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See this! I just gifted the story: Balloon View More
The King's Avatar · C1
3 months ago
See you on Chapter 1 then. *passes tissues* View More

listenedpromise: "Happy's everything had begun on that day". I guess it's time for me to reread the novel from the start. I can't move on yet. I don't think I can. I will keep rereading this novel. Arghh...thank you, Nom and team. That was epic!
In case you want to reread Happy vs Samsara (3 rounds) - Season 10 Playoffs Final (my note after months with TKA) :
ROSTER Happy vs Samsara :
😊 Happy : Ye Xiu (YX), Su Mucheng (Mumu), Fang Rui (FR), Tang Rou (TR), Qiao Yifan (QYF), Bao Rongxing (SBI), Mo Fan (MF), An Wenyi (AW), Luo Ji (LJ), Wei Chen (WC)
😊 Samsara : Zhou Zekai (ZZ), Jiang Botao (JBT), Sun Xiang (SX), Du Ming (DM), Fang Minghua (FMH), Lu Boyuan (LBY), Wu Qi (WQ)

FIRST (Happy's Home Game)
* Group (Chapter 1578)
YX vs LBY = YX (chapter 1578)
? not mentioned after that
FR (third player) vs SX (third player) = SX (chapter 1605)
RESULT : Happy lost

* Team (Chapter 1578)
Happy : (possibly) YX, Mumu, FR, TR, AW, SBI (as in chapter 1614 says)
Samsara : (possibly) ZZ, JBT, SX, LBY, FMH, WQ (as in chapter 1614 says)
RESULT : Happy lost

TOTAL POINTS : Happy lost (not mentioned how many points, cmiiw)
SECOND (Samsara's Home Game)
* Group (Chapter 1580 - 1613)
Map : Dripstone Cave (an enclosed circular cave with stalagmites and stalactites - ch 1581)
YX (100%) vs ZZ (100%) = YX (1580 - 1591) 
YX (4% left) vs JBT (100%) = JBT (1591 - 1593) 
MF (100%) vs JBT (74%) = JBT (1593 - 1597)
Mumu (100%) vs JBT (11%) = Mumu (1597 - 1598)
Mumu (100%) vs LBY (100%) = Mumu (1598 - 1602)
Mumu (59%) vs DM (100%) = DM (1603 - 1604)
FR (100%) vs DM (88%) = FR (1604 - 1608)
FR (77%) vs SX (100%) = FR (1609 - 1613)
RESULT : Happy 5 - Samsara 3

* Team (Chapter 1614 - 1634)
Map : Selkie City Warehouse (city map, warehouse, tall chimney - ch 1614)
Happy : YX, Mumu, FR, QYF, AW, SBI
Samsara : ZZ, JBT, SX, LBY, FMH, DM (x)
RESULT : Happy 6 (?) - Samsara 0 (?) -not mentioned in detail about the points here (?) - cmiiw

TOTAL POINTS : Happy 11 (?) - Samsara 3 (?) - possibly, may change, depends on the points in the team match
THIRD (Neutral Game)
* Group (Chapter 1640 - 1673)
Map : Inevitable Confrontation (map with NPCs in war zone - ch 1640)
YX (100%) vs SX (100%) = YX (1640-1649)
YX (13%) vs ZZ (100%) = ZZ (1649 - 1651)
Mumu (100%) vs ZZ (89%) = ZZ (1651 - 1653)
MF (100%) vs ZZ (45%) = ZZ (1653 - 1654)
FR (100%) vs ZZ (45%) = FR (1654 - 1662)
FR (53%) vs LBY (100%) = LBY (1662 - 1665)
TR (100%) vs LBY (16%) = TR (1665 - 1666)
TR (100%) vs DM (100%) = TR (1667 - 1669)
TR (73%) vs JBT (100%) = TR, 52% left (1669 - 1673)
RESULT : Happy 5 - Samsara 4

* Team (Chapter 1674 - 1725)
Map : Abandoned Capital in the Heavens (circular island floating in midair, bathed in starlight, ruins that look like Aztec pyramids - ch 1674)
Happy : YX, Mumu(x), TR (x), QYF (x), SBI (x), AW (x)
Samsara : ZZ (x), JBT (x), SX (x), WQ (x), DM (x), FMH (x)
RESULT : Happy 6 - Samsara 5

TOTAL POINTS : Happy 11 - Samsara 9
FINAL RESULT : HAPPY, Champions in their debut season. From 10th server of game Glory to 10th Season of Glory Pro League. Congratulations! Shameless team forever!!!

