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Didnt see it said tiers, make sense. View More

Fafnir: They going by tiers.

Divine Beast Adventures · C368
1 month ago

SolonC: I have no intention to write a review cuz I finished this novel for almost 2 years, however, I just cross to the authors Weibo and find something he has to say about this story and readers.

Here's his Weibo page if anyone is interested:

So here it is(I'm sorry if some of my translations are different from the novel cuz I basically didn't read it):

Butterfly Blue:
King's Avatar has a rather ****** storyline, an out-dated professional retired and started from the beginning then returned to the top.
Stories like this aren't something new (Note: based on Chinese WN variety and non-gaming novels), and there are just two types of ending for them, either hero at miserable late years, which is more objective, realistic but sad; because of that I chose the other way, make it back to the top with glory.
This kind of ending is more enjoyable, like most of the fairytales. However, in competitive sports, that's not that unrealistic, some people just have that kind of potential, keep their high-level performance way past their peak age. E.g. Micheal Jordan, returned to NBA at 32 in 1995, since then till 35 years old, these 3 years he kept the championship in his pocket, made others to feel the fear of domination again.
In this case, Ye Xiu didn't do anything nearly crazy, but he is this kind of person - in the area of Glory competitive gaming, a premium player. What makes it even worse for others is that as a genius he also had the passion, concentration, and diligence which stronger than anyone, even in the last year of his pro-life, he led a team he gathered at retirement and fought so hard towards the championship.
What he wanted was not leaving no regrets behind, he was way past that point, championship means nothing to him, he had that a long time ago, hell he actually dominated the league for ages, if he liked he would just say "Glory(the game) has no more challenge to offer me" and leave. He didn't, not because "Championship means everything to me", more important thing is that he loved the game.
Quote Ye Xiu "I won't be bored with this game even for another 10 years."
This kind of constant passion, for a story that's just one sentence, but to do it in real life, that's something different, that's harder than you can ever imagine. Myself, for example, writing novels for over 10 years, although interests keep me going, compare to where I was, I can't just say I'm still that passionate and aggressive - please don't bother to count my update frequency back then, I had worse update stability back then I know, but writing status and mood was much more active.
So whenever people ask me if the MC is based on myself, I'll deny it directly without a second thought.
How could it be? Characters in this story are way bigger and better than me. The reason I made them that way is that they are what I want to be.
I'm so glad that my dream causes so many people's resonance. Thankfully Ye Xiu can be welcomed by so many people.
(Skipped some of the otherwise concerned words)
Last but not least, I'd like to point something out for all my beloved readers.
This story and all the characters in are fiction, please keep rational love to them. There are a lot of things in your life such as health, family, work, study, friends, etc are more important. TKA, Ye Xiu and all other things in the story should just be something that amuses you from time to time, don't ever mind it too much.
With this novel, they will always be here. If I don't change anything, then they will stay the way they are.

The King's Avatar
1 month ago
Agreed, just stated the rules for the deathmatch and the within same chapter broke them View More

combojin: I dont understand...if he is lvl 5 they cant send out a lvl 6 beastmaster..makes no sense to rush to lvl 6

Divine Beast Adventures · C368
1 month ago

combojin: I dont understand...if he is lvl 5 they cant send out a lvl 6 beastmaster..makes no sense to rush to lvl 6

Divine Beast Adventures · C368
1 month ago
What everything did she give him??? View More

alspug: I like his girlfriend , she has literally given him everything he has . She is waiting for marriage because that is her culture and respect for her husband .

Divine Beast Adventures · C331
1 month ago
Booo, why give her the tiger. View More
Divine Beast Adventures · C309
1 month ago

matto33: I got bored of saying I get 1st so have some “inspirational” quotes.
Before you judge a man, walk a mile in his shoes. After that who cares?... He’s a mile away and you’ve got his shoes!

Divine Beast Adventures · C249
1 month ago

Emeperorofstabilty: I have only seen ads to open a chapter in official version, in pirated it's totally free and there is less ads than official version so please don't slander

Divine Beast Adventures · C247
1 month ago

Chryiss: Skeleton raiding... I half expected the corpse to rise up as an undead monster lol.

Bringing the bones back as material sounds great, but if they’re that tough, then no one can cut them if even the tyrannosaurus can’t. I doubt his world has any legend quality beasts subdued, so the treasure is ‘useless’ for now unless he finds some way to make weapons or items himself before returning.

Divine Beast Adventures · C208
1 month ago

MiniBang: He's un the middle if enemi territory and u want him to take a break of severals years to raise some random monsters from pupp to *****hood instead if geting an instant power power boost ans raise his chances to come back home? Good thing u are not the autor.

