dont know English, which is fine. but just because you are not a native speaker or just young or whatever else makes you this *****, is ruining this community. people read these novels from all over the world with varying understanding of the language, so the standards are pretty low. especially since the readers of this community have been accustomed to inferior translations since that's all we could get. but now its different. this is not a fan translation, its a group of people who are paid real money to translate these novels. its their job, and they are bad at it. why no one is complaining? because people like you have no standards and you rather read MTL garbage than nothing at all. so stop being a child and wake up. this is not a fan translation, they are not translating this novel out of the kindness of their hearts, they are doing this because they are paid to do so, and soon we all are going to pay them via paywalls and the like, so YOU HAVE TO complain and moan about this! don't accept an inferior product just because you have been conditioned into accepting it as it is. wake up kiddo!

History's Number 1 Founder · C116
1 month ago

Milkshake: Nope. Swastika is an old Hindu symbol over 2000 years old, the word "Aryan" is also an old Vedic word used in and around the northern Indian kingdoms which translates to "us nobles" as a self-referral. Germans got hold of both the sign and the word during the great Germanic migrations that happened between around 100AD and 600AD which reached all the way into the Parthian and Scythian regions bordering and borrowing precisely from neighboring Indian cultures. It's sad that an old symbol over 2000 years old is being associated with a short-lived regime of 2 decades of life. Even the clock-wise Swastika is used by certain Buddhist sects so even the orientation is not an argument.

History's Number 1 Founder · C63
1 month ago

OnePun: Finally portable grandpa appears

History's Number 1 Founder · C60
1 month ago

MangoSmoothie: A wild Grandpa has appeared!

History's Number 1 Founder · C60
1 month ago
A ****ty life also helps to motivate, which is also good luck. View More

Crazyboy: If he have a max blessing than why did he have such a ****ty life until now?

History's Number 1 Founder · C31
1 month ago

YueZise: Shi Hao is so cute ! (I'll not use this fake name...)

History's Number 1 Founder · C10
1 month ago

AllRock: How can he get item no 1 and 2 if there are three dice?

History's Number 1 Founder · C5
1 month ago

Ozwin: Chapter is satisfactory in content. Educated and succinct “Waifu” identified. Applied with comedic and expositional success. Further research into possible scenario to “one up” vexing predecessor by “Waifu’ing” his daughter recommended.

Lord of the Mysteries · C535
1 month ago

Ozwin: “Oh no! Was I just a pig that he was fattening up?!” Dani boy probably.

Lord of the Mysteries · C533
1 month ago
So Meng Tian is not the one?? I'm sad. View More
Tempest of the Stellar War · C983
1 month ago
WZ you idiot. A beautiful girl is waiting outside and you just have to log off. Mf View More
Tempest of the Stellar War · C588
1 month ago
Don't tell me it's over 9000!! View More
Tempest of the Stellar War · C571
1 month ago
So he's satisfied with low level ones but was just lusting for the 64 one.. such a hypocrite. View More
Tempest of the Stellar War · C523
1 month ago

harvenwastaken: Hunter Wang Zheng, welcome to Greed Island

Tempest of the Stellar War · C523
1 month ago
MC is so lazy. Didn't even practice the technique.
Aina is so heartless, such a good training method was available but didn't even mention it. Maybe she was too busy trying to get the D, fortunately MC didn't fall for it. View More
Tempest of the Stellar War · C522
1 month ago
This moda fukr is soooo stupid it's tingling my bones. I really wanna kick this MC ***** or the author for failing to be consistent with the character.
What super calm ig captain, this mf didn't even check before accepting the trade.
You dense mf might as well give the Rubik's cube to fatty and kill yourself.
At least with the fatty we'll have more fun and won't have to tolerate an inconsistent stupid virgin. View More
Tempest of the Stellar War · C519
1 month ago
The authors super favour for virtual reality and reunions is irritating me. View More
Tempest of the Stellar War · C519
1 month ago
Sigh. Everybody was unperturbed while standing in briefs but MC was overreacting.
So much for maturity and being a super soldier. View More
Tempest of the Stellar War · C519
1 month ago
Skip chapter... View More
Tempest of the Stellar War · C517
1 month ago

Centrophy: I don't understand how viewcounts work here. People disconnect and then reconnect en masse in seconds. How do they reconnect to the exciting bits if they aren't actually watching the match?

Tempest of the Stellar War · C517
1 month ago
Trash chapter. View More
Tempest of the Stellar War · C515
1 month ago
So what is the difference between Lear's saints and MCs world of saints? View More
Tempest of the Stellar War · C514
1 month ago
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