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Thought he would hate any1 related to the sun with his hate-boner over ra. Speaking of which, wonder how our boi ozy will react and if seth will go to town on him. View More
FGO: Evil God · C43
3 hours ago
his character is interesting. That crazy mode punishment doesn't seem very harsh. Losing the ability to share the hosts longevity is punishment in itself if the ancient one's words are true about his precious one. View More
The Maniacal General with his Crazy System · C5
4 hours ago
but in DC power-scaling fluctuates around like a pendulum. And villains shoot superman with bullets when it clearly has not worked the other billion times past villains have tried. I swear his entrance into a cartoon is always a scene where he is being shot at. View More

Broxhitman1998: But in Dc when they fight, you can show them how wrong they were that they attacked you. No better way to see stupid villains or heroes who think they can take you only to find they are weak against you.

The Maniacal General with his Crazy System · C2
4 hours ago
Ah finally, an MC that doesn't need his system to spoonfeed him info on how basic system functions work. View More
The Maniacal General with his Crazy System · C1
4 hours ago
why do i have to read your comments to get an explanation on why the character is retarded? I should just know the reasons from the story. Either from foreshadowing, build-up, or a slow revelation from a character. Something. Not a sudden bomb like in a korean drama, "you have cancer, you have 1 month to live. Duh DUh DUH!" This ain't annotated shakespeare's macbeth. I dont want to scroll through the comment section to figure out why the character is acting funky out of nowhere. View More

watashiwavdesu: Read further, I explained..

A Reincarnator's Wish in Danmachi · C7
6 hours ago
hell yeah i would. If he was staring at anime tittes or some cat ears that are impossible here it would be exciting, but not so over exaggerated. Thats what im saying, its over exaggerated. yea its the city where danmachi is at , u can get excited, smile a bit. But running around like a kid hopped up on red bull? How old was he when he died again and was he drink red bull again? View More

watashiwavdesu: You are really comparing hawaii to an ANIME? I mean, you are in another world, not in some place at f*ck. I don't know why you want the Emotionless type that took a glance at his surroundings and says

"Oh, Danmachi world huh"

It's unrealistic to me.

A Reincarnator's Wish in Danmachi · C6
6 hours ago
did he wish for a system or a psychiatrist? The hell does a system know about a human mind? It would be one thing if the god was saying this, but its a system. A glorified AI. Why are u making it seem like he has no EQ? He could fall in love or make friend while he is adventuring you kno. It's not like he's going to cultivate in a cave for 300 years. View More
A Reincarnator's Wish in Danmachi · C7
12 hours ago
how old was he when he died again? Does he have to act like a kid and run around like that? You dont see ppl going to hawaii for the first time and doing hollywood movie jumps up in teh air throwing their arms out. View More
A Reincarnator's Wish in Danmachi · C6
14 hours ago
lol, nosy mother. is she going to match up every one of her daughters to him. No other dudes around. View More
The Sword Deity in Tokyo · C136
15 hours ago
the food i was eating while reading the new chapter tastes sweet for some reason. View More
Transmigrating into Attack on Titan · C10
1 day ago
acha! whats going to happen to sun and moon? God I hope sun and moon dont try to eat it. View More
The Sword Deity in Tokyo · C134
1 day ago
just flop? whats got him so tired over? Not like he had a hard time fighting, nor used his brain agonizing over his subordinate's "sasuga ainz-sama!" View More
Overlord Blue Citadel Alternate · C43
2 days ago
yoda training montage incoming~ View More
Reincarnated in Star Wars with The System · C21
2 days ago
or. View More

Gray_stone3: Both.

Reincarnated in Star Wars with The System · C20
3 days ago
she's lucky he's an old man inside or her insides would come inside out. View More

Aestien_Zoltan: Bitch slap, the 14-year old princess. lol

The Sword Deity in Tokyo · C130
3 days ago

Aestien_Zoltan: Bitch slap, the 14-year old princess. lol

The Sword Deity in Tokyo · C130
3 days ago
Yo it's karna. View More
Tower of God: three wishes · C9
4 days ago
its not a crime if u get stabby at such an offense. I'm pretty sure the jury would rule in ur favor unless another ignoramus is int he jury. View More
Overlord Blue Citadel Alternate · C38
4 days ago
idk about u but i dont go talking about sword sizes and measure stuff in the locker room so she wouldnt be able to hear it. View More

ImmovableFish: Firsto! and Jirou can probably report their sword sizes.

My Hero Academia: Killer Quirk!! · C56
5 days ago
time to put yoda on his back and start the training montage View More
Reincarnated in Star Wars with The System · C17
5 days ago
why not, its done all the time in prison. Hair is fashion, its precious and as a prisoner u dont get nice things. In the army its done to strip away individuality, to make every1 more cohesive as a unit. View More

MagikLord: Well voice i can understand but hair it's just stupid.

Overlord Blue Citadel Alternate · C24
5 days ago
you monster, dont forget the barbaque sauce. Some ppl. View More

KappaitaSenpai: Today I will eat roasted penguin.

My Hero Academia: Killer Quirk!! · C55
6 days ago
ash teh body builder. Lifting pokemon weighting 160lbs with on hand since kanto. View More
A Trainer's Tale: Can He Resist A Pokemon's Charm!? · C1
6 days ago
the school is his kingdom. View More
The Sword Deity in Tokyo · C124
6 days ago
yo he's not freaking out about the curse of ymir? dudes only got 13 years to live. View More
Transmigrating into Attack on Titan · C3
6 days ago
she's already dead at that point. View More

NovelMonster: His mom better notdie

Transmigrating into Attack on Titan · C1
6 days ago
Who? View More

AdrianVeidt: I think mother of sakura

Hidden Emperor of the Naruto World · C30
1 week ago
It's more likely hes from a world without anime period since nothing in the shop seem recognizable to him. Akame ga kill is ******** so without future knowledge make him suffer. View More

JustAPotato: Yep he from a world without Akame ga Kill

Transmigration: Akame Ga Kill! · C2
1 week ago
its already time for clone wars? View More
One Piece: The Power System · C54
1 week ago
Ah man. Here we go again. View More
Otherworldly Summoning System · C39
1 week ago
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