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Original Works

  • Traveler of Another Time

    Traveler of Another Time

    Magical Realism

    Leon, a regular joe living his life, was transported across space and time to a mysterious land after a terrible headache racked his brain. Confused and bewildered, Leon ventures through and finally comes back home after a series of trials that nearly puts him on the brink of death. But what he doesn't expect is his home had changed along with himself. Leon has to use his newfound powers to beat down any challenges and overcome his difficulties. Soon, he feels another headache coming but this time, he's prepared...


rgtor: I dont think hes that generous

Nightmare's Call · C59
3 days ago
I dont think hes that generous View More

muraki: ****er had the time to ask her and give her the money, but no he'd have to wait and fight the next day lol

Nightmare's Call · C59
6 days ago
I dont think privilege is that bad of an idea, only when it doesnt release the free release of chapters. They gotta pay the bills somehow. What i think is ****ty is the premium bs that sometimes start from the 40th chapter View More

Cuchillo: Stupid privilege system, why is this even a thing?

Monster Pet Evolution · C799
2 weeks ago
I feel like the author just shoved that reincarnation thing just so that he has a reason when the mc remains calm even when dying View More
Nightmare's Call · C2
2 weeks ago
I claim first View More
Demons Beside You · C28
1 month ago
I can feel my cultivation foundation has been destroyed... View More

PayDay: We are no longer cultivators *coughs blood*

Monster Pet Evolution · C764
1 month ago
What is this coin bs wheres ss View More
Monster Pet Evolution · C764
1 month ago
Good View More
Mystical Journey · C1375
1 month ago
I see the author likes mecha very much for the fact that this kind of storyline is in two of his stories. View More
Way of the Devil · C568
1 month ago

SacredHeavenlyCat: This entire novel is just cliche garbage

The Man from Hell · C19
1 month ago
On point View More

SacredHeavenlyCat: This entire novel is just cliche garbage

The Man from Hell · C19
1 month ago
Wow that dracule guy chuckles a lot View More
The System of a Vampire · C2
1 month ago
Its Alive! View More
Unbreakable · C184
2 months ago
... View More
Low Dimensional Game · C431
2 months ago
I have joined prestige gang View More
Low Dimensional Game · C429
2 months ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Balloon View More
Am I A God? · C1
2 months ago
A hearty farewell to one of my favorite novels... View More
Am I A God? · C1125
3 months ago
Where are the chap? View More
Am I A God? · C1120
3 months ago
The society became a pyramid scheme in an instant. Zhao Yao is truly at the peak of his game View More
Am I A God? · C1113
3 months ago
Its ok guys, the translator is just on a bathroom break. View More
Way of the Devil · C523
3 months ago
Flamy is a female!? Is this just the author changing on a whim or has Flamy always been like this View More
Monster Pet Evolution · C592
3 months ago
U mean streamers? View More

Zxaquis: I love how all the players ACTUALLY listened properly instead of half-listen like the gamers of our world
Gamer : *talks to chat while story is being unfold*
Viewers : *screams 'pay attention to the game'*
GAME : stops talking bout story
Gamer : *stops*
Gamer : uh...guys what do we do?
Viewers : xfksjsnjsbkshfxkck

The Legendary Mechanic · C509
3 months ago
Was this cut? View More
Low Dimensional Game · C342
4 months ago
Fire the translator pls View More
The Legendary Mechanic · C479
4 months ago
BTTH? View More
Am I A God? · C1007
4 months ago
Reading Status: C564
This novel is a somewhat refreshing break from regular cultivation novels.
While it does have some of the regulars of cultivation novels like legendary techniques, there are some really interesting techniques and stuff.
The story develops at a relatively slow pace however there are few dull moments in the story. I do think however that,sometimes, there are a little bit too much mysteries presented. In one chapter, you are shown that there maybe some huge conspiracy in the super gene. And then in the next chapter, theres ANOTHER conspiracy thats related to that conspiracy. But then theres another conspiracy thats probably related? It may be because i dont have that great of an attention span buy there a little bit too much at time.
The thing i hate most in this novel are the characters. The way the Mc's main love interest (Ji Yanran) was presented made me think they were only just a side character that wouldnt be shown many times. The novel didnt even show that Han Sen was attracted to Ji Yanran. It only showed that she was beautiful and all that shtick. Suprise, surprise suddenly they are an actual couple. Some other characters are pretty annoying and only leech on the mc
World buildings pretty good. I like the idea of sanctuaries and the crystalisser. However i woulf have liked to see more of the shura. There wasnt much shown of them even though theyre a major plotppoint at times.
Translation and updating is fine View More
Super Gene
4 months ago
Latte has Epitaph. I bet Milk Tea can skip time View More
Am I A God? · C941
5 months ago
This must be the work of an enemy stand! View More

Shizue_Izawa: Did dumby awaken his Stand?? 😂😂😂😂

Monster Pet Evolution · C491
5 months ago
I feel like this is another ploy to force people into buying the privilige... View More
Low Dimensional Game · C244
5 months ago
Really? A goddamn fart joke?! View More
I Might Be A Fake Cultivator · C100
5 months ago
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