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Make Guild Players: So...Great Mechanic Han Xiao is feeling up Fei Din... I did not think he swung that way... What would Ames think?
Female Guild Players: Kyah!!! Fei Din X Han Xiao... Uke .. Seme..!! (Nose Bleeds)
Han Xiao: (Looks at the Players mixed reaction in puzzlement?)
Fei Din: I feel violated but can’t understand why? (Places hand on his cheek and blushes) View More
The Legendary Mechanic · C563
1 month ago
The Bei Mei General and his sleeping her way up the ladder subordinate is about to get a rude awakening in the form of ZC plotting their downfall. And a strength and defense buff from the card is another OP boon!! View More
Divine Beast Adventures · C452
1 month ago
Ahhh yes the +100,000 point get lucky plot armor works it’s magic once again.!!! And fusion transformation type card is always a great cheat in the hands of OP geniuses.! But on I love the story anyway so who cares?! On a side note unexpected Diablo reference as an Easter egg was noted?? View More
Divine Beast Adventures · C451
1 month ago
Huang Zhang Honey production is bound to be found on the Pancakes, Waffles, Crepes, Baklava, or even French Toasts of only the most discerning and gourmet of Beast masters in all of Bei Du City or Hua Xia even. Next should be Huang Zhang Family Mead!!! View More
Divine Beast Adventures · C450
2 months ago
2 Flame type 1 Earth type and 1 Ice and Darkness type and a juvenile Wind and Darkness type of Dark Gold presently. The Ambushing Demon Carpet still has no presence in the line up therefore is collecting dust as well as the Elephorse King of which is a pet. Who here thinks that he should just sell the Carpet or trade it for a useful card with his friends or try to level it up with liquid?? View More
Divine Beast Adventures · C449
2 months ago
Oh ohhh I probably indirectly added a spoiler on the previous chapter. Oh well I did kind of foreseen this development however uncle and mom finally meet unofficially. No marriage talks yet though or dates set yet. View More
Divine Beast Adventures · C448
2 months ago
Someone has got tired of living. They are begging for their lives to end at the hands of 2 epic beasts. View More
Divine Beast Adventures · C447
2 months ago
The Queen still did not ask Zhang Che to hug her or use her body to keep him warm I see.... View More
Divine Beast Adventures · C445
2 months ago
If he was smarter he would have the dragon use it’s mouth to scoop the liquid into the jade bottle.. View More
Divine Beast Adventures · C444
2 months ago
Zhang Che finds frozen treats for his Dragon to eat. How sweet.... View More
Divine Beast Adventures · C443
2 months ago
I am surprised that the tv obsessed queen did not try to tempt ZC by asking him to hold her or cuddle due to the cold... But if she was Huang Tielan... He would most likely want to and blame his hard on for being involuntary due to the cold making it frozen stiff and wonder where the danglers went!! View More
Divine Beast Adventures · C442
2 months ago
Flirty Queen tries to ensnare ZC with her feminine whiles.... ZC blames TV.... Huang Tielan sneezes and looks left and right then gets angry at ZC.... Trope complete.... View More
Divine Beast Adventures · C441
2 months ago
So..there is foreshadowing of cults rising up and a pop culture otaku elemental Queen... Ok next is an OP NEET Beast Goddess witha Shotacon Fetish!!! Not to mention the Ultra Mecha champion who sings opera !!! Bring it on author!!! Whoops I think there are too many tropes...its starting to sound like a sunday anime.... View More
Divine Beast Adventures · C439
2 months ago
Zhang Che lucked out fortunately given that Huang Tielan retracted the gift offer for the Queen. And no word on the Bee Keeping Honey Farm yet huh... View More
Divine Beast Adventures · C438
2 months ago
Yes it is seriously a thing. Look it up on the list of contraband things in China. Also check ADVchina on YouTube to get info. View More

PopcornSectMaster: Wait, that was seriously a thing? Damn.