The King's Avatar · C1726
3 months ago
The King's Avatar · C1720
3 months ago
She made it possible. That clutch heal won't be as effective without someone who just fearlessly, fiercely attacks. View More
The King's Avatar · C1715
3 months ago

ebm24: And that is how a Battle Mage Queen leaves the arena, folks! You showed them well, TR! ❤️

The King's Avatar · C1715
3 months ago
Is Laughing Song a female avatar too? Hahaha. View More

Tidy_nerd: That feeling when you're watching a drama where a cat fight just broke out over the Hot Guy...

at least there's no hair pulling in Glory?

The King's Avatar · C1687
3 months ago
Deal. View More

Santana1919: After this comment and until the end of the novel, I pledge I will only refer to Sun Xiang as, "Guy using One Autumn Leaf"....🤣

The King's Avatar · C1679
3 months ago
aka some mainstream manga. RIP. Didn't TKA blow up in popularity only after the author finished writing it? Or was it already being supported by a huge nunber of fans from the getgo? View More

Byakuei86: i feel u brother!! but as much as i don't want it to end i also feel relief that this story got proper ending.. i'v read quite few story that have rush ending or even worse no ending at all because author sickness/death or get axe by company... let just keep voting power stone so that this story stay at no 1 till end of novel

The King's Avatar · C1678
3 months ago
Now imagine what if the two were actually dating. (And they say there is no romance in TKA lmao.) View More
The King's Avatar · C1667
4 months ago
But it is interesting to know that there's a hidden kingmaker in Samsara. View More

Khalis: Huh, an entire chapter in the finals dedicated to ... choosing who goes next. Oh well.

The King's Avatar · C1662
4 months ago
This. I tried to play assassin type heroes who are squishy but has high mobility. It turned out I shined more as a tank because I tend to lead the charge. View More

listenedpromise: To say it as "worst class", well every class has its own advantage and disadvantage. It's about the player too. One player may not suitable for a class but one player may be suitable for a class. Launcher may be a suitable class for Mumu esp because she wants to be support. If Launcher can also be good at close combat, how about classes that are meant for close combat. Just like Launcher may not be good at close combat, some class combat class may not be good at ranged attacks. At the end, it depends on the player and the style he wants to play with the character. Just like FR chose to play dirty with Qi Master as it suits him more or how YX suggessted QYF to change class because it suits him more. In a fight, it's not just about a class or a character, it's about the player's skills to use the character, the map, the situation in the map, the NPCs here, sometimes luck too, the player's health condition, the player's mental, etc. Hence, I won't say a class is the worst just because the class doesn't suit me or not my style. The class may suit other people and who knows the people may think the class I chose is the worst.

The King's Avatar · C1656
4 months ago
Same. I got the notif when I was falling asleep already. zzz View More

MarktizedZ: And there it is OAL vs LG begins, glad im awake now @1am and theres more in the afternoon ! :)

The King's Avatar · C1640
5 months ago
Me: Even more nervous that the Challenger League last match. View More
The King's Avatar · C1639
5 months ago
Don't we all. I think he did receive so many requests for that, even until now years after the original novel was finished that he felt necessary to post on his weibo that the story really does end now. View More

Lord_of_Valarin: I really want to see Butterfly blue write a non cannon 'official' what if version where Su Muqui didnt die. xD "for the advancement of mankind" -Luo Ji's proffesor

The King's Avatar · C1637
5 months ago
Thinking back, I'm amazed how emotionally invested I am in this story I accidentally discovered two years ago. This regret that weighs my heart, this is real. View More
The King's Avatar · C1637
5 months ago
What kind is a dirty cleric, I wonder. And how is THAT not more hated than say, the noble qi master turned dirty. 🤣 View More

listenedpromise: As I know, Ruan Yongbin : he was the one who struggled to fit in with Wind Howl's current (arrogant) players (like in chapter 1281). RY is a dirty cleric and he was FR's former teammate so he understands FR more. Even though everyone's wrong because FR can do more than their bets, but RY is the closest among these bunch of kids. Probably RY is the only one in Wind Howl that I don't really have issue with (well, dirty is okay 😅). Thanks for cheering for FR, RY! Go, Happy!

