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AmoyKupal: Lin Yun has become soft as a marshmallow, letting monchi live.

End of the Magic Era · C408
3 days ago

Dkt3: Not to mention the internal conflicts would prevent major actions and a core member of the mage hand is a member of the black tower.

End of the Magic Era · C392
1 week ago

Xinioch: I'm waiting for him to snap.
'I try to mind my own business' - archmage dies
'but no you insignificant peons' - another archmage dies
'cant leave me alone!' - sword saint dies
'reap what you sow' - cities explode

End of the Magic Era · C382
2 weeks ago

SwiftBlizz: Delson is creating trouble for his own mercenary group by not telling everyone who killed the wyvern king...

End of the Magic Era · C379
2 weeks ago

Presentformula: Even his magical tools think Lin Yun is insane

End of the Magic Era · C376
2 weeks ago

Vyktor: He put the two fragments in his Demiplane, but the power accumuled in the Valley erupted (like a grenade when you take the pin out

End of the Magic Era · C376
2 weeks ago

Abyssalmatter: He was talking about the Heaven Enlightening planes mana not the demiplane

End of the Magic Era · C376
2 weeks ago

SwiftBlizz: Now Mafa got two wolves with three eyes!
Shawn got a little brother. 😂

End of the Magic Era · C360
3 weeks ago

Shiraishi: ... You know, there are many ways of linking stuff together. Such as creating conflict with MC by actually ignoring him and trying to poach his subordinate?
So, no. Not pointless. This is a lot better crafted preparation than just "You have a Dark Flame Beastman, our mercenary group is now in war with you." Now there is a reason for a potential issue. The explanation of mercenary groups grudges and favors is also important.
So even if there might have been some pointless chapters in the past (Yes, I know) Those two aren't part of them. They are worldbuilding/plot preparation.

End of the Magic Era · C358
3 weeks ago

Shiraishi: All Hail Edgar who managed to save the day and fix the release issue on a saturday!

End of the Magic Era · C356
4 weeks ago
So like, Lin Yun has the backing of Star Sage, ring of Moon Sage (that proved his VIP status in the auction house), and now about to hunt Sun Sage's inheritance (well his master's, but he's connected I'm sure)... Kinda looks like Lin Yun heads straight to becoming the Galaxy Sage xD View More
End of the Magic Era · C353
1 month ago

Presentformula: I’m guessing it has something to do with Mafa’s bloodline ceremony

End of the Magic Era · C350
1 month ago

Shiraishi: You know... I'm the translator... I don't need to check... I know. The raws numbering has been off for about 70 chaps. In fact, 352 doesn't exists in the raws, it's been misnumbered as 252, and it correspond to chapter 355 on webnovel.
However, conclusion is at chapter 350. :p

End of the Magic Era · C348
1 month ago

SwiftBlizz: Probably one of the mages that now live in the Merlin ancestral land.

End of the Magic Era · C348
1 month ago

Chambe5r: This entire novel is about face slapping. The chapters are all about ignorant antagonists growing too big for their britches then being slapped into nothingness. If you want to complain just leave.

End of the Magic Era · C346
1 month ago

SwiftBlizz: Is there not a single archmage in the room? Is that the leadership of the Merlin family? It's weak. Strange they haven't all been assassinated by a rival faction sooner...

End of the Magic Era · C344
1 month ago

SnowCrunch: Objective: go against the elder court
Reward: get out of jail card

End of the Magic Era · C342
1 month ago

Natalie_Millefiore: I really hate those people. Especially when they use that ignorance and write reviews which brings the viewer count/ratings down. So many times I see top reviews in NovelUpdates saying they skimmed through the first few chapters and complaining about bad stories because said stories utilize things that “make no sense” when, in fact, it’s explained in the very first chapter! Yes, the first chapters of those stories do tend to info dump a bit, but said info dump contains a lot of important details which explains why what they’re complaining about makes absolute sense!

End of the Magic Era · C340
1 month ago

Shiraishi: 1mn? Don't be one of the people telling me something makes no sense in the future if you skip pieces of information by skimming.

End of the Magic Era · C340
1 month ago

_96: True, but take it from the perspective of the alchemists inflexible belief in the old times discoveries being right until proven otherwise, and then remember that the Artisan Alchemist guy was also like this.

Just because his position in society from us as the readers perspective and the characters withins perspective, is much higher than anyone else introduced besides star sage, we tend to give way to his arrogance where as this old guy is below artisan rank, but is also a bit old and has both a long history of teaching students and his beliefs are set in stone almost as is his temper that has been worn from teaching arrogant kids how to do stuff.

Hes old.
Believes hes right.
Personality is more or less set in stone.
Shirt temper.

Has an ideology that is realistic "he's 20 y/o, how the **** does he know MORE than me, when I've been alive for almost a hundred years."

End of the Magic Era · C328
1 month ago

Indescency: I love the story for this novel but can we please have some characters with some common sense? If these arrogant kind of characters truly had the attitude portrayed every few chapters, they would’ve been killed long ago due to offending some Archmage they’ve never heard or didn’t recognize.

End of the Magic Era · C328
1 month ago

Vyktor: A simple "you have the methode ?" *take a paper and read* "Ho yea, it work" became another Filler and stupid boring act, the Filler Writing Array is powerfull in this story! The author is at last Heaven rank!

End of the Magic Era · C327
1 month ago

DaoistDarkStar: Because this is a face slapping novel. Misunderstandings are the ultimate prelude to a massive face slapping.
You can see it in other face slapping novels too like for example Library of Heavens Path.

End of the Magic Era · C326
1 month ago

Dark_Prophet: And here it comes. If only stupidity was fatal in the real world.

End of the Magic Era · C298
1 month ago

Zenolilth: Erm then how about an example do u know who am i or anything about me? Even tho my school pretty much knows about me and the achievements i’ve done? The exact same reason like this story :) doesn’t means that thousands sails city all knows about him means the people from okland have to know too unless you spread your product maybe like an iphone around the globe and everyone knows about steve jobs. So don’t u think that its not bad writing just your bad understanding and imagination ?

End of the Magic Era · C296
1 month ago

purple_fox: I think it's ok like this. He thinks of himself as lin yun and we do as well. The others know him as mafa merlin, so thay call him as such.. it is changed according to whose point of view is used

End of the Magic Era · C292
2 months ago

Jswaxi: Been wondering all this while "no one in the family hasn't heard nor seen Leon Merlin's condition to know who caused it"

End of the Magic Era · C292
2 months ago

FubukiKamiyo: Seems like it's a D&D-like game. In D&D, similarly, stats don't rise easily, thus difference in just 2-3 points at start is tremendous.

Night Ranger · C4
2 months ago

Merlin7: Yeah! And not even filler as much as content that's not a fight. Smh @ all these fortnite addicted minuscule attention span bois.

End of the Magic Era · C286
2 months ago

Izakde: Of all the novels I am reading, yours is by far the highest quality, similar to WMW on Wuxia. I liked Legendary Mechanic, but you have surpassed them in terms of consistent quality by far! Keep up the great work!

End of the Magic Era · C282
2 months ago
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