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the problem its that royalty means formality, when theres no surnames and its this informal, seems like weird... but its your style, its ok and please try to put more details because they look like robots ahahahha View More

Light_Yuzuki: Sorry for those mistakes, The name "Vex" was supposed to be Sam but I changed the beginning recently so I change Sam's name to Vex but forgot to change it in the Next chapter
I never put surnames in any of my characters
none of the characters in this series have any surnames
If you want I can add surnames

Zivon-The Hero Of Another World · C2
2 days ago
this has to be the most messed up novel ive read in a lot of time, please fix everything... from the name of "Sam" that was "Vex" in the last chapter, to the sufix your using western style of writing and why the "sensei"? make more sense if you use Master, the princes dont have surname? last name? nothing else? View More
Zivon-The Hero Of Another World · C2
2 days ago

PopcornSectMaster: Divine card creator, a trial card for this site and Supreme Magus on another site. Maybe it is here but I never checked

Immortal Era's Crafting Master · C55
4 days ago
Mutagen · C333
4 days ago
thank for the chapter View More
Immortal Era's Crafting Master · C55
5 days ago
why the wolf cant be his wife? are you being racist View More

Ninelions: I feel like there are a lot of misunderstandings in this chapter. Simon is an orc, so his mount is not his WIFE. I think you probably mean something like "Lifebound Partner", right?

Abe the Wizard · C27
1 week ago
in his defence, he shoulld know after all he had the memories from the girl View More

vkg313: Interesting. Mc still seems dumb thought for wanting to do a ritual where he doesn’t even know what the effects will be.

Nightmare's Call · C53
1 week ago
maybe you can share what the **** its the other people doing, introducing new characters that can keep with the mc, enemies, maybe a love? i like the pov of the sister but this was not a good moment to post it lol View More
I Can Respawn In The Apocalypse! · C55
2 weeks ago
good chapter thanks and first? View More
Mutagen · C318
2 weeks ago
i cant copy the link from youtube how its named? so i can find it View More
Dragonborn Saga · C494
3 weeks ago
Yeah but i has not read these novels so... I find this chapter funny View More

Beer_is_Good: In itself it isn't that bad of a chapter, but if you've read "Legend of Ling Tian", "Transcending the Nine Heavens", or "Otherworldly Evil Monarch" (I believe those are the three I've read w/ similar 'wine discussion' scenes, it's been a while though), then this chapter is garbage. It literally feels like a poorly written out rip off of the scenes in those novels.

Rebirth of the Godly Prodigal · C765
1 month ago
Muy You cant Say it's a Bad chapter View More

Beer_is_Good: Of all the novels with similar wine discussing "arcs" this one definitely felt the most 'filler-esq'.

Rebirth of the Godly Prodigal · C765
1 month ago
Are You going to Center the history on the royal fools? That would get the plot a Lot smaller than You can do it after all we don't know hoe Big it's the world he is or if it's the only one he Will go View More

Aidka: Later. If he gets revege quickly, then I will not have more story to tell :,(

Fourth Prince's Debauchery · C35
1 month ago
You know that no man Will call his father "daddie"? Only prostitutes to their boss lol. View More

AvatarOFInfinite: ???????? what the **** is that fucking ?????

this romance is aimed at straight guys!

the last god of the league of legends · C1
1 month ago
Before taking more women please give me the pleasure of getting Revenge toward those from the castle.they are so fucking annoying View More
Fourth Prince's Debauchery · C35
1 month ago
Fox the grammar, Pug spaces in the chat and what it's this ahí about a daddie? I feel like this so gay View More
the last god of the league of legends · C1
1 month ago
I don't like hoe your rushing things, why theres guys from the galaxy in that planet? View More
Magical Academy: Rise of the Supreme Magic Craftsman · C77
1 month ago

ThorAegir: Supreme Magus is one of the best mage development fantasy story that I encoutered among my readings.

The author has created a mana and spell system very complex and detailed, and the characters are varied, well though, and lovable.
The world is also very well designed, with complex political situations and ominous but mysterious threats.

I am a fan !

The development of Lith as a magus some time make me think of the Harry Potter series, but with a ***** point of view and a less manichean approch.

