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  • Vain


    Fantasy Romance Romance Revenge Female Lead Drama Politics Kingdoms Smart Villainess Otome


    Vain, a new otome game pushed into the public, marketed a new type of experience. A self changing game with all decisions made by the player. Quests are unlocked by actions of the player, and the actions of the player, itself, are unlimited. Players are to type their own speech, dictate their own actions. Which in turn leaves the effect of the players actions unlimited. No endings are alike. No heroine are alike. All characters can change.

  • Eternal.



    That night lost deep within a forest, not knowing she was actually in an hidden estate garden, she looked upon a beautiful peach. Luscious, ripe and ready to eat. Picking it from the tree, it was a waste not to eat she thought. And took a bite, and another bite and another bite. Until the previously beautiful peach was only left with its inedible core.


she better torture all these fools when she gets revenge View More
Bloody Serenade · C1
1 day ago
well, it's short for emphasis-- View More

Rondaria: And... What stand on the note?
What is it with this short fcking chapters???

Vain · C37
2 days ago

Hayato_Shinohara: One of the few novels I've given an honest 5/5. This author knows how to engrave images in your mind to the point you feel what is going on, whether it's someone dying or a plant struggling to walk. It feels so darn real.

It's no wonder that this work got popular so quickly. I can see this become the next "That time I got reincarnated as a slime". I have no doubts!

Tales of a Killer Flower
1 month ago


Vain · C1
1 month ago

cutsndteddybears: ❤❤❤

Vain · C59
2 months ago
Cielo is the heroine, Edmund is a capture target View More

Sakuratemple: Help, I forgot who Cielo and Edmund are...

Vain · C56
2 months ago
Probably, but they're cute. So it's alright View More

Sakuratemple: This is probably the fastest confession ever considering how many times they met each other.

Vain · C57
2 months ago

sweetlemonade: Well, she has an excuse on not going to the school now. And any harm towards the heroine can be canceled out just by saying, “I don’t have the time to bully the heroine I need to focus on my studies and take over my father’s position” soooo

Vain · C31
2 months ago

Sakuratemple: I ship Kira and Vice President san. They seem like a nice pair.

Vain · C51
2 months ago

Lady_Chiko: Thank you for this update, Author. 😁👍

Vain · C76
2 months ago

YoungFox: So Merlin is now a God? Phe*** this novel when from little boy to God kinda fast

A Wizard's Secret · C816
2 months ago

Sleepy_Cat: He can create all the universes he wants, but Merlin will always stand behind the Lord of original Sin, The Great Destroyer and the Incarnation of Sin, Leylin Farlier

A Wizard's Secret · C816
2 months ago
Honestly I don't know ^^ View More

1997_liner: page 135? wasn't there only 100 pages?

Vain · C33
2 months ago

ranimah: The story is getting better and better. The story line is getting better and better. The characters building are interesting and fulfilling. The way you develop the characters are awesome.

2 months ago

Foenix: Read on Fox Teller instead of one of those pirated sites. FT is the legit translation site, and it’s completely free. The translations team is friendly and interactive too.

The Good-for-Nothing Seventh Miss
2 months ago
The chapters are divided weirdly, Idk why they translated it like this. But this is the first part of the epilogue View More

revee: Is it the epilogue?? It feels weird when the epilogue isnt clear and leave me hanging like this 😶

The Villainess turns the Hourglass · C252
2 months ago
Hope you have a good time~ View More

Dead_Meme_7267: Also, cannot wait to re-experience this story. Lost it for a bit.

Vain · C1
2 months ago

Dead_Meme_7267: Also, cannot wait to re-experience this story. Lost it for a bit.

Vain · C1
2 months ago
It's because people have used coins to send the book items, it's on the description page of Vain ^^ View More

Dead_Meme_7267: Wait, what's up with all of the "I just gifted this story"?

Vain · C1
2 months ago

marldita: Sariling sikap :'))) One (1) shameless author here ranking her own book five stars.

I initially wrote this novel as a parody/to make fun of CEO novels. I appreciate all kinds of literature, CEO novels especially. Instead of reading them as romances, I read them as comedy. And that's what I hope you'll see my novel as: an attempt at comedy while having a character do **** all.

Yes, there will be romance in this novel. It's not the main selling point, but it is a part of it. Expect blushy bois, a debonair female lead, and borderline cheesy scenes. I regret nothing.

What I love most about this novel is our main character and the people around her. She is wonderful, borderline evil, and amazing to write about. Her interactions take on a world of her own. The supporting cast have their own troubles to deal with, their own lives, and aren't just used to make the MC look good. Even our *****iest villains (looking at u alexander), have reasons as to why they are the way that they are.

Hopefully, you fall in love with the characters as much as I have. Please fall for them. And hopefully, you stay until the end. Thank you for reading through this!! Lol: lots of love.

Ruining Happily Ever After
3 months ago

marldita: waa! thank you so much! 💖💖

Ruining Happily Ever After
3 months ago

milordd: I'm so excited to be reading this quick transmigration novel, I've been obsessed with the genre for awhile now and I need more. And this is what I've been waiting for~

Ruining Happily Ever After
3 months ago
Reading Status: C0
I'm so excited to be reading this quick transmigration novel, I've been obsessed with the genre for awhile now and I need more. And this is what I've been waiting for~ View More
Ruining Happily Ever After
3 months ago

firmament12: I really enjoy this story. It features all the typical elements of a fantasy setting: wizards, swordsman that follow their own power system, and the ever important religious nutbags. Despite it having many elements that come in typical fantasy stories, I found this to be enjoyable as the MC seems to be accepting the world like I would.

