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Enjoying the novel so far keep it up! View More
Dungeon Mage · C10
2 weeks ago

Flammenwurfer: Y'know, he should really upgrade that specter he's been keeping since the beginning. He just uses it so he can phase through stuff, but think of all the other stuff it could do if he ranked it up....

Monster Paradise · C1063
2 weeks ago

Feasao: Am I the only one that is noticing the abhorrent translation quality

Taming Master · C332
2 weeks ago
I am assuming because the new devil energy/antimagic(whatever it called) is doing a flat additional damage. So because they attack quicker they have more procs of damage. But you are right alot of this is getting hard to follow View More

FurkanGodOfLuck: What? Why is the assassin class better as a devil? What's going on in the temple? How am I paying for this and still not understanding

Taming Master · C329
2 weeks ago

Flammenwurfer: Summary of chapter: My name is Lin Huang! You killed my fatty. Prepare to die

Monster Paradise · C1043
1 month ago
The editing is really starting to suffer, and its such a good story too. View More
Taming Master · C297
1 month ago

LLockey: I am having such a hard time understanding what is going on half the time due to the translation.
What saddle on Pin, what armor slipped, what did Ian grab when he made a fist, who even is Ian anymore?

Taming Master · C294
1 month ago

Grum: Here’s an update for those wondering if Monster Paradise Raws will be discontinued
Someone was maliciously reporting that the story was violating the new censorship laws in China and the story had to go on a manual review for 1 week and the manual review finished the story is safe and the author is making slight modifications to some past chapters

Monster Paradise · C1013
1 month ago
Tell who? And what View More

Pain0: Seriously, just tell him already! Then get one othet dragon companion, even if it's later...

Taming Master · C281
1 month ago
Finally some info View More
Monster Paradise · C1008
1 month ago
Whose yankun??? View More
Taming Master · C272
2 months ago
Lol thats awesome. He will just keep getting quests off this dude View More
Taming Master · C232
2 months ago
Like the fact that MC fails quest and does not give every op item in this story. View More
Taming Master · C153
2 months ago
Prob missed out on SSS an getting better rewards View More
Taming Master · C89
2 months ago
Scary but lucky View More
Taming Master · C88
2 months ago
What would it do irl? View More

Chad_99: Why didn't this derpy guy use the fruit in real life? If it ends up having no effect then it just means another day or 2 of gameplay, but if it did work who know what amazing sh@t could happen.

The Almighty Ring · C167
2 months ago
Pretty sure it was said to be the limit when he used those cards earlier. View More

AvalonAscendant: Cause the author decided to change the story and forgot what he wrote earlier 🤣

Monster Paradise · C974
2 months ago

TheBananaMan: HA, MC trying to use logic to understand his power.

Monster Paradise · C974
2 months ago

PurplishCherry: Where are the ****ers before that said that the Mc's actions is good? Get your asses here right now and read this ****! If premium comes soon, most people will not continue. This novel has one feet in the trash bin already. The beginning was amazing, but mid chapters beginning to suck. Right now sucking more. Booooo

The Almighty Ring · C106
3 months ago

Skaz: I wonder why don't he ask his master for a few god figurine? Or at least one?

I mean he is a god so he must have some right? And he surly wouldn't mind if he hears about the life flame from Lin Huang i mean as a god it dosn't help him anymore.

Monster Paradise · C909
4 months ago

KyodoZosen: Author gave MC too much stuff..

Monster Paradise · C877
4 months ago

Harmaxos: No.it’s entertaining yes. But the best? Far, very far from it.

Monster Paradise · C876
4 months ago

Mano3: Sanguine is Bloody Robe that is his name and Ghastly change his name to Grimace because the clown didn't like it

Monster Paradise · C876
4 months ago

SirSirius: Oh how it urks me so, he neglects spectre so much. It hasn't been summoned once since he got the ability to transform into monsters especially since he no longer needs a scout with bloody around.

I would love to see its possible evolutionary chain

Monster Paradise · C856
5 months ago

Didko0: Tbh Lin Huang should go and kill everyone from the underground i know he can do it in less then 5 days after all they are much weaker then him or any of his summons.

Monster Paradise · C856
5 months ago

Tryas: There seems to be a plothole author. He won the amilet of trueshot early in s duel. Then much later was the escort where he got the amilet again.

Legend of the Gunslinger Mage · C66
5 months ago

Insignia: editor has left the building. recently got a new one so she'll be continuing the edits! we have about 100 chapters translated and edit work will be slowly picking up guys.

Monster Paradise · C827
5 months ago

Charizma: 😂🤣😂🤣 That is the first reply I have gotten that I can at least understand!!! Got to risk it to get the bisuit lol

Rise of The Undead Legion · C41
5 months ago

Dazzlle: I like the fact that everyone is ****ting on the mc without an actually good reason. First of all, how the **** is he to know she is recording? Second of all why should he expect that a random girl he met in the game has the ability to track him down through his number. It’s a game ffs. Not every random person he meets will have the ability to suddenly find him in a random village which nobody visits. I think yall are just too used to the overly careful nature of other mcs (who are justified for being that careful while dave isn’t). As much money as people could gain from this game, it doesn’t mean they will suddenly go on irl killing sprees for it. And i doubt they even have the ability to do so. Think logically before you spout bull****.

Rise of The Undead Legion · C41
5 months ago

becari_duit: well i think story still good. i have fun with it.
thanks for author

Rise of The Undead Legion · C35
5 months ago
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