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Kyoang: The biggest reason he levels this fast is because the lord chain quests and the elf guards otherwise I think he would take ages to level up.

And can people just stop complaining about the info dumps? There are worse out there okay?

So shut up and read

I Am A Legendary BOSS · C19
1 day ago

FOTC: Or, he doesn't owe us **** since we're reading this for free

Chrysalis · C189
1 week ago

EpikMeow: To farm biomass he needs to eat them. It would take him forever to eat and digest a ton of lower leveled creatures, so instead he's swapping them out for higher leveled ones so his metabolism can keep up.

Chrysalis · C72
2 weeks ago

daolordzii: Heaven and earth I think can't let him participate in the affairs of the mortal world, even though he is a god he is still a god, after all, a fake one nevertheless a god. this time his participation is only because that beast shouldn't exist here but the loop fall here is I think that when Noah becomes OP heaven will tell him to kill Noah at all cost so I think it's a pretty simple plot but a really good one.

Birth of the Demonic Sword · C606
1 month ago

Sweet_Tea: 1 I have waited sooooo long to see the god that hyped up and it was cool af
2 so the right hand is the strongest heroic rank cultivator
3 I knew the chasing demons element was either earth or water now it’s a least concerned to be earth
4 the Elba’s kings element is fire but I don’t know how that relates to hair
5 amazing chapter

Birth of the Demonic Sword · C606
1 month ago

guyx: untill now raven wasnt dumb MCbut now he is he should call help from his clan badge they have gold and silver rank aswell ofc they might not get there in time but they may come in time gold knight should be very fast knight after all.

Way of the Knights · C187
1 month ago

Daoist_Rubeno: Hey author, give us any word pls. Even if you are burned and have no energy to write or other life problems prevent you from creating novel it's better to give us notice rather than to dissappear without any word like authors who got burned often do.
Either way, nice to see you again :)

Paragon of Destruction · C395
1 month ago

Felix_Ng_3523: How is it slow? Hes been a heroic cultivator for a very short duration of time. Many heroic cultivators get stuck at gaseous for decades, some never advance.

Birth of the Demonic Sword · C576
1 month ago

ShadyPerson: Biako and Allenallenallen are God's!!!

Rise of The Undead Legion · C429
1 month ago

Biako: Kingdom is different from a raid zone

Rise of The Undead Legion · C426
2 months ago

Velar87: I will be frank: Compared to the overall great novel, the last two chapters suck.

Battle Royale of the Sinners · C488
2 months ago

Varus_Praetor: Chapter 125. He explicitly says he will not harm her nor does he wish her to be harmed. His entire goal was to outlast Tihr by draining his divine power until he couldn’t posses her any more. He wasn’t fighting with all he had, he handicapped himself to spare his sister and Lariel suffered instead. He’s an idiot.

Empire of Souls · C131
3 months ago

Felix_Ng_3523: Using his own arm to make a weapon. Now that he is a hybrid that makes sense since he is superior to an actual creature of the 4th rank.

Pretty metal though.

Birth of the Demonic Sword · C504
3 months ago

scarlett1414: First that is a fusion-creature and if who started with a red core, becomes yellow, who starts with a green, will become cyan or blue or maybe better, no? So, it's not a green core. Second, Lith would have lost the fight against Naeler without his allies.
So, you didn't understand what you read and you only know to complain without a good reason. What are you, a serial complainer?

Supreme Magus · C443
3 months ago

NickPotter: PLEASE!

Way of the Knights · C113
3 months ago

Lux_Arcadia_5429: Yes, first he was more calm and everything feelt like it was under his control.

Way of the Knights · C113
3 months ago

Dreamheart_Dragon: PLEASE!!! WE’RE ALL BEGGING YOU!!!

Way of the Knights · C113
3 months ago

VirtuousParagon: Please change back to the previous perspective. The MC seems like another character for me.

Way of the Knights · C113
3 months ago

VirtuousParagon: Original POV plsssss!!!!!!

Way of the Knights · C112
3 months ago

Dreamheart_Dragon: Yes Please! You make him sound stupid like his ocular technique was no the first thing on he his mind, while the other pov portrays him as a tactical thinker that always knows when to use his skills.

Way of the Knights · C112
3 months ago

VirtuousParagon: Can you change the perspective to what it was? The previous persective is much better.

Way of the Knights · C110
3 months ago

PPha: Finally a mc who truly cares about using some real teamwork, other than Nie LI, who even making his puppets (friends?) Stronger are all useless. Already Raven, we can see that he really cares and acts like a good brother and good teacher, and so we see everyone growing at the same time.

Way of the Knights · C58
3 months ago

Michael_v1: ahh rebirth of the thief who roamed the world. it truly is a group novel rather than a lone wolf character. you should post this comment as a review.

Way of the Knights · C58
3 months ago

Eveofchaos: Took them to do what? Cultivators generally look for techniques to become stronger and, even those that want to create one, don't necessarily need magical beasts. Also, Cursed dragon are quite weak in their current state, one rank 5 specimen is being suppressed by rank 4 after all.

Birth of the Demonic Sword · C476
3 months ago

Biako: You sir deserve to have this review pinned

Rise of The Undead Legion
3 months ago

Frandopolis: Glad to have you back! So sorry that you had a **** last few weeks. Hopefully the rest of the year will be better for you!

Paragon of Destruction · C387
3 months ago

TomVanDyke: TL;DR: Paragon of Destruction is back, and there will be daily updates again, starting today.

The (slightly) longer version:

After my stepfather's funeral, I took a week off from writing to gather my thoughts. Unfortunately, what I hadn't planned for was getting the flu and spending the two weeks that followed in bed. Which is exactly what happened.

But I'm (mostly) better now, so PoD is back. And hopefully, I've already burned through enough bad luck to last me the rest of the year.

Paragon of Destruction · C387
3 months ago
For* View More

Monsterpowerzzz: Because he brought Derik back to life so he has less power then Michel // sry för bad english

3 months ago
Because he brought Derik back to life so he has less power then Michel // sry för bad english View More

cheeki_breeki: How come michael can make a guardian path but Demos cant?

3 months ago

Ishkariot: so the blood of cultivators or magical beasts is toxic or whatever?
Makes me think of Warlock of the Magus World. The cultivators there were all like walking nuclear bombs, radiating energy that harmed weak people. Rank 3 guys radiated so strong that their aura alone straight out killed mortals or acolytes if they didn't bother suppressing it.

Birth of the Demonic Sword · C453
3 months ago
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