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Lord of the Mysteries · C742
5 days ago

Alpha_Lustrous: Damn son...the lady is the wolf, run rabbit lucien, run

Throne of Magical Arcana · C518
6 days ago

nothingworks: Sh*t!!!
I really like Lucien's teacher. Good job! 👍👍👍👏👏🙌

Throne of Magical Arcana · C505
1 week ago

Surely_Panda: That pairing would make Klein a real man's man.

Lord of the Mysteries · C704
2 weeks ago

iappo: Honestly, the musical aspect of this novel interests me way more than the magic.

Throne of Magical Arcana · C39
3 weeks ago

MonstrousBirdOfQin: So uh, no mass release this week?, or have i missed an announcement somewhere down the line?

Lord of the Mysteries · C688
3 weeks ago

Whisperer_944: So no one is making a joke about "fruitless wait" and no mass release?

Lord of the Mysteries · C688
3 weeks ago

mustrum: I really dislike the change of Nimblewright to Marionettist. Also Bizarro Sorcerer sounds cheap as hell. It sounds like something taken from r/fellowkids.

Lord of the Mysteries · C676
1 month ago

Daoist_Rubeno: What the heck with translation in this chapter?
Marionetist? Bizzarro Sorcerer?

Where is Nimblewright Master and Arcane Sorcerer?!??!?

Lord of the Mysteries · C676
1 month ago

Baphonmet: I can think of a newspaper story about a crazy adventurer and three beautiful female pirate generals.
1. Gehrman Intruded into Rear Admiral of Ailment's room at midnight. Happened a lot of verbal and physical conflict, seemingly to break up.
2. Gehrman Stay in a room with Rear Admiral Iceberg for a long time. It's said that Rear Admiral Iceberg was reluctant to let him leave.
3.Gehrman and Pirate Admiral Star had a long journey together. Witnesses said Miss Cattleya entered his room on her own initiative, and leave dejectedly after a while.

Lord of the Mysteries · C674
1 month ago

CKtalon: The entire book has switched to Black. It's because Dark can refer to someone else.

Lord of the Mysteries · C663
1 month ago

vincentatd: Now we are going to see the real MC of this story and that is Susie.

Lord of the Mysteries · C209
1 month ago

LOMChineseComments: Since a potion can change a male into a female, I suddenlyt had a terrifying guess. If, I'm saying if—women in the Demoness Sect first seduce men, then turn the men into demonesses to maintain the flourishing of the sect. Then, the men who later joined will turn into demoness to lure men in. If this continues, all the women in the Demoness Sect were men! Man… that's terrifying if you think about it!
——by Chinareader benrenduanya

Lord of the Mysteries · C94
1 month ago

WEBNOVEL_OFFICIAL: Although I am using an official account, I have to say that I'm a hugh fan of LoM! I caught up the raws and read Chinese updating every single day XD. You guys will love this wonderful story, trust me. All those slice of life chapters will be finally chained up to be a part of high light of the Vol.1.

Although Vol2 and Vol3 are still staying a super high quality, I personally love the Vol.1 as the most.

Keep it up!

Lord of the Mysteries · C30
1 month ago

GoodWithAToaster: Klein trying to look at Nina as a bounty instead of a blonde hottie: “Her bust—I mean, bounty...her bounty is 36D...ollars. 36 dollars. Wait, did I say 36? It’s obviously much more than that. Worth many, pounds. Worth many pounds.....soft, supple pounds....😅”

Good thing he’s got his Gherman mask on and some very handy clown powers haha

Lord of the Mysteries · C640
1 month ago

Loli_Haze: Kyaaaaaaa! Uncle sparrow is so cool! Now he is even wearing uniform! Sexiness overload!!!

Lord of the Mysteries · C622
1 month ago

MisterSoandSo: 20 years later ...
Sylvia(Mature Grade A): I'm looking for my master, HX.

The Legendary Mechanic · C481
2 months ago

Alessan: Chapters of Tarot Club Meetings:


Lord of the Mysteries · C600
2 months ago

Alessan: Pathway names are my own, everything else comes directly from the story. For those of us that only read the translation, THE WIKI IS DANGEROUS. Please don’t be the dick who reads the wiki and spoils things in the comments of the translated story. If I’ve missed something feel free to let me know but make sure to include the chapter the information case from, I know I’ve definitely missed a few beyonders (though for the most part unnamed characters aren’t included in the list) and could have easily missed a few more things as well. I’ll probably update this every 100 chapters or so unless we are near the end of a volume in the future. Thumb up my comments if stuff is helpful, it strokes my ego :)

Lord of the Mysteries · C600
2 months ago

Tetractys: The past comes to haunt the present,
And someone's come knocking at your door.

Will you let him in?

My House of Horrors · C755
2 months ago

crackedcacti: How to Buy a Haunted House On the Cheap!

By : Chen and Xiu.

Copyright: Ghostwriter Productions

My House of Horrors · C750
2 months ago

Harambe_: So it's you... Apostle-level observer no.9527 from the crimson dynasty stationed in couton group!

The Legendary Mechanic · C89
2 months ago

TheBananaMan: He going full on John Wick! XD

The Legendary Mechanic · C89
2 months ago

RUW69: This make me remember the continental Of John Wick 1, 2

The Legendary Mechanic · C89
2 months ago
First + 2 View More

Dabi: *FIRST*

AND...~ Ling Ran actually CAN control it..

Great Doctor Ling Ran · C451
2 months ago
Good looking people have it easier View More
Great Doctor Ling Ran · C447
2 months ago
Ugh, the way they are comparing the measurement of eggplants, I don't even want to guess where they extract the eggplant from... View More
Great Doctor Ling Ran · C445
2 months ago
Research paper duel! View More
Great Doctor Ling Ran · C436
2 months ago

kireinightmare: Everybody loves Yifan!!! 🤗🤗🤗❤❤❤

The King's Avatar · C1623
3 months ago
Here cones the rival! View More
Great Doctor Ling Ran · C427
3 months ago
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