The King's Avatar · C1631
5 months ago
Which kinda makes him replaceable in the grand scheme. He was taken in because he has a godtier melee character, which solves the Samsara weakness. He doesn't provide team stability like ZZK's aura, or cohesiveness, which Jiang Botao is known for. If the 4 master tacticians isn't that established when JB joined the scene, he can qualify as one. View More

Hybrix: True, and SX's participation only made Samsara powerful than before, which had been admittedly a headache (and heartbreak) to most pro teams back then... 😌😌😌

The King's Avatar · C1627
5 months ago
After Jiang Botao, not SX, joined did they finally have a bridge between ZZK's individual brilliance and the team. View More

Hybrix: So that would make it Thunderclap to be the best when it comes to teamwork then? That does make sense. Team Samsara has shine a lot because of ZZ, and only after SX got in the team did their teamwork became even more strong. Okay, got it. Thanks for the correction, man! 😁😁

The King's Avatar · C1627
5 months ago

Lancron: Samsara was never the team known for teamwork. There were known as one man army because of Zhou zhekai. Only when Jiang Botao joined did the team have better synergy and Sun Xiang helped in covering the close range weakness of Zhou zhekai

The team with the best team work would still be team thunderclap under the leadership of Xiao Shiqin

Happy would be a close second now

The King's Avatar · C1627
5 months ago
Only a single Ye Xiu? Are you really tempting the Glory gods??? Do you want two Ye Xius????? Huh????? View More
The King's Avatar · C1618
5 months ago
It took them 46 1v1 wins to realize that when Yexiu enters a 1v1 arena, they can just declare him a winner right then and there. View More
The King's Avatar · C1591
6 months ago
He baited the idea of a Great Cure, made ZZK extra careful when it probably isn't in his equipment anyways. This God's array of skills is the whole universe of Glory skills, whether he applied them or not. View More
The King's Avatar · C1590
6 months ago

rv013: Funny how it was emphasized before that ZZ could do anything except heal. Now we they will see the terror of someone that can do everything.

The King's Avatar · C1589
6 months ago
The unused skill is the most terrifying. View More
The King's Avatar · C1589
6 months ago
I imagine a legend being passed on Tyranny's training camp courtesy of HWQ.

"You think Ye Xiu is the greatest player of all time? Well he is, but there was also someone else who could have taken that title. There was once a sharpshooter..." View More
The King's Avatar · C1587
6 months ago
They would think Ye Xiu was resourceful with his peak reflexes on this match. They would never know that he has seen it all before. They think its the pinnacle of sharpshooter playstyle after 10 years of Glory. They will never know that it has been present since dawn of Glory. View More
The King's Avatar · C1587
6 months ago
Just how many times must Muqiu, who actually never talked in this novel, make us cry. The genius player we never had the chance to read about and praise. Askdkflslallalflfksakak. View More
The King's Avatar · C1586
6 months ago
He is absorbed in the moment, and at that moment, it was ZZK who was shining ever so brightly. The ones who can REALLY appreciate YX are the pros, and the commentators and viewers are far from being pros sadly. View More

Jangmijang: Mere Ye Xiu?! 🤨
A very stupid comment.

Really. They tend to forget that YX is already past his prime but HE CAN FIGHT HEAD TO HEAD against ZZ who is at his peak condition. Maintaining such condition at his age deserves great praise because not many can do that. Why can't they give credit to YX's play which allowed for such brilliant clash to happen?

"Mere YeXiu" is so aggravating because it downplays his skills and experiences to nothing. They applaud him for being the Glory Textbook but tend to turn a blind eye for his mechanical skills, reaction speed, and awareness until it is slapped to their faces.

"Mere Yexiu" my ass. Say that again when you can emulate his achievements and his very legacy in the Glory scene. But then again, you just can't. Truth hurts Insecurities suck af.

The King's Avatar · C1586
6 months ago
It is bittersweet for YeXiu to see this ultimate playstyle come to life again, but his friend isn't with him now. How frustrating it is for us readers to not know what could have been had Muqiu lived. Asdfgjflslahaldld. View More
The King's Avatar · C1586
6 months ago
YX vs ZZK was reserved for this hyped moment. Can we animate this pleaaase View More
The King's Avatar · C1585
6 months ago
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