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celefoata_: Hi everyone, this is cele, the translator of this novel~
About the synopsis, it's translated from raws, so I'll be leaving the author's synopsis up. TL's synopsis will be here for now.

Qingyun Zi was betrayed and murdered. Just when he thought that everything was over, he wakes up in a new body, the body of a silkpants named Ye Yuan.
As he embarks on a new life, he struggles to cope with the loss of loved ones as well as accept his new identity.
Unresigned to his fate, Ye Yuan resolves to make his way back to the top while hiding his identity from his old enemies as he plots his revenge.
How did he revive? Will he be exposed and die with countless regrets? Was there a mastermind behind all this?
With all these questions and more in his heart, Ye Yuan resolves to seek out answers as he uncovers a darker plot behind all this . . .

This is a short spoiler free (I hope) review from me.
While some people will be turned off by the genre, or because they read a few chapters of MTL, I'll just state maybe two major selling points for me which differentiates this novel from the other eastern fantasy novels out there.
Firstly, as the title suggests, alchemy plays a major role in this novel. While many novels also have alchemy, the MC's life basically revolves around alchemy here, which is different from how alchemy is normally considered an auxiliary skill. The MC here views it as much more, which he also proves later on in the novel (multiple times).
Rather than mindless fighting, I like a novel that touches more on the other aspects.
Second, and I feel that this is by far the biggest selling point for me. THE MC IS NOT A HOMICIDAL MANIAC!
He doesn't go like: "Hey you, you had a lewd face when looking at my wife no. 69, I'll kill your entire family and revive your ancestors to kill them as revenge. Then, I'll extinguish all karma threads tied to you, killing everyone that even remotely knows you!"
AND THE BAD GUYS HERE ARE NORMAL!! They don't go around killing people for some stupid reason. They worry about repercussions from going overboard! These people weren't dropped on their heads as a baby like those arrogant mass murderers who will slaughter entire cities because someone looked at them funny. They are actually people that you can like! To me, it's like a breath of fresh air from those madmen in AST or MGA.
Yeah, so, a good story is about delivery rather than the idea anyway. So don't skip it just because of its genre.

I won't go any further in detail to prevent spoilers. Just drop me a message on webnovel discord if you have any questions. I'm online on discord often.

*shameless 5-star reviews for myself.

Unrivaled Medicine God
3 months ago
Yeay. It's back!!! View More
Kingdom of the Weak · C200
4 months ago
Author, thank you so much for this. Please take care always. View More
Kingdom of the Weak · C199
4 months ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Potion View More
Release That Witch · C1484
4 months ago
Reading Status: C0
Despite the bareness of the language used, the simple grammatical issues here and there, the lengthy explanations, this is actually a gem that just needs polishing. If only time permitted it, I would have applied as an editor. But author, you are the best, with your amazing idea. Please continue writing. View More
Doomsday Pillars
5 months ago

akaAlba: So... this was a thing huh. There are so many things wrong with this novel that it's unreadable for me. Unfortunately, compared to the other choice I voted for this one back then. What a horrible disappointment.

It's boring. Just another self-mast*rbatory story for the author. Funny enough, at the end of chapter 10, MC claims to finally be an "alpha". That's one of the saddest thing you would have expected a delusional beta to say; try harder lol. MC is impulsive and often shouts/yells (everytime he talks, it's "cried") instead of just speaking?

Plot holes and plot armour galore in here.

-People who plays the game never need mental rest (needs no sleep), and do not suffer from mental exhaustion.

-Game servers only open for 8h every night...? Why the hell would the latest, most popular game do that? Servers should be open 24h so anyone can play whenever they want, instead of being forced to wait until 10pm to play the dumb game. I wouldn't have bothered to buy the game if this was one of the rules for it.

-The story development is non-existent. Story is flat, dull and bland. There's no fight scenes at all, just [monster name] appeared, MC gets exp + loot, "nice". Not even a description of the monster, i guess author makes up for it with literal monster names so you even know what he just fought. Also no one grind 500 mobs in the area, so MC was the first to trigger that mini-boss? Complete BS. If you can do something, pretty sure another lucky idiot out there would have also stumbled upon it. You're not *that* special, boy.

-Unbalanced character abilities in creation screen, human was obviously the class to go to since they have so much more "perks". Also the "perks" are pretty unrealistic, it's as if there were only 100+ players playing this game.

-Unnecessary info dropping. I know there's a lot of game stuff author want to clear out of the way first, but that was so dry and unnecessary that I just skipped pass it all. I don't need to know about the colour codes of armour etc. No point telling us gold = legendary, it's not like we're seeing one soon and it could be introduced better. Like he can see the stats of this awesome new sword and see it so beefed up and go "Woah! This is some BS legendary stats!" That would have gotten the gold = legendary well across too.

-Unrealistic basketball match. There's so many wrong there that I just don't want to comprehend. It was also as boring as the rest of the novel. I doubt the author knows anything about the rules of basketball.

-I also don't think author knows how people works. All I see here is robots pretending to be human and cardboard people.

Unfortunately, this story is mediocre. It is a good sleeping aid though.

The Almighty Ring
8 months ago
As the story moveso, there is lesser extra irrelevant sentences present. The statements are now narrated artistically, with the story more convincing without the need of exemplifications. Great job for a great story. View More
When A Mage Revolts · C540
1 year ago
I find the new novel refreshing. Although it has some lapses especially that it has a lot of explanations which sometimes complicates the thought within a chapter, this one is promising. On my reading list, this would be second to RTW. View More
Badge in Azure · C9
1 year ago
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