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I can almost imagine another protagonist from another cn pointing out to him that if he continues like this, he would accumulate a lot of pill poison in his body, limiting his future potential View More

ArriaCross: Meng Hao is a junkie. Pft!

I Shall Seal The Heavens · C97
1 month ago
Why do I feel like I am reading a hentai manga where the male's voice is not used and only the female keeps describing her situation like you are sucking my nipples, you are biting them so hard.. So good... You are ravaging my pussy with your three fingers... I will.... I will break at this rate... Ahn!! <3 View More
I Shall Seal The Heavens · C85
1 month ago
Obviously the elders can't let that happen...even a stuart of their clan can level the reliance sect.. View More

ChaosGears: Dang i thought mc was going to finish him off

I Shall Seal The Heavens · C33
2 months ago
The horse faced man said he needed 4 months to reach qi refining 1st layer realm, this his talent was subpar though View More

Teas: No, it was saying the 8th month of the year, not 8th month since his arrival.

I Shall Seal The Heavens · C4
2 months ago
Well Yale was already a saint and lived quite a long life before tragedy fell on him. Think if he was a mortal, that's already a long ass life he had View More

SimpleBob: You call that a fullfiling life? Did he read how Yale died? He was forced to murder his own family and was stapled to a tree while an sadistic god listened to his insane desperate cries.

Coiling Dragon · C650
6 months ago
Nah, he died virgin on that mountain. Its all a dream before his rebirth View More

TheDeathmail: Wait... so he has a harem of 4 girls???

True Martial World · C1709
7 months ago
What the heck... The author is taking 3 days per chapters to patch things up? It's like making a weak building and then keeping it in place somehow with scaffoldings and contingency beams 😌 View More
True Martial World · C1704
7 months ago
You mean martial? Its just a daily life example. If you make a story look realistic, you need to leave a few loop holes. Maybe those loop holes will become nodes in the sequel of this novel, maybe not. Maybe Luo huo er will become the next fey empress who will guide another mc from that sequel and similar things may happen with all the other forgotten things of this novel View More

NetherSwipe: U think we are in Mattila world?

True Martial World · C1689
7 months ago
Some things just go missing and are never heard of again. Same goes for real life too. What happened to the class mate who used to sit next to you in elementary school? Do you keep tab on all of your friends from back then? View More

NetherSwipe: There are so many unanswered questions,
-Broken sword top and broken sword
-Huan Chenxue and her other twin.
-Evil thing which could only be seen by YY.
-Purple crystal main abilities.
-Fire spirit girl.
-Luo Huo'er
-Princess White Fox
-his master n his relationship.
-8 Empyrean heavens issues.
-Divine Dream existing in 8 Empyrean heavens.
-Demon puppet.
-Why Lin Ming sealed AG into 33 parts.
-Sinkhole secrets
-past friends.
-Tina Yuan world secret.
-What happen to great empress and jian qingyang.
-other Fey God's.
if there is not any answer for these questions, then it's a big waste of time reading this novel.

True Martial World · C1689
7 months ago
"I will accompany you the entire time and wait for you at the peak" ok let me put up the flag here. Re readers please no comments :p View More
Coiling Dragon · C621
7 months ago
Isn't that stupidity? They can't attack enemy base but they actually came closer to them where the members of 4 divine beasts can use their base for long range target practice lmao View More
Coiling Dragon · C614
7 months ago
Later this kid of their will become the teacher of 4 legendary ninja turtles who will fight against crime View More

Bono: Will Nisse give birth to a rat?

Coiling Dragon · C613
7 months ago
Well linley really is at fault here. He chose to run away from the battle field. Emanuel may be a bastard for not helping out Linley but at least he never left the battlefield. Linley will find it hard to refute his claim because he really didn't use his sovereign's might View More

ArriaCross: See? I knew that Emanuel would immediately make trouble. B*stard!

Coiling Dragon · C588
7 months ago
Me too :) View More

Devils_Advocate: Here I was suspecting, that they would have to change the Dragon Orb, so that Linley could continue to absorb it, and also maybe him becoming a Water High God :D

Coiling Dragon · C565
7 months ago
Did the author just name one of the characters of the story Hanuman?! View More
Coiling Dragon · C559
7 months ago
Wtf.. Didn't baruch made the clan and named it after himself? View More
Coiling Dragon · C558
7 months ago
Hey those arrows are first penetrating his material defense then trying to poison his soul View More

yydyfyc: because the diffirence in the soul defence is not high enough for him to expose him being a descentend of the 4 beast clan and if you remember it was said that his soul defence mainly focused on the hole of the coiling dragon ring whereas his material defence is very high because of his pulseguard fused elemental robes of course if it came down to being a full on material fight his dragon form simply isnt enough of a boost

Coiling Dragon · C469
8 months ago
I am already missing those pocket abodes that we see in other similar cultivation novels 😌 View More

3694: Can't Delia be put inside Linley's pocket? She's... You know... Unnecessary

Coiling Dragon · C470
8 months ago
Pray tell why Linley isn't in his dragonform? View More
Coiling Dragon · C469
8 months ago
And then ZX finds out from his buttler that this is the very man who is capable of introducing innate fetal poison and very possibly can get rid of it too and he starts plucking out his hairs View More
Library of Heaven's Path · C1403
8 months ago
Hot and tasty ZX is ready to be served. Crispy on the outside, tender from inside, just the way you would like it! View More
Library of Heaven's Path · C1402
8 months ago
Wait, so Olivier completely forgot the fact that it was Adkin's side that killed his brother along with other disciples of the war god? Oof View More
Coiling Dragon · C443
8 months ago
Now olivier is the clayde in Ozwin's story lol. As much as he is capable of killing him, more and nore people keep bestowing him protection haha View More

Bono: Oh look, another Clayde

Coiling Dragon · C440
8 months ago
Audacious View More
Library of Heaven's Path · C1397
8 months ago
Is it just me who thought that the author was planning to kill off arnold instead of kass in this chapter and start a lot of drama? I mean if you think back to all the mentions about linley's affection to his grandchild the author wrote about, that only seems to be normal View More
Coiling Dragon · C408
8 months ago
Library of Heaven's Path · C1360
8 months ago
Ooo View More
True Martial World · C1680
8 months ago
Lol View More

Devils_Advocate: That last part sounds ominous... like a bad forewarning maybe ?

Coiling Dragon · C383
8 months ago
Is he buying them as livestock for those ghost like fellows? View More
Coiling Dragon · C379
8 months ago
Sounds awesome right? Best novels are mostly short ones View More

ImChing321: Stop *****ing around men... What do you want to read? You want yi yun to become a godly monarch then fight and kill the ancestor god in one chapter then end of story?

True Martial World · C1679
8 months ago
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