Supreme Magus
1 month ago

Sunrise: [Spoiler: this is a waste of your time, do not lose your time reading the whining of a random reader.]
Btw, I assume that everyone is angry(by that, I mean everyone who is actually angry at this development) at the timing and the circumstances of the situation before the two(Haru and Sora) got together.
To which I also disagree(on this development), since it was abrupt and disappointing, even more because he officialized his relationship with Megumi.
Not only that, if the real reason to get with Megumi was to distract him of his love for his sister, then this trash completely dropped a house on his own feet. Because damn, that was completely useless, except for making a great part of the readers upset.
I'm not as much as others, because I expected to see him with his sister(and the others), but I totally didn't expect that only a few chapters after officializing his relationship with another girl.
I expected the relationship with his sister to go a bit astray, then only after the next mission(or more) they would get close again and Sora would be more independent after realizing her extremely dependence on her brother and then she would feel like a true living person, who doesn't exist only to be the MC's moral dilemma and an actual likeable character who can make decisions for herself. But no, let's just take all the effort(not much, really) that he did to not go the anime path and throw it out of the window, because we can't have a believable development pace here.

Knowing Megumi from this, she'll probably accept but still doesn't make sense to MC to give that excuse but completely mess up the next second. And I'm not even gonna talk about using others as tools, goddamn it.
I don't hate incest neither harem. But the way in which he handles his situation is incredibly passive or inconsistent; he finds awkward when misunderstood but never really bother to explain or refuse; He promises/tells himself something, just to break it a few chapters or even seconds later.
He wants a harem? Sure, but some will suffer due to his indecision or bad choices.
I don't hate the story just because of this, but I can't help but feel a bit disappointed because this felt a little rushed. I feel like this could be improved by a lot and it's a pity to see it not achieving its best...

(This rambling isn't supposed to offend anyone, should this offend someone, I apologize. I tend to get carried away while writing, you see, this was supposed to not surpass 50 lines in this side section, but oh well. Now, I should get going before I write more.)

Sis-Con with Dimensional Chat Group · C157
1 month ago
the show must go on, it made me remember the song from Queen, such a beautiful song and chapter! View More
His Genius Wife is a Superstar · C104
2 months ago
i think the bunny was irritated, no frightened lol View More

DaoistSword3: Don't like the frightened bunny reutine, surely she's met powerful men before in her past no?

His Genius Wife is a Superstar · C16
2 months ago
thanks for the chapter, the students in that school are really petty lol now a teacher to kick ass lol View More
Rebirth:The badass young lady · C36
2 months ago
oooooh chain manipulation, soo cool! and the mana control... i feel this skill have so much potential... maybe something like Nen from hunterxhunter View More
Immortal Era's Crafting Master · C19
2 months ago
at the start it feel like the typical female reincarnation history, now i can say that i feel in love with this novel jwaahahahah i love the characters, maybe its too early to introduce an enemy or someone thats not a petty guy/girl but its okay. keep up the good work View More
Rebirth:The badass young lady · C35
2 months ago
lost technology? like magic tech? or more scientist tech? i want golems!! tanks for the chapter View More
Magical Academy: Rise of the Supreme Magic Craftsman · C40
2 months ago
i find that its a bad idea using his 5 summon slots to form an harem, wasn´´t he destroyed because his lose of the bear? why not a mount? or a type of battle pet? and give him a set of armor, maybe special cloth he isnt taking the things seriusly no wonder his girlfriend left for the other retard View More
VIP Privilege System · C8
2 months ago
was a good chapter, but has a feel of rush, take the things slow so you can introduce us the world, the system and everything that you think its important View More
VIP Privilege System · C5
2 months ago
wait don have you make another novel? ... okay i suspend this chapter until i read the other novel see yaaaaa View More
Dragonborn Saga · C475
2 months ago
no no no a sword its just too mainstream, i want a stick that can be use as sword or an axe because the axes are cousins of the swords like cats and dragons.... View More

Raymond_Darmody: soul sword I can feel it coming. i'm also very exited for more cultivation/meditation.

Dragonborn Saga · C474
2 months ago
.... there are so many twists that we can make a dungeon and dragons game >_> nice touch the dragon book, now we can have not the zain as final boss but a manimarco in supersaiyan mode lol View More
Dragonborn Saga · C474
2 months ago
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