Divine Beast Adventures · C421
2 months ago
The Miyazaki Clan is still slow on the uptake as ever... View More
Divine Beast Adventures · C436
2 months ago
Elemental Queen is starting to give me a sense of being a closet couch potato. View More
Divine Beast Adventures · C437
2 months ago
His bottom is taking over... He no longer deserves his pimp card... Zhang Che your pimp privileges have been REVOKED.!! Gimme dat pimp card!! View More
Divine Beast Adventures · C434
2 months ago
Hello I am Zhang Che Money Bags and today I present to you The Crippled Beastmaster Bee Keeping program. Invest now and you too can enjoy honey for your hunny anytime (at Huang Family Herb Lab)!! Act now and you can ogle my newest b1t€# Elemental Queen in her dominatrix gold armor gear complete with a slap to your face for you fetishists. View More
Divine Beast Adventures · C435
2 months ago
Zhang Che still did not whip out Mr. Horny? Although he was acting like Mr. Horny.... View More
Divine Beast Adventures · C432
2 months ago
Zhang Che sacrifices an army of fire elementals for 1 epic? Who else thinks this kind of wasteful? View More
Divine Beast Adventures · C431
2 months ago
Zhang Che tried to take a stab at a flaming hot female without his usual toys? Where is Mr. Horny? Maybe she would not have disappeared if he used a little fore play and something running on the power of electricity? View More
Divine Beast Adventures · C429
2 months ago
Scarlet Drake: Ruff!! ( Flaming humanoid cores taste like jujubees yum!!!)
Zhang Che: What's taking him so long...
Scarlet Drake: Wooo... RUFF!!! (Baba wait I'm about to go EPIC!!!)
Zhang Che: Ok take your time!!!
Scarlet Drake: RUFF!! RUFF!!! ( YES!! MINE ALL MINE!!! ) ; (Looks at humanoids and drools...) View More
Divine Beast Adventures · C427
2 months ago
Zhang Che: Monkey find herbs!!!
Frisky Monkey: (Sticks up middle finger and points it at Zhang Che's direction) Baba... there... herbs....!
Zhang Che: (Summons dragon and flies with monkey in tow)
Frisky Monkey: huhu ha ha!!! (TLN: F-ing!! Slave Driver!!) View More
Divine Beast Adventures · C425
2 months ago
Winnie the Pooh .. Winnie the Pooh ... climbing up a tree to fetch some honey.... Wait... Its should be.....
Baba Zhang Che ... Baba Zhang Che... Flying on dragon with a frisky monkey... View More
Divine Beast Adventures · C422
2 months ago
Is the author making a subtle comment about the Chinese Communist Party Leader Xi Huang Di (Xiong and Xi Huang being phonetically similar) being made fun of as looking like Winnie the Pooh to the point where had Winnie the Pooh images banned in China??? View More
Divine Beast Adventures · C421
2 months ago
So... Zhang Che is acknowledging his pet monkey as his progeny?? He is happily admitting he is a monkey's father... I wonder how Huang Tielan would feel if she found out that a monkey is calling Zhang Che "Dad"..... View More
Divine Beast Adventures · C417
2 months ago
The spiritual herb from a few chapters back did not surface yet? And yes that uncle has his priorities straight wine ingredients first research second!!! View More
Divine Beast Adventures · C415
2 months ago
Herlous: (Calls Han Xiao to show off his arm)
Han Xiao: If you are calling to show your hairy palm I am hanging up!

Aurora: (Overhears, looks down and blushes)
Hila: (Overhears, glares at Han Xiao and charges a red blade to stab Han Xiao with.)

Han Xiao: (Feels cold chill down his spine and death stare from Hila.)
Herlous: Oh **** I forgot to wash my hand because I didn't have a tissue!!!
Han Xiao: Herlous we are going to have a long talk about this in the sparring room on board the ship!!!!
Herlous: What did I do!!??

Hila: ( Cracks knuckles and has a cold smile at Han Xiao)
Han Xiao: (Oh damn....) View More
The Legendary Mechanic · C531
2 months ago
HX: Mine all mine.... (players)
Nagakin: Share!!!
HX: Never!!!!
Players: ??? Black Star!!!??
HX: That's right!!
Nagakin:..... View More
The Legendary Mechanic · C530
2 months ago
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