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Does EVERY novel need an arc where the MC is neutered in some way?

Honestly can I just read one novel that doesn't have the MC become weak for X amount of time? View More
Son of Chaos · C142
1 day ago
"I was too careless"

Is that the theme of the chapter?

Too many people who were supposed to be smart where dumb. So why did I like this chapter so f@cking much? View More
The Geared Immortal · C98
3 days ago
how come there is still no mention of the "box" reward he got for clearing the nightmare dungeon the first time. it was just hand waved away because someone had a broken rib. did author-san forget? View More
Son of Chaos · C103
3 weeks ago
i had been liking this so far, except the recent developments.

1. @Dechet, are we even reading the same novel?? MORE world building?? as it stands right now it been like 85 chapters of world building with like 6 chapters of Ivan building. kinda annoying if you ask me. same formula almost every chapter. a) MC encounters something new(to him) and asks a question. b) authority figure in said subject then explains for 2-3 paragraphs. c) MC asks follow up question that is either proving once again he "knows nothing" about this world or is a common sense question like "are higher grade dungeons more difficult?". and this conversation about a single question will take a half chapter.

2. the fact that this novel is turning into a basic harem building novel in the most crude and unimaginative way is so disappointing. "get 100 concubines or wives with a special bloodline or you and your daughter die". oh great, i wonder what our MC will do.

P.S. you do realize that by giving him 10 years to find 100 candidates for a concubine or wife or bloodline contracted beast. it means he has to find one every 36 days on average right? every month he needs a wife/concubine of an bloodline or find an incredibly rare beast with a bloodline? yah, OK whatever, im sure since he'll die otherwise, plot armor cant help but save him. View More
Son of Chaos · C91
3 weeks ago

AwronZizao: Hoping this becomes a story and not an info dump soon. I enjoy the concept, I just don't enjoy the fact 80% of it is nothing but a wiki for DBZ theories and explanations. I opened this for a story after all.

Dragon Ball - The True Legendary Super Saiyan · C21
3 weeks ago
so...many...good....chapters....cant...stop...myself...from..spending...all...power..stones... View More
A New Path · C104
4 weeks ago
so WY found a buried tomb? but the stone guard at the gate of the tomb had a "gun"? is this a mistranslated from something like a bow or crossbow?

if it really was a semi-modern "gun" then wouldn't that make this tomb only like 700-800 years old at the most, (while there are discrepancy on "gunpowder spears" in 1000 A.D. they're quite a step away from being labeled a "gun") View More
Elixir Supplier · C396
1 month ago
"Although the recovery speed was not that much fasare than the Divine Power rotation before, it was at least ten times faster"

10x increase in recovery speed is considered "not much faster"?

is it 10x the speed of a normal person? or 10x the speed he had previously? View More
Monster Paradise · C1143
1 month ago
am i the only one who thinks its weird that LR thinks hes going to get a transformer from his "medical mastery" system? it was funny at first, kinda poking fun at other "system" novels, but now? he sincerely believes he will get a gigantic 10m tall, transforming, alien robot from his medical oriented system?

is this a "tongue in cheek" reference to another novel that i haven't read yet? or is LR kinda stupid sometimes? View More
Great Doctor Ling Ran · C320
1 month ago
i forgot that QI censors T E N S I O N for some ungodly reason. View More

NuggerNaut: someone had mentioned on an earlier chapter that the story/arc doesn't get interesting until chapter 1124-1125. i thought he was trolling us, but now it seems it really will take that long for this *******-less fighting to come to an end. yay

Monster Paradise · C1116
1 month ago
someone had mentioned on an earlier chapter that the story/arc doesn't get interesting until chapter 1124-1125. i thought he was trolling us, but now it seems it really will take that long for this *******-less fighting to come to an end. yay View More
Monster Paradise · C1116
1 month ago
AT LEAST 3 more chapters.

1 chapter to introduce the big baddies in the hive

1 chapter (or 2) to fight said big baddies

1 chapter for the conclusion of the challenge

ending on some kind of cliff hanger about what his rewards are for completing the tree. that being said, if this takes a wrong turn then there could be around 5-10 chapters to wrap this mini-arc up if they introduce the goldfinger that made the tree or the traveler who owns it. not really looking forward to it as i count the chapters till he elevates and can use his awesome summons again View More

cyberbayo: I bet there's gonna be about 3 more chapters on this final checkpoint on the stairway tree.

Monster Paradise · C1111
1 month ago
LH explains the looks and strengths of about a handful of the bug monsters hes facing, taking up about half a chapter-

LH admits that none of this matters to him (or us) and continues his slaughter-

the hives split open, LH uses the same stupid metaphor about a potato being split in half, twice. yay

LH senses something ominous and "off" about the situation

end of chapter. View More
Monster Paradise · C1111
1 month ago

Satan666_: Thanks for the chap!
I am the only one disappointed by this chapter who contains more lyrics than story?

