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gtfantasy: Author summarized volume 4 at the end and I do a translation here, bear in mind this is not a word to word one.
Undying, a blessing or a curse. This is the theme of this volume and it fits for many characters such as Azik, Anderson, Leonard etc etc, but when Klein saw those cocoons and people with modernized outfits inside, especially three of those has already broken out, author doesn’t need to emphasize the theme again at this point. The feelings of thrill, terror,suspense, craziness and darkness of this book should appear again. This is one of high impact scenes author prepared before he starts to write the novel.
The whole volume author progressively closing foreshadows including Anderson’s branch which was laid in the middle of volume 3, so at the end of this volume the plots finally exploded and echoed, he was satisfied with the result and will close some remaining foreshadows in next volume.
There were some weaknesses in volume 4 as well, as a tycoon Klein’s daily life lacks conflict, if this part drags too long it is really hard to construct interesting story, but this part can’t be omitted as well, so he was anxious before the plot progressed to Chanis gate, some readers may feel the sudden turning point here, because it lacked a bit of foreshadowing.
Another weak point was the story in this volume was a bit longer than expected, pace at the second part of this volume was the problem. There was a whole month author was not in a good status, he felt that after Klein got potion formula and Leonard dug the grave the story was lacking the *******, he tried to remedy and reconstruct the story but still not happy with the result. Later on he figured out of the reason, lacking change. In another words, after Klein leveled up in the middle of volume 3 to the middle of volume 4 there were more than 200 chapters, so it needed a change urgently. So he adjusted the story and only focused on level up and revenge, pushed everything else aside. From the stats of Qidian, the result was good but it caused other problems, for example Calderon City plot was too simple it should be more complicated.
As for author level up is not only a plot climax point but also a tool to control the story rhythm. The former is easy to understand, even in real world level up is everywhere; e.g employee gets promotion, same for businessmen and government officers. The latter is more complicated, one level up can bring man changes, so author can control the story better.
After plot reached a climax point as for author the most important thing is to calm down and only express what is necessary and get rid of harmful and superfluous staff. Author wants to make sure all the built up feelings and explosions not get interrupted and diluted. So at the end of the volume Klein as director of a grand show, author balanced the story and he didn’t want to drag in too many powerful figures that too many accidents and tensions will cause Klein fail to advance. Author also didn’t want split level up and revenge into two separate lines which will drag the story too slow, interweave Ince’s recall will help to portrait the character but not the plot at this point, so author sacrificed it as well.
Author also considered pulling Daly’s death early and building a ******* that Ince will kill everyone then escape, but he is not certain if the curtain fall will be as sad and beauty as current one, so he sacrificed a bit ******* to make sure ending will be good.
For Daly in author’s original setting, she is the one in church that chasing the Death authority, but later on author dropped this idea. Only as a talented person then there will be story to match Captain Dunn a very normal Nighthawk officer.
So this is the summary for volume 4, author wants readers to guess who is the 3rd person and next volume name is Red Priest.

Lord of the Mysteries · C946
1 day ago
lol not even 50 chaps View More
Mini World Of Endless Fun Awaits · C44
1 day ago

MondSemmel: Haha, this chapter is a prime example of the storytelling trope of the Unspoken Plan Guarantee. From TV Tropes: "The chances of The Plan succeeding are inversely proportional to how much of the plan the audience knows about beforehand."

Last chapter, we learned about Ince Zangwill's plan in advance, so there was no way it would entirely work out. Conversely, in this chapter, we discover that Klein has been planning offscreen, which increases the chance that his plans *will* work out.

The beauty of this situation: adhering to this trope is not just good storytelling; it's also a good strategy in-story due to the passive detection ability of 0-08.

Lord of the Mysteries · C941
3 days ago

Tetractys: Congratulations on being born, Will! 🥳🥳🥳

Lord of the Mysteries · C936
4 days ago

Ozwin: This baby grandpa... he is obviously aware at least in part of Klein’s workings as the Fool... he is trying to grab Klein’s coattails while he is weak and maybe grab a spot in his future pantheon of gods and angels that is the tarot club I bet kekek.

Lord of the Mysteries · C936
4 days ago

Alessan: Imagine being a Tycoon that has to pick and chose between TWELVE mystical items, two Cards of Blasphemy and a whistle that represents Death’s direct descendant.

Lord of the Mysteries · C925
1 week ago

Cyclops1i: Aurora is now an oppai Loli ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

The Legendary Mechanic · C640
1 week ago

HeavenWord: Aurora is no longer a loli

The Legendary Mechanic · C640
1 week ago

Captain_Obvious: Congratulations! Your BAGLOLI evolved into LOLIBAGS!

The Legendary Mechanic · C640
1 week ago

Beta_Tauri: I get it now, you don't need to take out her blood, bone marrow or use pieces of her hair jus her milk, convenient and tasty ejem just convenient sorry, her power give her a double "d" awesome power

The Legendary Mechanic · C640
1 week ago

Arkard: Bag loli has upgraded her bags!

