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>Assassins hide in the shadows. The most terrifying Assassins are the ones that look ordinary because of how easy it is to drop your guard against them. Appearing ordinary to the point of being invisible is truly a rare talent

QYF's story in a nutshell View More
The King's Avatar · C1704
3 days ago
Team Happy, the masters of unspecialized playstyle with QYF's Assassin Ghostblade

YX: Lord Grim
FR: Dirty Thief Qi Master
AWY: Using cleric as a meat shield (knight)
SBI: Brawler Wang Jiexi
LJ: Demolitions Summoner
MF: Tree Ninja
TR: Battle Mage Han Wenqing View More
The King's Avatar · C1695
1 week ago
QYF to SX and WQ: I'm not locked in here with you, you're locked in here with me. View More
The King's Avatar · C1694
1 week ago
LCH to Samsara: Look at me, I'm a knight now. View More
The King's Avatar · C1688
2 weeks ago
Special? He's a member of Team Happy, that what makes him special - Ye Xiu, chapter 1305 View More
The King's Avatar · C1686
2 weeks ago
Ye Xiu's strategy in this Team Competition: Being SBI View More
The King's Avatar · C1677
3 weeks ago
Ye Xiu treating this match as a 10 man dungeon directing Samsara's positions View More
The King's Avatar · C1676
3 weeks ago
Who would win?
A two time consecutive championship team roster or Ye Xiu's 10th server dungeon team?
#ToTheStars View More
The King's Avatar · C1674
3 weeks ago
Fun fact, if the 1 vs 3 hp remaining records in the Group Competition includes the playoffs, Happy occupies the top two spots
1. Fang Rui (Happy) - 68% hp remaining against Wind Howl (Season 10)
2. Tang Rou (Happy) - 52% hp remaining against Samsara (Season 10)
3. Wang Jiexi (Tiny Herb) - 48% hp remaining against an unknown team (Season 4)
4. Zhou Zekai (Samsara) - 45% hp remaining against Happy (Season 10)

References: Chapters 1276,1654,1673 View More
The King's Avatar · C1673
3 weeks ago
TR: Look at me, I'm the Battle Goddess now View More
The King's Avatar · C1672
3 weeks ago
Tang Rou taking lessons from Fang Rui's 1v3 against Wind Howl. View More
The King's Avatar · C1668
1 month ago
TR: Omae wa mou shindeiru
LBY: Nani? View More
The King's Avatar · C1666
1 month ago
Fang Rui as Jack Sparrow being chased by angry natives in Dead Man's Chest. View More
The King's Avatar · C1657
1 month ago

Byakuei86: that why i say not even all... stubborn pair daughter and father XD HWQ and Tang Rou surely fight till the end without retreating

The King's Avatar · C1570
3 months ago
Both Tang Rou and old Han Wenqing would rush the enemy with a red health bar though. View More

Byakuei86: wow Ye Xiu sure action sure is crazy from any normal player standpoint.. rushing at enemy with red health bar?? bet not even all pro player dare to do it... again have to praise how An Wenyi and Lou Ji have matured and how Tyranny didn't loose hope and keep trying eventho they are 4 vs 5 with no healer now...

The King's Avatar · C1570
3 months ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Lollipop View More
Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up a Son, Get a Free Husband · C2165
7 months ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Potion View More
Release That Witch · C1332
7 months ago
There was no mention of Yu Feng being captain of Wind Howl here. This chapter focuses on the two teams racing for a slot in the playoffs. View More

AvidReaderTKA: This chapter is extremely wrong. Captain Yu feng is from Hundred blossoms this match seems like a mistranlation that it hurt my head. This is not windhowl!

The King's Avatar · C1375
10 months ago
Bai Shu falling into the same trap Sun Xiang and Tang Hao did, underestimating Ye Xiu. View More
The King's Avatar · C1373
10 months ago
Shamelessness has always been Happy's true core Boss Wei. View More
The King's Avatar · C1372
10 months ago

Technothepig: "Only by cooperating and advancing as a team can Wind Howl successfully deal with Concealed Light's stream of summons."
let's not ask the impossible here

The King's Avatar · C1366
10 months ago
>Faceslapping, what familiar faceslapping! But before, the one who had been hit over and over was himself. Today, it was finally someone else's turn.

Li Yibo's poetic justice. :D View More
The King's Avatar · C1322
12 months ago
>In Round 22, Happy would be facing Happy.

Happy is too strong it had a match against itself. :D View More
The King's Avatar · C1306
1 year ago

Technothepig: "This… this is entirely a PvE Cleric!"
that's ok, to Ye Xiu, what's the difference between pro players and bots?

The King's Avatar · C1302
1 year ago

4HOURS: Edith is outplaying the demons left and right. Taquila witches look so incompetent next to her. Truly best (human) girl.

Release That Witch · C1176
1 year ago
Edith "The Demon Fox" Rommel View More
Release That Witch · C1176
1 year ago
inb4 he uses tooth for tooth Du Ming's shadow steps to throw multiple bricks to Samsara. :D View More

listenedpromise: Steamed Bun is bored. He doesn't like boring match. Beware of Happy's counterattack soon! Extra summoned creatures, extra bricks, extra shamelessness. It'll be brutal.

The King's Avatar · C1254
1 year ago
Somehow, this dodgeball match reminds me of the Kobayashi's Dragon Maid dodgeball match. :D View More
The King's Avatar · C1253
1 year ago
>"DESTROY THEM!!" Someone even yelled out.

"Thanks!" Steamed Bun waved in the direction of that voice. "Relax, we'll definitely do it!"

SBI assuring Tyranny that they will avenge them after their defeat in the finals against Samsara. :D View More
The King's Avatar · C1252
1 year ago
Chaos is Happy's forte. Remember, Ye Xiu trained Happy against pro players in the boss hunts alongside Sun Zheping and Heavenly Swords. View More

Whimsical_Feather: As for Happy, there was Wei Chen, Steamed Bun, and Luo Ji
~The Old wise Warlock brought his grandchildren to play Dodgeball, while aiming to end their opponent win streak~
Happy's opponent: Team Samsara.

... it's not only Hot-blooded, but full scale chaos XD

The King's Avatar · C1251
1 year ago
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