Dragonborn Saga · C405
1 month ago
editing and proof reading seemed to take a hit in this chapter....not unreadable in any sense but i tripped over quite a few mistakes and it ruins any immersion on my side.

still a fun story and an interesting premise, but if this is the ongoing quality of the editing and proof reading then ill be less excited to see your update in my librairy View More
Saitama : One Punch · C0
1 month ago
even tho i love an unexpected chapter release, this chapter was a disappointment. full of cliches and expected outcomes and character interactions. not something Ive come to expect from NODS. maybe we'll see a different more impressive side of jin after his isolation.

p.s. jin not telling the system or anyone about that dream he had in the taxi was stupid. with everything hes seen he should know that suddenly passing out without being tired and having an incredibly vivid dream about relevant goings-on is important and not him "having a bad dream". another cliche foreshadowing. View More
Number One Dungeon Supplier · C439
1 month ago
it already stated that he stopped getting any points when he did the challenge for the 80th floor. i dont know if that means that he will stop getting them after this floor (if there is more floors) but for this challenge he said he stopped receiving them when the tree was fighting but that it was okay cuz it was still absorbing energy and monster cards. View More

shengsy: How about this then : he can kill all the beasts there is and make points that will stand out for until a very long time to come. It matters as those points makes him stand out in the hall of fame.

Monster Paradise · C1106
1 month ago
so what if the demigod retreats? his mission was not to let too many people die, why risk anything by letting it emerge unscathed?

i would blitz it with one or more of my combat souls immediately, after all he does have around 3 more hours of unknown enemies. View More
Monster Paradise · C1106
1 month ago
perhaps a little too much back story about the characters in the game in this chapter. i love the game elements but i stick around for the "real life" people in the novel.

i know it helps to know about the back story and all, but i value these 3 chapters a day so much i cant help but be frustrated when the focus is on something i dont really enjoy. lol. View More
Black Tech Internet Cafe System · C448
1 month ago
LH continues to walk on his icy road

more fish go crazy trying to get him

a giant fish gets stuck biting an iceberg

he snaps a picture for later funnies

he walks to the end of the checkpoint

end of filler chapter View More
Monster Paradise · C1099
1 month ago
even tho there is a chapter missing, i still feel like i got the point of whats going on.

WH deals with thoes ruffians brought by WY then meets up with SZ for another treatment.

even tho i know what kinda happened doesn't mean i don't wanna read it lol View More
Elixir Supplier · C359
2 months ago
its probably a very bad idea to tell everyone that he has "internal power". even if they don't believe him it would only take one person to honestly believe him for him to have endless problems. better to just keep it disguised as a message technique. View More
Elixir Supplier · C356
2 months ago
im sure im not the only one here that thinks that a time skip is representative of a rushed story or a lazy author. ill give you the benefit of the doubt given the great story you've put out so far (im also reading your other works thanks to this one) but i hope your not spreading yourself too thin by having so many simultaneous novels.

this novel deserves more attention then what you're currently giving it (i admit this opion is entirely bias) View More
A New Path · C70
2 months ago
i guess this is foreshadowing for the third all-encompassing conflict.

guess its time for LH to fight it out with a few other holders of "gold-fingers" View More
Monster Paradise · C1079
2 months ago
another chapter where the first half of it is explanations or a validation of his actions or would be actions.

tip for the author, show don't tell. to much explanation and constant validation of his actions leave no real mystery for a conclusion of the MC actions or character arc. View More
Master of Time · C35
2 months ago
is it just me, or does the author tend to spend a few paragraphs in quite a few chapters explaining the butterfly effect, or how his time powers work or the very obvious consequences of his actions. some kind of reiteration of something already explained or something inconsequential.

and in this chapter the lions share of the word count is just recapping everything that happened in his company building adventures, which would be fine if the last X many chapters or so were not him doing and explaining just that. View More
Master of Time · C30
2 months ago
the VI in his head said she was born in 1984 (i think, i didn't re-read the chapter to find out for sure) and he had traveled to 1990. it had hinted earlier that he was slightly twisted, cold-hearted and demented. but only in this chapter does he admit he was blatantly evil.

an evil man would not let his daughter of unknown power, have influence over his life and survive and complicate his plans. being evil or a "psycho" means you have no empathy and don't even understand the need for emotions. definitely not what the MC portrayed himself in earlier chapters.

don't forget that the last people who tried to rob him (250k by the way, not a f@cking wallet) 2 were killed painlessly/quick (?) and another was spared and given a chance to work for him View More

Erosire: Not really sure where you get the 6 years old thing from but okay.

Already state that the MC is pretty evil and anyone **** with him will suffer unimaginable.

Master of Time · C16
2 months ago
and let me guess, after everyone shows up to where jon is and a fraction of what hes doing is revealed the story will stop once again, killing all momentum so that it can time skip to earlier in the battle from jons point of view? .....sigh......

at least the explanation of the battle scenes are well done i guess View More
Dragonborn Saga · C390
2 months ago
damn man, this chapter was a bit much. before i and the MC could both tell ourselves that this was for a greater good, that the means didn't outweigh the ends. but this?

halle is only a homeless 6 year old black girl doing god knows what to survive because the MC f@cked her life up.

she steals a wallet (from a man that has "infinite wealth") so she can eat and maybe sleep somewhere warm, but she's subjected to an endless horror of the time loop of death?

Ive read novels before where the MC is evil and i don't particularly mind them. i do mind blatant hypocrisy from an MC tho.

it should have been stated earlier that he dosen't really care about the ultimate fate of humanity and all that bull$hit, he only wants endless wealth,power, and influence. View More
Master of Time · C16
2 months ago
it was a small synopsis of the chapter, after the MC says he will help the WG the chapter pretty much ends. View More

Aporou99: What do you mean end of the chapter ?

Monster Paradise · C1073
2 months ago
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