The Legendary Mechanic · C640
1 week ago

Lvl1Bard: At some point in the future there will be some kind of handwritten note sticking to a visible spot inside the Fool's castle:

1. Don't pray during sleeping hours!
2. Bringing mushrooms (of any kind/form/political inclination) to a gathering is strictly banned! Offenders will be fed to the True Creator!
3. Bringing canned wolf fish is equally banned!
4. Don't stick your chewing gum under your seat or table! You aren't children anymore! (well, except for that baby on the Wheel of Fate chair)
5. Dogs aren't allowed inside the hall. Especially those with a PhD!

Lord of the Mysteries · C922
1 week ago

Daoist_Pinkerton: How will the hunters execute their next attack on our MC? Find out on the next episode of Shaky Cam no Shana!
Thanks for the chaps~

The Legendary Mechanic · C638
1 week ago

Doc_E_Style: Damn, these chapters get shorter from day to day

The Legendary Mechanic · C638
1 week ago

Nirvanic_Sun: A mass release for the poor! The light of ames thigh shines upon us all!

The Legendary Mechanic · C638
1 week ago

Randompasserby: Azik is too good of a dude to just turn back into the cold, emotionless guy spreading death on a bone throne again. No seriously, how many lives had he gone through starting with no memories but still had so many warm and fulfilling lives?

Logically, with what we know so far of his personality he would not want to be that guy again too. I think his compulsion, to almost recklessly seek Death-related things is definitely not of his own design.
Please, please please help him somehow Klein. 🙏🏼

Lord of the Mysteries · C915
1 week ago

Alessan: Heck.

Also daddy Azik can I have a marionette for my birthday please?

Lord of the Mysteries · C914
1 week ago

DaoistHeavenlyEgg: See, Han Xiao didn’t even need to prepare. He just pulled a target seeking explosive out of his anuus and launches Shana into a mountain with the ferocity of a pimp slapping his b**ch. This is true power. All tricks are useless in-front of absolute strength. Watch as Shana goes from Predator to pristine Grade A Wagyu Beef Gene Slave Cattle.

The Legendary Mechanic · C634
1 week ago
Probably Wheel of Fortune because that's what the corresponding card of blasphemy is called. View More

Solterage: I wouldn't be surprised if Sequence 0 of Monster Pathway is called Plot Armour.

Joke aside, has the name of it been mentioned before?

Lord of the Mysteries · C910
1 week ago

Randompasserby: It's cute that at this point Klein still worries about attracting calamities 🤣😂

Empress of Disaster & Horror : "Oh, honey..."
Primordial Demoness : "Hello there stud, fancy meeting you again so soon"
Mother Tree of Desire : "I want to make baby monkeys with you"

Fallen Creator : "That piece of sh!t Fool, find him!!!"
King of Angels trio : "that's the guy?"

Lord of the Mysteries · C910
1 week ago
Edwina will probably appreciate Frank's thirst for knowledge despite how strange his interests are. Danitz would just be a waste of space. View More

BurntCabbage: It'd be fun if there was some kind of pirate crew exchange program. Cattleya would trade Frank Lee for Edwina's Danitz. I don't really know who would be getting the short end of the stick in that deal though.

Lord of the Mysteries · C904
2 weeks ago

Ozwin: See Dani boy that is exactly the level of naturally infuriating that you must aspire to achieve. You must be able to be so naturally condescending to others while simultaneously being proud of your own hypocrisy that others won’t be able to fully fathom just how upset they are with you and be unable to call you out in the moment.

Speaking of teasing people for fun, Klein I really hope you make the best of this opportunity with your old pal Leonard and maybe say hello to the dear Madam.

Lord of the Mysteries · C894
2 weeks ago

jai_97: Is Han Xiao a tsundere? He saves people and then tries to justify saving them as being selfish...

The Legendary Mechanic · C622
3 weeks ago

Ackenos: Amon has join the game

Everyone else has left the game

Lord of the Mysteries · C885
3 weeks ago

kaitytails: Clap clap clap* Great show !!! Truly a magnificent performance

Lord of the Mysteries · C881
3 weeks ago

Bellmount: For the first time of reaching high rank we got a ton. Now the author announced that for each week, top 1 means 9 extra chaps, where top 2 means 6 extra and top 3 means 3 more. The other 3 extra chaps of this week will be released on tomorrow.

Lord of the Mysteries · C881
3 weeks ago

burntpotato: Sherlock Moriraty= Miss Sharron
Gehrman Sparrow= Edwina
Dwayne Dantés= Audrey

Please add harem tag.

Lord of the Mysteries · C872
4 weeks ago
One of her former Sequences is called Detective so I'm not surprised View More

Surely_Panda: Hrmmmm Edwina is a better detective or a spy than I thought. Then again, she is backed by the Church of Wisdom so despite looking like an school mum she can't be a soft ivory tower intellectual only. Wonder what she get out of providing those juicy tidbits.

Lord of the Mysteries · C871
4 weeks ago

P1k4ch6: Ah, some lucky fellow met Truck-kun and is having reincarnation adventure 😁

Nightmare's Call · C41
1 month ago

Shifty_DaoistMage: How are we sure this isn’t Lu Sheng’s another self?

Nightmare's Call · C35
1 month ago
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