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  • The Nameless Emperor

    The Nameless Emperor


    What happens if a devil may care billionaire meets a reserved adventurer from "another world" ? Watch Jake's path to be a powerhouse in many sense of the word.


so how will they deal with overpopulation?? mayhap they evolve again to focus on quality, not quantity?

something like Formica Sapiens Neo View More
Chrysalis · C416
1 week ago
Those bubbly Dumbledores are pleasant bunch, we might have a jolly cooperation with them View More
Chrysalis · C415
1 week ago
So I'm guessing the ants will be the ruler of dungeon/underground and humans will be ruler of surface View More
Chrysalis · C402
4 weeks ago
what's next after this, building colony? digging and fighting the twenty ancients?
I hope Grant is alive View More
Chrysalis · C400
1 month ago
Hello mr/mrs Author, please don't be discouraged if some of us write our critic too harsh or demand unreasonable things. This is your story, your own artistic integrity so it would be right to just read and enjoy your story View More
Chrysalis · C398
1 month ago
maybe Anthony can help Karmodo but they have killed many already View More
Chrysalis · C396
1 month ago
mwahahaha Karmodoooo, feel the despair when your hard work is stolen by our communist comrade! View More
Chrysalis · C395
1 month ago
Garralosh might have gone mad because of realization that going back to earth is impossible View More
Chrysalis · C393
1 month ago
Empowered tactical strike in vital places are always the way to go fighting kaiju View More
Chrysalis · C391
1 month ago
Garralosh mind will be a mess I bet View More
Chrysalis · C390
1 month ago
Ah I hope this ant can fly now with magic, being Super Saiyant Anthony View More
Chrysalis · C389
1 month ago
The colony will have a big feast of croc flesh after this. Not necessarily delicious one but a feast nonetheless.

also Queen and Anthony should team up View More
Chrysalis · C388
1 month ago
damn I need to sleep for a week because the battle might take that long. tune in next time in AntBall Z. View More
Chrysalis · C387
1 month ago
I hope anthony can breakthrough before the fourth wall. View More
Chrysalis · C378
2 months ago
holy shid that was intense. how come I feel and care more about those non MC ants than hundreds of protagonists in this site? View More
Chrysalis · C374
2 months ago
Takeshi Castle will look funny when they participate View More
Chrysalis · C373
2 months ago
will Anthony be more humanoid? would be good if this ant can hold tools/weapons View More
Chrysalis · C361
2 months ago
also for the Author: You deserve the top three novel both translated and originals COMBINED. only Lord of Mysteries and this novel can sate my thirst for more-than-passable webnovel View More
Chrysalis · C351
3 months ago
really, true love is to die for. or true plops. View More
Chrysalis · C351
3 months ago
nice. about the opening, are the 20 about the 20 smart ants? someday they will evolve like the karmodo into humanoid-ish creature. View More
Chrysalis · C344
3 months ago
nice, I feel HxH spider troupe ambience from them View More
Reborn: Apocalypse - Volume 3 · C0
5 months ago
so their two most important ancestors are battie and doggy. that's concerning View More
The Record of Unusual Creatures · C1034
7 months ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Lollipop View More
The Record of Unusual Creatures · C1029
7 months ago
diablos would be a fine addition to my collection View More
Number One Dungeon Supplier · C362
7 months ago
I hope you can enjoy writing this mr Qairi. this story is enjoyable and I can see your enthusiasm in it. I too would like to hone my craft somedays LOL View More
The Other Side of A Cultivation Story · C200
7 months ago
nice long arc. View More
Number One Dungeon Supplier · C355
7 months ago
what will happen if Hunter's Plateau becomes as big as the Sect? would kongxu be able to be impartial? View More
The Other Side of A Cultivation Story · C195
7 months ago
dear author I hope you have good health , much money and nice environtment in your life so you can continue writing this View More
The Other Side of A Cultivation Story · C189
8 months ago
wohoo a flying mount. eagle or flamingo? View More
The Other Side of A Cultivation Story · C187
8 months ago
honestly, half of this chapter was quite a filler. keep spirit, author. View More
Number One Dungeon Supplier · C344
8 months ago
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