BTW: this is from NoLoliNoLife. My main account was banned from commenting. THIS IS A REBELLION!!!!!!!!!!!!

pls don't ban this one

A Wizard's Secret
3 months ago
Reading Status: C771
(・ω・)(・ω・)(・ω・)(・ω・)(・ω・)(・ω・)(・ω・)(・ω・)(・ω・)(・ω・)(・ω・)(・ω・)(・ω・)(・ω・)(・ω・)(・ω・)(・ω・)(・ω・)(・ω・)(・ω・)(・ω・)(・ω・)(・ω・)(・ω・)(・ω・)(・ω・)(・ω・)(・ω・)(・ω・)(・ω・)(・ω・) View More
A Wizard's Secret
3 months ago
Goshhh, good to see you here so fast! Have fun binging! View More

potatocouching: (I really hope that this adds a comment. I have no idea how this app works.) So, far this book is amazing! I realized I hadn’t actually deleted Webnovel lol, so I decided to look this book up and it’s sooooo good. I would continue reading if it weren’t for my low battery 😩😩

Vain · C5
3 months ago
Aww! Thank you for your support, let's have a great another decade ahead of us~ View More

FreyaCesare: Happy new year, Author. Thank you for this beautiful story

Vain · C74
3 months ago

yaoyueyi: Honest, objective review below.
Total rating: [3.8 stars]

Writing Quality: [4 stars]
-Was a bit harsher on this section because you said that the beginning chapters were “edited”, so therefore, I had higher expectations.
-Despite being edited, there are still dialogue tag mistakes. (e.g. “It depends on how powerful the target is." Xiao Taotao said. "The higher the…” should be "It depends on how powerful the target is," Xiao Taotao said, "The higher the…” notice the commas?)
-There are also little mistakes with more comma placement and sentence flow (right in the first chapter, in case you didn’t know). This makes the writing style somewhat chunky and not as smooth to read. Also, there are parts where the characters are asking a question, but it’s not a question mark?? Tbh it made me doubt that the chapters you labeled as “edited” are edited at all…
-Problems with adverbs placed in awkward locations too.
-Some problems with tenses. As I can see, the majority of your story is in past tense, but there are occasionally a few phrases in present tense that you should work to avoid. It’s best to keep the story in one tense or the other.
-A few run on sentences…
-TL;DR: Pretty good for Webnovel standards, but there are still mistakes in the edited chapters.

Stability of Updates: [5 stars]
Pretty good and stable!

Story Development: [4 stars]
-Feels really similar to the manhua, “Goddess Creation System” in a lot of aspects. (e.g. “pretty points”, the fact that the more powerful the target is, the person gets more points…)
-Info dumps whenever there’s a main mission could be incorporated in a smoother manner. Was quite bored when the first one came up. Pretty much skimmed through it and just saw a bunch of Zhou’s.
-Flow of the story is pretty good though in general. Pacing is pretty smooth and doesn’t feel like dragging too much!
-However, at around where I stopped reading (Chapter 34), it was because I got bored and kinda stopped. This part might be biased or something, but I liked it better before the romance really kicked in lmao.
-Also highkey guessing the big boss final character is the creator.
-TL;DR: Okay pacing, but also, not the most original idea to ever exist.

Character Design: [3 stars]
-I... don't know how I feel about Yunhua?? LMAO I honestly don't know. Maybe it's because I'm never a fan of systems because they overpower the FL too much, and even though I know that the entire point of the thing is to let Yunhua become "perfect" because it's a "Goddess System" for a reason, but at the same time, I also think that it's difficult to make her a well-balanced character. She's not too perfect, but I can barely spot any flaws in her character. Maybe just give me like a week to carefully analyze every single action Yunhua did in the story and I'll be able to figure something out, but just from reading through this story, all I'm really getting is that she has nice morals?? idk tbh.
-Zhou Feng is kinda flat. Never really felt anything for his personality. I know that you're likely doing a spin on the "cold male lead" trope, but I'm not really seeing where the spin is coming in yet.
-Zhao Meiliang seems to be kinda b*tchy for no reasons either. I’m getting pretty sick of evil female antagonists existing for the sole sake of being evil. I get that Meiliang is tired of her mother comparing her to Yunhua, but how shallow and spoiled is this character to be this way if it’s just because of that that Meiliang wants to ruin Yunhua’s future?? And Yunhua acts like she’s all smart and stuff, but she’s kinda dense to not notice what kind of person Meiliang is since she’s constantly quoting these “novels” that she read and stuff.
-Also, real funny how after Zhao Meiliang exists the storyline, two other evil female antagonists from the Zhou family appear.
-Points to Ni Ming for being a fairly young female character that's not an antagonist.
-Grandmother died, but I never really felt anything for her death... but that's probably b/c I don't get emotional easily so I didn't take any points off for that. I think you did a good job describing Yunhua's emotions during the scene though-- it's probably because I don't really know how to place myself in Yunhua's shoes because again... I find it difficult to understand her character that made me kinda just read through that chapter with a flat face.
-TL;DR: Would like to see more character development, flaws, and dynamics.

World Background: [3 stars]
-There's not much revealed about the world, but it seems like a typical novel setting, so I just gave an average three star rating.
-Have no thoughts about the system because it seemed pretty genius when I was reading the Goddess Creation System manhua but now, reading this one where it's pretty similar, it didn't seem really new or anything to me.

Overall, I do think that most Webnovel readers would like it, but I think it's just a no for me. Maybe I'll pick it up again if I have time, but it isn't binge reading material for me, if that makes sense?

Ultimate Goddess System
3 months ago
Fighting Lucian!! View More

Naked_Kenny: That's right Lucian! Go get your woman!!!

Vain · C71
3 months ago

Naked_Kenny: That's right Lucian! Go get your woman!!!

Vain · C71
3 months ago
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