Divine Beast Adventures · C206
1 month ago

BaMie: the thing is he still has the scarlet drake he can upgrade so him saying that it wont upgrade much is a baseless bs assumption if its already so strong at dark gold how strong could it be in legendary grade ? theres a big chasm between all grades and the higher the grade the more differences there will be so its pretty much an excuse of author just so he can upgrade his storage conviently but in actual fact upgrading his scarlet drake would have made a world of differences in his overall strengh

Divine Beast Adventures · C192
1 month ago

Darthodin: you know...this story could be so good but it feels like the author is either being extremely lazy or just ran out of ideas because the last 100-150 chapters have been quite frankly a joke,very little content and lots and lots of fillers....this was one of my favorites in the first 500 chapters since the story had a focus on his monsters ..but now it came to this...like what the **** is the whole point of this when we know the MC is stronger than any of these 1true god mobs so this whole song and dance is extremely pointless

Monster Paradise · C1218
1 month ago

pxrince: I’ve been wondering this for a while but what happened to the country protecting beasts of the countries Great Xia recently occupied? Why were they not protecting the capital? Or did they but just got killed in the process?

The World Online · C1139
2 months ago

ImmortalsRoar: “Let us not go into details”? Did I really just read that sentence? Is this even the same novel anymore? I’m extremely surprised that the author didn’t write at least two more chapters describing who else is governing and where.

The World Online · C1139
2 months ago

Narr_master: Meh. I'm latin american and this doesn't offend me. It's kinda nice that the author at least made a token effort. And they're called indians because colombus thought that he'd landed in india when he came to america, thus thinking the people here were indians. The naming stuck even in here. Props to the dude for not having had anything super racist so far. Also, no birthmarks. Just checked.

The World Online · C1110
2 months ago

EkaMuliawan: What country did DiChen conquer?? Why he get easy mode in upgrading to capital?

The World Online · C1024
2 months ago

Jus7aguy: Anyone else wondering how things are going on bangers island? How the white wolf is going? What happened when bangers digital pet came out of the animal meditation hut? What's his architect ex-housemate been up to? Does his wife have ANY friends?

The World Online · C1001
2 months ago

firestalker: Similar thoughts... but I see it more as a data transmission across the space-time continuum which is something currently more feasible than matter transmission. It was in about the 5th year when OS was killed by his best friend. Gaia had spent the time until the fifth year studying the players, adjusting the game and calculating human survivability on Hope. OS was deemed to be special, perhaps due to his circumstances or Bing'er or other unknown factors therefore Gaia seized his conciousness at the moment of his in-game death and transmitted it back across space-time to his past self.... or it's just cause the author says so like so many other things in this book (often the simplest explanation is the truth) and I doubt the author had time to read & understand string theory + quarkium physics in addition to modified versions of Chinese history while ignoring true world history.

The World Online · C987
2 months ago

Diocletir: The increase of the Guard legion I don't like is that it seems as if they take in anyone and don't have the previous standarts of at least war elite rank 10(11) + B Rank potential (A rank with Land of Philosophers buff) .

The World Online · C742
2 months ago

NoBookNoLife: Does no one remember her? It happened when ouyang was fighting the uprising country.

The World Online · C736
2 months ago

HeartFlame: When China talks about their history they also count the past dynasties(those aren't China btw) but when they talk about other countries histories, they only count the most recent ruler to make them(China) look older than they actually are

The World Online · C666
2 months ago

Pokki: I am angry at the authors for describing the Spanish navy general as the best in his country and only putting him emperor rank. Come on! Spain has been a global see overlord, how can it not even have a god rank navy general! What's next, they are gonna say Napoléon was just god rank? If he is not even Saint rank I'm dropping this novel. I can accept Chinese spirit in my Chinese novels butt go this far is too much.

The World Online · C666
2 months ago

vhad: Does Spain have too few of their historical generals that only one spawned after almost 3 years in to the game? 😂

The World Online · C662
2 months ago

Haiku575: Their tech seems a bit game breaking.

The World Online · C659
2 months ago

Tuturuuut: god weapons are undropable though? or is it only those previous god swords?

The World Online · C630
2 months ago

vhad: Sha Pojun just had the training manual for 2 weeks and he already had an elite cavalry? Training for just 2 weeks? 😅

The World Online · C579
2 months ago

Bartzabel: "They could hold hands while cultivating, it would be cute."

No, what would be cute is them bathing in the blood of their enemies together while eating their raw flesh.

The World Online · C336
2 months ago

Celestially_Mortal: *jumps out of the closet*
Me: I want spicy roasted chicken with luxury gravy.

The World Online · C124
2 months ago

Zentiseon: *pokes head out from ceiling tiles*
Me: Don't forget to add some lobster and crabcakes

The World Online · C124
2 months ago

Daoist_KenBoCole: *crashes through window*
Me: Add some Pot Roast to that order!

The World Online · C124
2 months ago
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